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Charles, R.H.
Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs.
Grotshead, Robert.
Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Sons of Jacob.
London: Society for Promoting Christian Knowledge, 1917. London: Frost, 1837.

Scanned by R.I. Burns, San Francisco, Fall, 2007.

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
1:1  The copy of the Testament of Reuben, even the commands which he gave his sons before he died in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life. This is the copy of Reuben's Testament, concerning all the things which he gave in charge to his children before he died, in the one hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life;
1:2  Two years after the death of Joseph his brother, when Reuben fell ill, his sons and his sons' sons were gathered together to visit him.two years after the decease of Joseph, his children and childrens' children came to visit him in his sickness,
1:3  And he said to them : My children, behold I am dying, and go the way of my fathers.and he said unto them: "My children I die, and go the way of my fathers."
1:4  And seeing there Judah, and Gad and Asher, his brethren, he said to them : Raise me up, that I may tell to my brethren and to my children what things I have hidden in my heart, for behold now at length I am passing away.And seeing there his brethren Judah, Gad, and Aser, he said unto them: "Lift me up, my brethren, that I may tell you and my children the things that I have hidden in my heart, for I am henceforth drawing to my long home;
1:5  And he arose and kissed them, and said unto them : Hear, my brethren, and do ye, my children, give ear to Reuben your father, in the commands which I give you.then standing up he kissed them, and weeping said: "Hearken, my brethren, and you, my children, give ear to the words of your father Reuben: mark what I give in charge to you.
1:6  And behold I call to witness against you this day the God of heaven, that ye walk not in the ignorance of youth and fornication, wherein I was poured out, and defiled the bed of my father Jacob.Behold I command you this day before the God of Heaven, that ye walk not in the ignorance of youthfulness and fornication, wherein I over-shot myself, and defiled the bed of my father Jacob;
1:7  And I tell you that He smote me with a sore plague in my loins for seven months; and had not my father Jacob prayed for me to the Lord, the Lord would have destroyed me.for I assure you that the Lord did therefore strike me with a sore plague in my flanks the space of seven months, and I had perished if my father Jacob had not prayed to the Lord for me, because he was minded to have slain me.
1:8  For I was thirty years old when I wrought the evil thing before the Lord, and for seven months I was sick unto death.I was thirty years old when I did this evil in the sight of the Lord, and seven months was I sick to the death,
1:9  And after this I repented with set purpose of my soul for seven years before the Lord.and with a free heart did I seven years' penance before the Lord,
1:10  And wine and strong drink I drank not, and flesh entered not into my mouth, and I ate no pleasant food; but I mourned over my sin, for it was great, such as had not been in Israel. I drank no wine nor strong drink: no flesh came within my mouth, I tasted not any fine bread: but I mourned for my sin, for it was great, and there shall none such be done in Israel.

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
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2:1  And now hear me, my children, what things I saw concerning the seven spirits of deceit, when I repented.And now, my sons, hear me, that I may show you what I saw concerning the seven spirits of error in my repentance.
2:2  Seven spirits therefore are appointed against man, and they are the leaders in the works of youth. Belial giveth seven spirits against a man; which are the well-springs of youthful works:
2:3  And seven other spirits are given to him at his creation, that through them should be done every work of man.and seven spirits are given man in his creation whereby all his works are done.
2:4  The first is the spirit of life, with which the constitution (of man) is created. The second is the sense of sight, with which ariseth desire.The first is the spirit of life wherewith is created his being. The second is the spirit of seeing, wherewith cometh lusting.
2:5  The third is the sense of hearing, with which cometh teaching. The fourth is the sense of smell, with which tastes are given to draw air and breath.The third the spirit of hearing, wherewith cometh learning. The fourth is the spirit of smelling, wherewith cometh delight, by drawing in of the air and by breathing it out again.
2:6  The fifth is the power of speech, with which cometh knowledge.The fifth is the spirit of speech, wherewith knowledge is made.
2:7  The sixth is the sense' of taste, with which cometh the eating of meats and drinks; and by it strength is produced, for in food is the foundation of strength.The sixth is the spirit of tasting, whereof cometh the feeding upon things that are to be eaten and drank, and through them is engendered strength, because the substance of strength is in meat.
2:8  The seventh is the power of procreation and sexual intercourse, with which through love of pleasure sins enter in.The seventh is the spirit of seed and generation, wherewith entereth in the lust of pleasure.
2:9  Wherefore it is the last in order of creation, and the first in that of youth, because it is filled with ignorance, and leadeth the youth as a blind man to a pit, and as a beast to a precipice. For this cause it is the last of creation, and the first of youth, because it is full of ignorance, and ignorance leadeth the younger sort as a blind body into the ditch, and as an ox to the stall.

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
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3:1  Besides all these there is an eighth spirit of sleep, with which is brought about the trance of nature and the image of death.Among all these is the eighth spirit, which is of sleep, with whom is created the wasting away of nature, and the image of death.
3:2  With these spirits are mingled the spirits of error. With these spirits are mingled the spirits of error,
3:3  First, the spirit of fornication is seated in the nature and in the senses; the second, the spirit of insatiableness, in the belly;whereof the first is the spirit of letchery, who lieth within the nature and senses of man. The second spirit of unsatiableness lieth in the belly.
3:4  The third, the spirit of fighting, in the liver and gall. The fourth is the spirit of obsequiousness and chicanery, that through officious attention one may be fair in seeming.The third spirit of strife lieth in the liver and in choler. The fourth spirit is of bravery and gallantness that the party may seem comely by excess.
3:5  The fifth is the spirit of pride, that one may be boastful and arrogant. The sixth is the spirit of lying, in perdition and in jealousy to practise deceits, and concealments from kindred and friends.The fifth is the spirit of pride, which moveth a man to mind over great things, or to think well of himself. The sixth is the spirit of lying or vain-gloriousness in boasting a man's self, and in desire to fill his talk concerning his own kindred and acquaintance.
3:6  The seventh is the spirit of injustice, with which are thefts and acts of rapacity, that a man may fulfil the desire of his heart; for injustice worketh together with the other spirits by the taking of gifts. The seventh is the spirit of unrighteousness which stirreth up the affections that a man should perform the lustful pleasures of his heart. For unrighteousness worketh with all the other spirits, by taking guile unto him.
3:7  And with all these the spirit of sleep is joined which is (that) of error and fantasy. Unto all these spirits is matched the eighth spirit, which is the spirit of sleep or sluggishness in error and imagination,
3:8  And so perisheth every young man, darkening his mind from the truth, and not understanding the law of God, nor obeying the admonitions of his fathers, as befell me also in my youth. and so the souls of young folks perish, because their minds are darkened, and hidden from the truth, and understand not the law of the Lord, neither obey the doctrine of their fathers, as befell to me in my youth.
3:9  And now, my children, love the truth, and it will preserve you : hear ye the words of Reuben your father. But now, my children, love the truth, and that shall preserve you; hearken to your father Reuben,
3:10  Pay no heed to the face of a woman, Nor associate with another man's wife, Nor meddle with affairs of womankind. let not your eyes run a gazing after woman, neither be ye alone with a woman that is married; neither do ye seek about what women are doing;
3:11  For had I not seen Bilhah bathing in a covered place, I had not fallen into this great iniquity.for if I had not seen Bilha bathing herself in a secret place, I had not fallen into that wickedness.
3:12  For my mind taking in the thought of the woman's nakedness, suffered me not to sleep until I had wrought the abominable thing.But my mind ran so upon the naked woman till it suffered me not to sleep till I had committed abomination.
3:13  For while Jacob our father had gone to Isaac his father, when we were in Eder, near to Ephrath in Bethlehem, Bilhah became drunk and was asleep uncovered in her chamber.For while my father Jacob was away at his father Isaac's, and I in Gader hard by Ephrata, a house of Bethlehem, Bilha fell drunken, and as she lay asleep uncovered in her chamber,
3:14  Having therefore gone in and beheld her nakedness, I wrought the impiety without her perceiving it, and leaving her sleeping I departed.I went in so, and seeing her nakedness, wrought wickedness with her, and leaving her asleep went my way.
3:15  And forthwith an angel of God revealed to my father concerning my impiety, and he came and mourned over me, and touched her no more. By and by an Angel of God bewrayed my wickedness to my father Jacob, who coming home mourned for me, and touched not Bilha any more.

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
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4:1  Pay no heed, therefore, my children, to the beauty of women, nor set your mind on their affairs; but walk in singleness of heart in the fear of the Lord, and expend labour on good works, and on study and on your flocks, until the Lord give you a wife, whom He will, that ye suffer not as I did.Therefore look not upon the beauty of women; neither muse you upon their doings, but walk ye with a single heart in fear of the Lord God, busying yourselves about some work, and keeping yourselves occupied either in learning, or about your flocks, until such time as God shall give you such wives as he listeth, lest you do suffer as I have done.
4:2  For until my father's death I had not boldness to look in his face, or to speak to any of my brethren, because of the reproach.I durst not look my father in the face to his dying day, nor speak to any of my brethren for shame.
4:3  Even until now my conscience causeth me anguish on account of my impiety.My conscience biteth me even yet still for my sin.
4:4  And yet my father comforted me much, and prayed for me unto the Lord, that the anger of the Lord might pass from me, even as the Lord showed. And thenceforth until now I have been on my guard and sinned not.But my father comforted me, and prayed for me unto the Lord, that his wrath might pass away from me, as the Lord himself showed unto me. Therefore from that time forth I was kept from sinning any more:
4:5  Therefore, my children, I say unto you, observe all things whatsoever I command you, and ye shall not sin.and you, my children, likewise keep to that I shall tell you and you shall not sin:
4:6  For a pit unto the soul is the sin of fornication, separating it from God, and bringing it near to idols, because it deceiveth the mind and understanding, and leadeth down young men into Hades before their time.for fornication is the destruction of the soul, separating it from God and making it to draw unto idols, because it leadeth the mind and understanding into error, and bringeth men to their grave before their time.
4:7  For many hath fornication destroyed; because, though a man be old or noble, or rich or poor, he bringeth reproach upon himself with the sons of men and derision with Beliar.For whoredom hath undone many men, and although a man be ancient or noble, yet doth this make him a laughing stock both before Belial and the sons of men.
4:8  For hear ye regarding Joseph how he guarded himself from a woman, and purged his thoughts from all fornication, and found favour in the sight of God and men.But Joseph, because he kept himself from all women, and cleansed his thoughts from all fornication, found favour both before the Lord and men.
4:9  For the Egyptian woman did many things unto him, and summoned magicians, and offered him love potions, but the purpose of his soul admitted no evil desire.The Egyptian woman did much to him by using the help of witches, and by offering him slauber sauces: but the purpose of his mind admitted no noisome desire.
4:10  Therefore the God of your fathers delivered him from every evil (and) hidden death.For this cause the God of our fathers delivered him from all death, both seen and unseen.
4:11  For if fornication overcomes not your mind, neither can Beliar overcome you. For if fornication over-rule not your mind neither shall Belial prevail against you.

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
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5:1  For evil are women, my children; and since they have no power or strength over man, they use wiles by outward attractions that they may draw him to themselves.Women are hurtful things, my sons, because that when they want power and strength against a man, they work guilefully to draw him to them by train;
5:2  And whom they cannot bewitch by outward attractions, him they overcome by craft.and whom they cannot overmatch in strength, him they overcome by deceit.
5:3  For moreover, concerning them, the angel of the Lord told me, and taught me, that women are overcome by the spirit of fornication more than men, and in their heart they plot against men; and by means of their adornment they deceive first their minds, and by the glance of the eye instil the poison, and then through the accomplished act they take them captive.For the Angel of the Lord which taught me, told me of them, that they be overmastered by the spirit of fornication more than men be, and that they be ever practising in their hearts against men, first making their minds to err by decking of themselves, then, shedding their poison into them by sight, and finally catching them prisoners by their doings:
5:4  For a woman cannot force a man openly, but by a harlot's bearing she beguiles him.for a woman is not able to inforce a man.
5:5  Flee, therefore, fornication, my children, and command your wives and your daughters, that they adorn not their heads and faces to deceive the mind; because every woman who useth these wiles hath been reserved for eternal punishment.Therefore, my sons, fly fornication, charge your wives and daughters that they trim not their heads and will them to chasten their looks: for every woman that dealeth deceitfully in these things is reserved to the punishment of the world to come.
5:6  For thus they allured the Watchers who were before the flood; for as these continually beheld them, they lusted after them, and they conceived the act in their mind; for they changed themselves into the shape of men, and appeared to them when they were with their husbands.For by such means were the watchers deceived before the flood: as soon as they saw them they fell in love one with another, and conceived a working in their minds, and turned themselves into the shape of men, and appeared to them in their companying with their husbands;
5:7  And the women lusting in their minds after their forms, gave birth to giants, for the Watchers appeared to them as reaching even unto heaven. and the women by conceiving the desire of them in the imagination of their mind, brought forth giants. For the watchers appeared to them of height unto heaven.

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
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6:1  Beware, therefore, of fornication; and if you wish to be pure in mind, guard your senses from every woman.Therefore keep yourselves from fornication; and if ye intend to have a clear mind, keep yourselves from all women
6:2  And command the women likewise not to associate with men, that they also may be pure in mind.and forbid them likewise the company of men, that they may have also clean minds.
6:3  For constant meetings, even though the ungodly deed be not wrought, are to them an irremediable disease, and to us a destruction of Beliar and an eternal reproach.For although continual companyings do not always work wickedness, yet breed they incurable stings to them, and to us everlasting shame before Belial,
6:4  For in fornication there is neither understanding nor godliness, and all jealousy dwelleth in the lust thereof. because fornication hath neither understanding nor godliness in it, and all enviousness dwelleth in the desire thereof;
6:5  Therefore, then, I say unto you, ye will be jealous against the sons of Levi, and will seek to be exalted over them; but ye shall not be able.and for that cause shall ye envy the children of Levi, and seek to be exalted above them, but ye shall not be able to compass it;
6:6  For God will avenge them and ye shall die by an evil death.for God will avenge them and you shall die a dangerous death:
6:7  For to Levi God gave the sovereignty and to Judah with him and to me also, and to Dan and Joseph, that we should be for rulers.for unto Levi and Judah hath the Lord given the sovereignty, and unto me, and Dan, and Joseph hath he granted to be princes with them.
6:8  Therefore I command you to hearken to Levi, because he shall know the law of the Lord, and shall give ordinances for judgement and shall sacrifice for all Israel until the consummation of thfe times, as the anointed High Priest, of whom the Lord spake.Wherefore I charge you, hear Levi, for he shall know the law of the Lord and deal forth judgment, and offer sacrifices for all Israel, till the full time of Christ, the chief priest, because the Lord hath spoken it.
6:9  I adjure you by the God of heaven to do truth each one unto his neighbour and to entertain love each for his brother.I charge you by the God of heaven that every of you do deal faithfully with his neighbour,
6:10  And draw ye near to Levi in humbleness of heart, that ye may receive a blessing from his mouth.and stick unto Levi in humbleness of heart, that ye may receive blessings at his mouth:
6:11  For he shall bless Israel and Judah, because him hath the Lord chosen to be king over all the nation.for he shall bless Israel and Judah. God hath chosen Judah to be the king of all people,
6:12  And bow down before his seed, for on our behalf it will die in wars visible and invisible, and will be among you an eternal king. wherefore worship you his seed, for he shall die for you in battles both visible and invisible, and shall reign over you world without end."

The Testament of Reuben ~ Chapter
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7:1  And Reuben died, having given these commands to his sons.7:1 Reuben having given his children the aforesaid charge, and blessed them, died.
7:2  And they placed him in a coffin until they carried him up from Egypt, and buried him in Hebron in the cave where his father was. 7:2 Then they put him in a coffin, and carried him out of Egypt buried him at Hebron, in the double cave where his fathers slept.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the words of Simeon, the things which he spake to his sons before he died, in the hundred and twentieth year of his life, at which time Joseph, his brother, died.The copy of Simeon's words which he spake unto his sons at his death, in the hundred and twentieth year of his life, in the which Joseph died.
1:2  For when Simeon was sick, his sons came to visit him, and he strengthened himself and sat up and kissed them, and said:For they came to visit him upon his death bed, and he sitting up, kissed them, saying:

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
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2:1  Hearken, my children, to Simeon your father, And I will declare unto you what things I have in my heart. "Hearken, my children, hear me your father Simeon, whatsoever I have in my heart,
2:2  I was born of Jacob as my father's second son; And my mother Leah called me Simeon, Because the Lord had heard her prayer. I am my father Jacob's second son, and my mother Leah named me Simeon, because the Lord heard her prayer.
2:3  Moreover, I became strong exceedingly; I shrank from no achievement, nor was I afraid of ought. I became very mighty, I went through with my doings, and was not afraid of any thing,
2:4  For my heart was hard, and my liver was immovable, and my bowel without compassion.for my heart was stout, my mind unmoveable, and my stomach undiscourageable;
2:5  Because valour also hath been given from the Most High to men in soul and body.for hardiness is given of the highest into men's souls and bodies.
2:6  For in the time of my youth I was jealous in many things of Joseph, because my father loved him beyond all.In those days I envied Joseph, because my father loved him;
2:7  And I set my mind against him to destroy him, because the prince of deceit sent forth the spirit of jealousy and blinded my mind, so that I regarded him not as a brother, nor did I spare even Jacob my father.I hardened my heart against him to kill him, because the prince of error sending forth the spirit of envy, so blinding my mind, that I could not take heed to spare my father Jacob.
2:8  But his God and the God of his fathers sent forth His angel, and delivered him out of my hands.But his God and the God of his fathers sending his Angel did rid him out of my hands;
2:9  For when I went to Shechem to bring ointment for the flocks, and Reuben to Dothan, where were our necessaries and all our stores, Judah my brother sold him to the Ishmaelites.for while I went into Sichem to carry fare for our flocks, and Reuben into Dothan, where all our necessaries were laid up in store, our brother Judah sold him unto the Ishmaelites;
2:10  And when Reuben heard these things he was grieved, for he wished to restore him to his father,and therefore when my brother was come again, he was sorry, for he intended to have conveyed him safe again to our father;
2:11  But on hearing this I was exceedingly wroth against Judah in that he let him go away alive, and for five months I continued wrathful against him.but I was angry with Judah for letting him go alive, and bare him a grudge five months after: howbeit,
2:12  But the Lord restrained me, and withheld from me the power of my hands; for my right hand was half withered for seven days.God letted me, and restrained the working of my hands; for my right hand was half withered up for seven days together.
2:13  And I knew, my children, that because of Joseph this had befallen me, and I repented and wept; and I besought the Lord God that my hand might be restored, and that I might hold aloof from all pollution and envy, and from all folly. Then did I perceive, my sons, that that befell me for Joseph's sake. Whereupon I repented soon after, and besought the Lord to restore my hand, and I would abstain from all rancour, envy and folly;
2:14  For I knew that I had devised an evil thing before the Lord and Jacob my father, on account of Joseph my brother, in that I envied him. for I knew I had conceived a wicked thought against the Lord, and against my father Jacob for my brother Joseph's sake whom I envied.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
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3:1  And now, my children, hearken unto me and beware of the spirit of deceit and of envy.Now therefore, my children, keep yourselves from the spirits of error and envy;
3:2  For envy ruleth over the whole mind of a man, and suffereth him neither to eat nor to drink, nor to do any good thing.for envy over-ruleth the mind of every man, suffering him not to eat or drink in rest, or to do any good thing;
3:3  But it ever suggesteth (to him) to destroy him that he envieth; and so long as he that is envied flourisheth, he that envieth fadeth away.and is always egging him to slay the party whom he envieth, and pining away at his prosperity.
3:4  Two years therefore I afflicted my soul with fasting in the fear of the Lord, and I learnt that deliverance from envy cometh by the fear of God.Two years together I punished my soul with fasting in the fear of the Lord; for I knew that the way to deliver me from envy was the fear of the Lord.
3:5  For if a man flee to the Lord, the evil spirit runneth away from him, and his mind is lightened.If a man fly unto the Lord, the wicked spirit flieth from him, so as his mind be-cometh meek,
3:6  And henceforward he sympathiseth with him whom he envied and agreeth with those who love him, and so ceaseth from his envy. and if spiteful, he becometh pitiful, bearing no grudge towards such as love him, and so his envy ceaseth.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
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4:1  And my father asked concerning me, because he saw that I was sad; and I said unto him, I am pained in my liver.And because my father saw me sad, he asked me the cause of it. To whom I lied, saying, I have a pain in my stomach,
4:2  For I mourned more than they all, because I was guilty of the selling of Joseph.for I was sorriest of all my brothers for that I had been the cause of Joseph's selling into Egypt.
4:3  And when we went down into Egypt, and he bound me as a spy, I knew that I was suffering justly, and I grieved not.And when I came unto Egypt, and was put in ward by him as a spy, then perceived I, that I was justly punished, and I was not sorry for it.
4:4  Now Joseph was a good man, and had the Spirit of God within him: being compassionate and pitiful, he bore no malice against me; but loved me even as the rest of his brethren. But Joseph being a good man, and having God's spirit in him, and being full of pity and mercy, minded not to do me any harm, but loved me as well as the residue of my brethren.
4:5  Beware, therefore, my children, of all jealousy and envy, and walk in singleness of heart, that God may give you also grace and glory, and blessing upon your heads, even as ye saw in Joseph's case. Therefore, my children, keep yourselves from all spite and envy, and walk in singleness of mind and a good conscience, after the example of your father's brother, that God may give you grace, glory and blessedness, upon your heads, as you see in him.
4:6  All his days he reproached us not concerning this thing, but loved us as his own soul, and beyond his own sons glorified us, and gave us riches, and cattle and fruits. Of all the days of his life he did never cast us in the teeth with it; but loved us as his own soul, and more than his own children, honouring us, and giving us riches, cattle and corn, abundantly.
4:7  Do ye also, my children, love each one his brother with a good heart, and the spirit of envy will withdraw from you. You therefore, my children, love ye one another with a good heart, and put from you the spirit of envy;
4:8  For this maketh savage the soul and destroyeth the body; it causes anger and war in the mind, and stirreth up unto deeds of blood, and leadeth the mind into frenzy, and causeth tumult to the soul and trembling to the body. for it maketh a man's soul to grow savage, marreth his body, breedeth wrath and war in his thoughts, setteth his blood on fire, driveth him out of his wits, and suffereth no reason to bear any sway or rule.
4:9  For even in sleep some malicious jealousy, deluding him, gnaweth, and with wicked spirits disturbeth his soul, and causeth the body to be troubled, and waketh the mind from sleep in confusion; and as a wicked and poisonous spirit, so appeareth it to men. Moreover, it taketh away his sleep, disquieteth his mind, and maketh his body to tremble. For even in sleep some spice of imagined malice gnaweth him, cumbering his soul with spirits of mischief, making his body ghostly; and his mind affrighted with trouble; and appearing unto men, as it were with a pernicious spirit and pouring out of poison.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
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5:1  Therefore was Joseph comely in appearance, and goodly to look upon, because no wickedness dwelt in him; for some of the trouble of the spirit the face manifesteth. Therefore was Joseph fair of face, beautiful and comely to behold, because no wicked thing dwelt in him, for he had a countenance clear from cumberance of mind.
5:2  And now, my children, Make your hearts good before the Lord, And your ways straight before men, And ye shall find grace before the Lord and men. And now, my children, let your hearts be meek before the Lord, and walk right before man; so shall ye find favour both with God and man:
5:3  Beware, therefore, of fornication, For fornication is mother of all evils, Separating from God, and bringing near to Beliar. and beware that ye fall not to whoredom. For whoredom is the mother of all naughtiness, separating a man from God, and sending him to Belial.
5:4  I have seen it inscribed in the writing of Enoch that your sons shall be corrupted in fornication, and shall do harm to the sons of Levi with the sword.For I have seen in Enoch's writings that you and your children shall be corrupted with whoredom, and do Levi wrong by the sword.
5:5  But they shall not be able to withstand Levi; for he shall wage the war of the Lord, and shall conquer all your hosts.But they shall not prevail against Levi, because he shall fight the Lord's battles, and take all your tents,
5:6  And they shall be few in number, divided in Levi and Judah, and there shall be none of you for sovereignty, even as also our father prophesied in his blessings. and very few shall be divided in Levi and Judah, for he shall be your captain, as my father Jacob prophesied in his blessings.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
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6:1  Behold I have told you all things, that I may be acquitted of your sin.Behold, I tell you all these things aforehand, that I may be clear from the sin of your souls.
6:2  Now, if ye remove from you your envy and all stiff-neckedness, as a rose shall my bones flourish in Israel, and as a lily my flesh in Jacob, and my odour shall be as the odour of Libanus; and as cedars shall holy ones be multiplied from me for ever, and their branches shall stretch afar off. Now if you put from you all enviousness, and stiff-neckedness, all my bones shall flourish as a rose in Israel, and all my flesh as a lilly in Jacob, and my savour shall be as the scent of Libanus, and my holy ones shall be multiplied as the cedars for ever, and their boughs shall spread out in length for evermore.
6:3  Then shall perish the seed of Canaan, and a remnant shall not be unto Amalek, and all the Cappadocians shall perish, and all the Hittites shall be utterly destroyed. Then shall the seed of Canaan perish, together with all the remnant of Amalek. All the Cappadocians shall perish, and all the Scythians shall likewise be destroyed.
6:4  Then shall fail the land of Ham, and all the people shall perish. Then shall all the earth rest from trouble, and all the world under heaven from war. Then shall the land of Cham fail, and all the people go to wreck. Then shall the earth rest from trouble, and all men under heaven from war.
6:5  Then shall a sign be glorified greatly unto Israel, for the Lord God appearing on earth shall come [as man], and saving through him man. Then shall Sem be glorified, when the great Lord God of Israel appeareth upon earth as a Man, to save Adam in him.
6:6  Then shall all the spirits of deceit be given to be trodden under foot, And men shall rule over wicked spirits. Then shall the spirits of error be trodden under foot, and men shall reign over hurtful fiends;
6:7  Then shall I arise in joy, and will bless the Most High because of His marvellous works, because God hath taken a body and eaten with men and saved men. then shall I arise again in joy, and bless the Highest in his wonderful works; for God taking a body upon him, and eating with men, shall save men.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
7        {Top}
7:1  And now, my children, obey Levi and Judah, and be not lifted up against these two tribes, for from them shall arise unto you the salvation of God.And now, my children, obey Levi, and you shall be delivered by Judah; and advance not yourselves above these two tribes, for of them two shall the saving health of God spring unto us.
7:2  For the Lord shall raise up from Levi as it were a High-priest, and from Judah as it were a King, God and man, He shall save all the Gentiles and the race of Israel.For the Lord shall set up, of Levi, the prince of priests, and of Judah the king of kings, God and man. So shall he save all the Gentiles, and the offspring of Israel.
7:3  Therefore I give, you these commands that ye also may command your children, that they may observe them throughout their generations. For these things' sake I charge you to command your children to keep these things throughout all their generations."

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
8        {Top}
8:1  And when Simeon had made an end of commanding his sons, he slept with his fathers, being an hundred and twenty years old.And Simeon making an end of these his sayings and commandments to his children, slept with his fathers, when as he was of the age of an hundred and twenty years.
8:2  And they laid him in a wooden coffin, to take up his bones to Hebron. And they took them up secretly during a war of the Egyptians.And then they laid him in a coffin of wood that wrotteth not, that they might carry his bones again into Hebron, and they conveyed him privily in the way of the Egyptians.
8:3  For the bones of Joseph the Egyptians guarded in the tombs of the Kings.For the Egyptians kept the bones of Joseph in the king's treasure,
8:4  For the sorcerers told them, that on the departure of the bones of Joseph there should be throughout all the land darkness and gloom, and an exceeding great plague to the Egyptians, so that even with a lamp a man should not recognise his brother. for their enchanters told them that whensoever Joseph's bones were carried away, there should be such a plague of mist and darkness among the Egyptians, as one brother should not know another, no not even by torchlight.

The Testament of Simeon ~ Chapter
9        {Top}
9:1  And the sons of Simeon bewailed their father.And Simeon's children bewailed their father according to the law of mourning,
9:2  And they were in Egypt until the day of their departure by the hand of Moses. and continued in Egypt till the day of their departing thence under the hand of Moses.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
1        {Top}
1:1  The copy of the words of Levi, the things which he ordained unto his sons, according to all that they should do, and what things should befall them until the day of judgement.The copy of Levi's words, namely, which he spake to his children, concerning all the things which they should do, and which should happen unto them until the day of judgment.
1:2  He was sound in health when he called them to him; for it had been revealed to him that he should die. And when they were gathered together he said to them: He was in health when he called them unto him, for he knew before when he should die. So when they were come together, he said unto them:

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
2        {Top}
2:1  I, Levi, was born in Haran, and I came with my father to Shechem.I Levi was bred and born in Charran, and afterward came to my father into Sichem.
2:2  And I was young, about twenty years of age, when, with Simeon, I wrought vengeance on Hamor for our sister Dinah.I was at that time but young, about twenty years old, when I helped my brother Simeon to revenge our sister Dinah against Hamor.
2:3  And when I was feeding the flocks in Abel-Maul, the spirit of understanding of the Lord came upon me, and I saw all men corrupting their way, and that unrighteousness had built for itself walls, and lawlessness sat upon towers.Now as we were feeding our flocks in Abelmuel, the spirit of the understanding of the Lord came upon me, and I saw all men undermining their own ways, and how unrighteousness had built herself a fortress, and wickedness sat upon the throne thereof.
2:4  And I was grieving for the race of the sons of men, and I prayed to the Lord that I might be saved.And I was sorry for mankind, and besought the Lord to save them.
2:5  Then there fell upon me a sleep, and I beheld a high mountain, and I was upon it.Then there fell a sleep upon me, and I saw a very high mountain; it was the Mountain of Aspis in Abelmuel;
2:6  And behold the heavens were opened, and an angel of God said to me, Levi, enter.and behold the heavens opened and the Angel of God said unto me, 'Levi, come hither;'
2:7  And I entered from the first heaven, and I saw there a great sea hanging.and I went from the first heaven to the second, and there saw the water hanging
2:8  And further, I saw a second heaven far brighter and more brilliant, for there was a boundless height also therein.between the one and the other. And I saw the third heaven much brighter than them both; for the height thereof was infinite.
2:9  And I said to the angel, Why is this so ? And the angel said to me, Marvel not at this, for thou shalt see another heaven more brilliant and incomparable.And I said to the Angel, 'What meaneth this?' And the Angel answered me, 'Marvel not at these things, for thou shalt see four heavens yet brighter, and without comparison,
2:10  And when thou hast ascended thither, Thou shalt stand near the Lord, And shalt be His minister, And shalt declare His mysteries to men, And shaft proclaim concerning Him that shall redeem Israel. when thou comest up to them; for thou shalt stand by the Lord, and be his minister, and utter his secrets unto men, and preach of the Deliverer of Israel which is to come.
2:11  And by thee and Judah shall the Lord appear among men, Saving every race of men. By thee and by Judah the Lord will appear to men, to save all mankind in them.
2:12  And from the Lord's portion shall be thy life, And He shall be thy field and vineyard, And fruits, gold, and silver. Thy life shall depend upon the Lord; by him shalt thou have thy fields, vineyards, fruit, gold, and silver.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
3        {Top}
3:1  Hear, therefore, regarding the heavens widen have been shown to thee. The lowest is for this cause gloomy unto thee, in that it beholds all the unrighteous deeds of men.Therefore hearken as touching the seven heavens. The lowest is most lowering, because it is nearest to all the unrighteousness of men.
3:2  And it has fire, snow, and ice made ready for the day of judgement, in the righteous judgement of God; for in it are all the spirits of the retributions for vengeance on men.The second hath fire, snow and ice, prepared by the Lord's appointment against the day of God's rightful judgment. In it are the spirits of vengeance for the punishing of the wicked.
3:3  And in the second are the hosts of the armies which are ordained for the day of judgement, to work vengeance on the spirits of deceit and of Beliar. And above them are the holy ones. In the third are the powers of hosts, ordained against the day of judgment, to take vengeance upon the spirits of error and Belial. In the fourth above these are the saints;
3:4  And in the highest of all dwelleth the Great Glory, far above all holiness.for in the higher places dwelleth great glory, in the holy of all holies above all holiness.
3:5  In the heaven next to it are the archangels, who minister and make propitiation to the Lord for all the sins of ignorance of the righteous;In the next unto this, are the angels that do serve in God's presence, and seek his favour in all the ignorances of the righteous;
3:6  Offering to the Lord a sweet-smelling savour, a reasonable and a bloodless offering.they offer to the Lord the sweet savour of a reasonable service, a sacrifice without blood.
3:7  And in the heaven below this are the angels who bear answers to the angels of the presence of the Lord.In the other that is under this, are the angels that bring answers from the angels in God's presence.
3:8  And in the heaven next to this are thrones and dominions, in which always they offer praise to God.In that which is above it, are the thrones and potentates wherein is continual offering up of hymns unto God.
3:9  When, therefore, the Lord looketh upon us, all of us are shaken; yea, the heavens, and the earth, and the abysses are shaken at the presence of His majesty.Therefore whensoever the Lord looketh upon us, all of us are moved; yea, and even heaven, earth and the bottomless deep, are moved at the sight of his greatness;
3:10  But the sons of men, having no perception of these things, sin and provoke the Most High. but the children of men being witless, shall sin and provoke the Highest unto wrath.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
4        {Top}
4:1  Now, therefore, know that the Lord shall execute judgement upon the sons of men. Because when the rocks are being rent, and the sun quenched, and the waters dried up, and the fire cowering, and all creation troubled, and the invisible spirits melting away, and Hades taketh spoils through the visitations of the Most High, men will be unbelieving and persist in their iniquity. On this account with punishment shall they be judged. Now therefore understand, that the Lord will execute judgment upon the children of men; because that men will still continue in unbelief and unrighteousness, even when the same shall cleave asunder, the sun be darkened, the waters dried up, the fire quake, and all creatures be troubled at the fainting of the invisible spirit, and the spoiling of hell in the passion of the Highest; therefore shall they be condemned to punishment.
4:2  Therefore, the Most High hath heard thy prayer, to separate thee from iniquity, and that thou shouldest become to Him a son, and a servant, and a minister of His presence. The Highest then hath heard thy prayer to separate thee from unrighteousness, and to make thee his son and servant, and a minister in his presence,
4:3  The light of knowledge shalt thou light up in Jacob, and as the sun shalt thou be to all the seed of Israel. a lanthorn of knowledge to lighten Jacob thoroughly, and to be as a day-sun among the children of Israel,
4:4  And there shall be given to thee a blessing, and to all thy seed, until the Lord shall visit all the Gentiles in His tender mercies for ever. and unto thee and thy seed shall the power of blessing be given, till God visit all nations in the bowels of the mercy of his Son for ever.
4:5  And therefore there have been given to thee counsel and understanding, that thou mightest instruct thy sons concerning this; Nevertheless thy sons shall lay their hands upon him to crucify him; and for this cause is wisdom and understanding given unto thee, to give thy children knowledge of him,
4:6  Because they that bless Him shall be blessed, And they that curse Him shall perish. because that if they bless him, they shall be blessed, and they that curse him, shall perish in his sight.'

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
5        {Top}
5:1  And thereupon the angel opened to me the gates of heaven, and I saw the holy temple, and upon a throne of glory the Most High.And the Angel opened me the gates of heaven, and I saw the holy temple, and the Highest sitting on the throne of glory;
5:2  And He said to me: Levi, I have given thee the blessings of the priesthood until I come and sojourn in the midst of Israel.and he said unto me, 'Levi, I have given thee the blessings of the priesthood, till I come myself to dwell in the midst of Israel.'
5:3  Then the angel brought me down to the earth, and gave me a shield and a sword, and said to me: Execute vengeance on Shechem because of Dinah, thy sister, and I will be with thee because the Lord hath sent me.Then the Angel brought me down to the earth, and gave me a shield and a sword; saying, 'Execute vengeance in Sichem for Dinah, and I will be with thee; for God hath sent me.'
5:4  And I destroyed at that time the sons of Hamor, as it is written in the heavenly tablets.And at that time I slew the sons of Hamor, as it is written in the tables of heaven.
5:5  And I said to him: I pray Thee, O lord, tell me Thy name, that I may call upon Thee in a day of tribulation. And I said unto him, 'Lord, I pray thee tell me thy name, that I may call upon thee in the time of my trouble;'
5:6  And he said: I am the angel who intercedeth for the nation of Israel that they may not be smitten utterly, for every evil spirit attacketh it.and he answered, 'I am an Angel which excuseth Israel, that he might not be stricken for ever, because all wicked spirits lie in wait for him.'
5:7  And after these things I awaked, and blessed the Most High, and the angel who intercedeth for the nation of Israel and for all the righteous. Afterward being waked as it were out of sleep, I blessed the Most High, and the Angel that excuseth the offspring of Israel, and all righteous men.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
6        {Top}
6:1  And when I was going to my father, I found a brazen shield; wherefore also the name of the mountain is Aspis, which is near Gebal, to the south of Abila.And when I came to my father, I found an asp of brass, whereupon the hill took the name of Aspis, which is hard by Gebar, on the right side of Abila.
6:2  And I kept these words in my heart. And after this I counselled my father, and Reuben my brother, to bid the sons of Hamor not to be circumcised; for I was jealous because of the abomination which they had wrought on my sister.And I laid up these sayings in my heart: and I counselled my father and my brother Reuben to persuade the sons of Hamor to be circumcised, because I was zealously grieved for the abomination which they had wrought in Israel.
6:4  And I slew Shechem first, and Simeon slew Hamor.For first of all I killed Shechem, and then Simeon killed Hamor,
6:5  And after this my brothers came and smote that city with the edge of the sword.and after this came our brethren, who smote the city with the edge of the sword.
6:6  And my father heard these things and was wroth; and he was grieved in that they had received the circumcision, and after that had been put to death, and in his blessings he looked amiss upon us.When my father heard of it he was angry, because they had received circumcision, and were killed afterward. And therefore he dealt otherwise with us in blessing.
6:7  For we sinned because we had done this thing against his will, and he was sick on that day.For we sinned in doing it against his will; and he fell sick the same day.
6:8  But I saw that the sentence of God was for evil upon Shechem; for they sought to do to Sarah and Rebecca as they had done to Dinah our sister, but the Lord prevented them.But I knew that the Lord intended evil to the Shechemites, because they had purposed to have done the like unto Sarah, as they had done unto our sister Dinah; but God letted them.
6:9  And they persecuted Abraham our father when he was a stranger, and they vexed his flocks when they were big with young; and Eblaen, who was born in his house, they most shamefully handled. And they persecuted our father Abraham, as then a stranger, and carried away his cattle, and furthermore did beat Joblan very sore who was born in his house.
6:10  And thus they did to all strangers, taking away their wives by force, and they banished them.After the same manner dealt they with all other strangers, taking away their wives from them by force, and driving the men themselves out of their country.
6:11  But the wrath of the Lord came upon them to the uttermost. For which cause the wrath of the Lord came upon them in the end.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
7        {Top}
7:1  And I said to my father Jacob: By thee will the Lord destroy the Canaanites, and will give their land to thee and to thy seed after thee.And I said to my father, 'Sir, be not offended, for God will bring the Canaanites to nothing before thee, and give their land unto thee, and unto thy Holy One after thee.
7:2  For from this day forward shall Shechem be called a city of imbeciles; for as a man mocketh a fool, so did we mock them,For from henceforth Shechem shall be called the city of fools, because that as men do scorn fools,
7:3  Because also they had wrought folly in Israel by defiling my sister. And we departed and came to Bethel. so have we scorned them for their working of folly in Israel, in taking away our sister for to defile her.' "Then came we into Bethel,

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
8        {Top}
8:1  And there again I saw a vision even as the former, after we had spent there seventy days.and there when I had sacrificed threescore and ten days together, I saw the thing again as I had seen before.
8:2  And I saw seven men in white raiment saying unto me: Arise, put on the robe of the priesthood, and the crown of righteousness, and the breastplate of understanding, and the garment of truth, and the plate of faith, and the turban of the head, and the ephod of prophecy.And I saw seven men in white raiment, saying unto me, 'Up put on the Stole of Priesthood, the Crown of Righteousness, the Reason of Understanding, the Robe of Truth, the Breastplate of Faith, the Mitre of Holiness, and the Ephod of Prophecy.'
8:3  And they severally carried (these things) and put (them) on me, and said unto me: From henceforth become a priest of the Lord, thou and thy seed for ever.And so every of them bringing something with him, did put them upon me, saying, 'Be thou henceforth the Lord's Priest, thou and thy seed for evermore.'
8:4  And the first anointed me with holy oil, and gave to me the staff of judgement.The first of them anointed me with holy oil, and gave me the sceptre of judgment.
8:5  The second washed me with pure water, and fed me with bread and wine (even) the most holy things, and clad me with a holy and glorious robe.The second washed me with clean water, and fed me with bread and wine, that is, to wit, with the most holy of holies, and clothed me with a glorious robe down to the ground.
8:6  The third clothed me with a linen vestment like an ephod. The third did put upon me a silken garment, like to an ephod.
8:7  The fourth put round me a girdle like unto purple. The fourth girded me with a girdle like to purple.
8:8  The fifth gave me a branch of rich olive.The fifth gave unto me an olive bough, very full of fatness.
8:9  The sixth placed a crown on my head.The sixth did set the mitre of priesthood upon my head.
8:10  The seventh placed on my head a diadem of priesthood, and filled my hands with incense, that I might serve as priest to the Lord God.The seventh filled my hands with incense, to the intent I should execute the office of a priest unto the Lord.
8:11  And they said to me: Levi, thy seed shall be divided into three offices, for a sign of the glory of the Lord who is to come.And he said unto me, 'Levi, unto three principal things is thy seed appointed of God, namely, to be a sign of the glorious Lord that is to come,
8:12  And the first portion shall be great; yea, greater than it shall none be.and he that believeth shall be the first. The great lot shall not fall upon him;
8:13  The second shall be in the priesthood.the second shall be in priesthood;
8:14  And the third shall be called by a new name, because a king shall arise in Judah, and shall establish a new priesthood, after the fashion of the Gentiles to all the Gentiles.and the third shall have a new name, because a King shall rise up in Judah, and renew my priesthood according unto the figure of the Gentiles, among all nations.
8:15  And his presence is beloved, as a prophet of the Most High, of the seed of Abraham our father. But the coming of him is unutterable, as who shall be the Prophet of the Highest, born of our father Abraham?
8:16  Therefore, every desirable thing in Israel shall be for thee and for thy seed, And ye shall eat everything fair to look upon, And the table of the Lord shall thy seed apportion. All the pleasant things of Israel shall be given unto thee, and to thy seed, and you shall eat all that is fair to see to, and thy seed shall distribute the Lord's table,
8:17  And some of them shall be high priests, and judges, and scribes; for by their mouth shall the holy place be guarded. and of them shall be high-priests, judges, and scribes; for in their mouth shall the holy things be kept.'
8:18  And when I awoke, I understood that this (dream) was like the first dream.When I woke, I perceived that this vision was like the other,
8:19  And I hid this also in my heart, and told it not to any man upon the earth. and I laid it up in my heart, and showed it not unto any man living upon the earth.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
9        {Top}
9:1  And after two days I and Judah went up with our father Jacob to Isaac our father's father.The first two days I and Judah went to our grandfather Isaac,
9:2  And my father's father blessed me according to all the words of the visions which I had seen. And he would not come with us to Bethel.and he blessed me according to all the sayings of the visions that I had seen, but he would not go with us unto Bethel.
9:3  And when we came to Bethel, my father Jacob saw a vision concerning me, that I should be their priest unto God.But when we came to Bethel, my father Jacob saw in a vision concerning me, that I should be their priest before the Lord.
9:4  And he rose up early in the morning, and paid tithes of all to the Lord through me.And he arose in the morning, and tithed all things to the Lord by me.
9:5  And so we came to Hebron to dwell there.Then came we to Hebron to dwell there,
9:6  And Isaac called me continually to put me in remembrance of the law of the Lord, even as the angel of the Lord showed unto me.and by and by Isaac called me to expound the law of the Lord, according as God's Angel had showed it to me,
9:7  And he taught me the law of the priesthood, of sacrifices, whole burnt-offerings, first-fruits, freewill-offerings, peace-offerings.and he taught me the law of priesthood, sacrifices, burnt-offerings, firstlings, free-will offerings, and offerings for health.
9:8  And each day he was instructing me, and was busied on my behalf before the Lord, and said to me:Every day he taught me understanding, and called upon me continually before the Lord, saying,
9:9  Beware of the spirit of fornication; for this shall continue and shall by thy seed pollute the holy place.My son give no ear to the spirit of fornication, for he will follow thee and defile the holy things by thy seed:
9:10  Take, therefore, to thyself a wife without blemish or pollution, while yet thou art young, and not of the race of strange nations,therefore take thee a wife in thy youth, such an one as hath not any blemish nor uncleanness, nor is of the kindred of the Allophytes or of the Gentiles.
9:11  And before entering into the holy place, bathe; and when thou offerest the sacrifice, wash; and again, when thou finishest the sacrifice, wash.And before thou enter into the holiest, wash, and likewise ere thou sacrifices!, and also when thou hast done, offer unto the Lord
9:12  Of twelve trees having leaves offer to the Lord, as Abraham taught me also.the fruits of the twelve trees that are ever green, as my father Abraham taught me to do:
9:13  And of every clean beast and bird offer a sacrifice to the Lord.and the fruit of all clean beasts, and of clean fowls offer thou in sacrifice.
9:14  And of all thy first-fruits and of wine offer the first, as a sacrifice to the Lord God; and every sacrifice thou shalt salt with salt. Likewise offer up thy first-born of all things, and the first fruits of thy wine, and sprinkle thy sacrifices with salt.'

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
10        {Top}
10:1  Now, therefore, observe whatsoever I command you, children; for whatsoever things I have heard from my fathers rl have declared unto you.Now therefore, my sons, keep ye all the things that I command you; for whatsoever I have heard of my fathers, that have I told unto you
10:2  And behold, I am clear from your ungodliness and transgression, which ye shall commit in the end of the ages against the Saviour of the world, Christ, acting godlessly, deceiving Israel, and stirring up against it great evils from the Lord.I am clear from all the wickedness and sin which you shall commit to the end of the world. Ye shall work wickedness against the Saviour of the world, and ye shall seduce Israel, stirring up much evil against him from the Lord,
10:3  And ye shall deal lawlessly together with Israel, so He shall not bear with Jerusalem because of your wickedness; but the veil of the temple shall be rent, so as not to cover your shame.and dealing wickedly with him, so that Jerusalem shall not continue by reason of your naughtiness. The veil of the temple shall be rent in sunder to discover your foulness,
10:4  And ye shall be scattered as captives among the Gentiles, and shall be for a reproach and for a curse there.and ye shall be scattered as prisoners amongst the heathen, and be scorned, cursed, and trodden under foot;
10:5  For the house which the Lord shall choose shall be called Jerusalem, as is contained in the book of Enoch the righteous. nevertheless, the house which the Lord shall chuse shall be called Jerusalem, as the Book of Enoch the righteous containeth.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
11        {Top}
11:1  Therefore when I took a wife I was twenty-eight years old, and her name was Melcha.Therefore, when I was twenty and eight years old, I took a wife, whose name was Melcha,
11:2  And she conceived and bare a son, and I called his name Gersam, for we were sojourners in our land.and she conceived and bare me a son, and called his name Gershon, because we were but strangers in our land, for Gershon signifieth banishment.
11:3  And I saw concerning him, that he would not be in the first rank.Now I knew of him that he should not be of the chief degree.
11:4  And Kohath was born in the thirty-fifth year of my life, towards sunrise.The second was Caath, who was born the five and thirtieth year.
11:5  And I saw in a vision that he was standing on high in the midst of all the congregation.I saw a vision eastward, how all the congregation stood up aloft,
11:6  Therefore I called his name Kohath, which is, beginning of majesty and instruction.and therefore I called his name Caath, which signifieth, the beginning of greatness and learning.
11:7  And she bare me a third son, Merari, in the fortieth year of my life ; and since his mother bare him with difficulty, I called him Merari, that is my bitterness, because he also was like to die.The third was Merari, who was born in the five and fiftieth year of my life; and because his mother was hardly delivered of him, she called him Merari, which is as much as to say, my bitterness.
11:8  And Jochebed was born in Egypt, in my sixty-fourth year, for I was renowned then in the midst of my brethren. And in the threescore and fourth year of my life was my daughter Jochebed born in Egypt, and so was I honourable among my brethren.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
12        {Top}
12:1  And Gersam took a wife, and she bare to him Lomni and Semei.Also my son Gershon took him a wife, which bare him Lybni and Sichmi.
12:2  And the sons of Kohath, Ambram, Issachar, Hebron, and Ozeel.The sons of Caath were Amram, Yshvar, Hebron and Uziel;
12:3  And the sons of Merari, Mooli and Mouses.and the sons of Merari were Mahali and Mushi.
12:4  And in my ninety-fourth year Ambram took Jochebed my daughter to him to wife, for they were born in one day, he and my daughter.In the fourscore and fourteenth year of my life, Amram took unto wife my daughter Jechobed, because that he and she were born both on one day.
12:5  Eight years old was I when I went into the land of Canaan, and eighteen years when I slew Shechem, and at nineteen years I became priest, and at twenty-eight years I took a wife, and at forty-eight I went into Egypt. I was eight years old when I entered into the land of Canaan, and eighteen years old when I entered into the office of priesthood. At eight and twenty years old I took a wife, and at forty years old I entered into Egypt,
12:6  And behold, my children, ye are a third generation.and behold ye be now my in the third generation.
12:7  In my hundred-and-eighteenth year Joseph died. Joseph died in the hundred and tenth year.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
13        {Top}
13:1  And now, my children, I command you: Fear the Lord your God with your whole heart1, and walk in simplicity according to all His law. And now, my children, I warn you, fear the Lord your God with all your heart, and walk plainly in all things according to his law.
13:2  And do ye also teach your children letters, that they may have understanding all their life, reading unceasingly the law of God. Moreover, bring up your children in learning, that they may have understanding by reading the law of God without ceasing all their life long;
13:3  For every one that knoweth the law of the Lord shall be honoured, and shall not be a stranger whithersoever he goeth. for whosoever knoweth God's law shall be honoured, and go wheresoever he will, he shall be no stranger;
13:4  Yea, many friends shall he gain more than his parents, and many men shall desire to serve him, and to hear the law from his mouth. also he shall have more friends than his forefathers had, and many shall be glad to serve him, and to hear the law at his mouth.
13:5  Work righteousness, therefore, my children, upon the earth, That ye may have (it) as a treasure in heaven. My sons, deal rightfully upon earth, that you may find heaven;
13:6  And sow good things in your souls, that ye may find them in your life. But if ye sow evil things, ye shall reap every trouble and affliction. and sow good things in your minds, that you may find them in your life: for if ye sow evil things ye shall find and reap all manner of cum-berance and trouble.
13:7  Get wisdom in the tear of God with diligence; For though there be a leading into captivity, and cities and lands be destroyed, and gold and silver and every possession perish, the wisdom of the wise naught can take away, save the blindness of ungodliness, and the callousness (that comes) of sin. Get ye wisdom in the fear of God; for if captivity come, and cities and countries be destroyed, gold and silver and all possessions perish, but none can take away the wise man's wisdom, save only the blindness of ungodliness and sin;
13:8  For if one keep oneself from these evil things, then even among his enemies shall wisdom be a glory to him, and in a strange country a fatherland, And in the midst of foes shall prove a friend. for his wisdom shall become a shield to him among his enemies, and make a strange country to be as his own home, and cause him to find friendship in the midst of his foes.
13:9  Whosoever teacheth noble things and doeth them, shall be enthroned with kings, as was also Joseph my brother. If he teach and do such things, he shall sit with kings, as did our brother Joseph.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
14        {Top}
14:1  Therefore, my children, I have learnt that at the end of the ages ye will transgress against the Lord, stretching out hands to wickedness against Him; and to all the Gentiles shall ye become a scorn.And truly, my children, I know by the writings of Enoch, that in the end ye shall do wickedly, laying your hands most spitefully upon the Lord; and through you, your brethren shall be confounded, and made a scorning-stock to all nations.
14:2  For our father Israel is pure from the transgressions of the chief priests who shall lay their hands upon the Saviour of the world.Howbeit, our father Israel is clear from the wickedness of the high priest, which shall lay hands upon the Saviour of the world.
14:3  For as the heaven is purer in the Lord's sight than the earth, so also be ye, the lights of Israel, (purer) than all the Gentiles.The heaven above the earth is clean, and you be the light of the heaven, as the sun and the moon.
14:4  But if ye be darkened through transgressions, what, therefore, will all the Gentiles do living in blindness? Yea, ye shall bring a curse upon our race, because the light of the law which was given for to lighten every man, this ye desire to destroy by teaching commandments contrary to the ordinances of God.What shall all the heathen do, if you be over darkened with wickedness, and bring cursedness upon your countryfolk, for whose sakes the light of the world is put into you, to enlighten all men withal. This light of the world shall you most wilfully steal, and teach commandments contrary to the righteousness of God.
14:5  The offerings of the Lord ye shall rob, and from His portion shall ye steal choice portions, eating (them) contemptuously with harlots.Ye shall purloin the Lord's offering, and filch away pieces of it. Before you do your sacrifices unto the Lord ye shall steal away the choicest things, and eat them disdainfully with harlots,
14:6  And out of covetousness ye shall teach the commandments of the Lord, wedded women shall ye pollute, and the virgins of Jerusalem shall ye defile; and with harlots and adulteresses shall ye be joined, and the daughters of the Gentiles shall ye take to wife, purifying them with an unlawful purification; and your union shall be like unto Sodom and Gomorrah.teaching commandments of covetousness. Ye shall defile married women, and enforce maidens in Jerusalem; you shall match yourselves with whores and harlots; you shall take the daughters of the heathen unto wife, purifying them with unrighteous purifying, and your mingling shall be like uuto Sodom and Gomorrah.
14:7  And ye shall be puffed up because of your priesthood, lifting yourselves up against men, and not only so, but also against the commands of God.And ye shall be swoln with wickedness in the priesthood, insomuch that you shall most disdainfully and spitefully laugh the holy things to scorn; not only vaunting and boasting yourselves against men, but also being puffed and swoln up with pride against the commandments of God.
14:8  For ye shall contemn the holy things with jests and laughter.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
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15:1  Therefore the temple, which the Lord shall choose, shall be laid waste through your uncleanness, and ye shall be captives throughout all nations.For this cause shall the temple, which the Lord shall have chosen, be undoubtedly left desolate in uncleanness, and you yourselves become captives to all nations,
15:2  And ye shall be an abomination unto them, and ye shall receive reproach and everlasting shame from the righteous judgement of God.and be loathed and abhorred among them, and receive endless shame and confusion, through God's rightful judgment;
15:3  And all who hate you shall rejoice at your destruction.and all that see you shall shun you.
15:4  And if you were not to receive mercy through Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, our fathers, not one of our seed should be left upon the earth. And were it not for our fathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, there should not one of my seed be left upon earth.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
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16:1  And now I have learnt that for seventy weeks ye shall go astray, and profane the priesthood, and pollute the sacrifices.Furthermore, I know by the Book of Enoch, that ye shall go astray by the space of threescore and ten weeks, and defile the priesthood, stain the sacrifices,
16:2  And ye shall make void the law, and set at nought the words of the prophets by evil perverseness. And ye shall persecute righteous men, and hate the godly; the words of the faithful shall ye abhor.destroy the law, despise the sayings of the prophets, frowardly persecute righteous folk, hate the godly, abhor the sayings of faithful men, and call him heretic that goeth about to renew the law by the power of the Highest; and in the end ye shall kill him out of hand, as you think, not knowing that he shall rise again, and so shall ye receive his innocent blood wilfully upon your own heads.
16:3  And a man who reneweth the law in the power of the Most High, ye shall call a deceiver; and at last ye shall rush (upon him) to slay him, not knowing his dignity, taking innocent blood through wickedness upon your heads.For his sake shall your holy places be left desolate,
16:4  And your holy places shall be laid waste even to the ground because of him.which you shall have defiled even by utter forswearing,
16:5  And ye shall have no place that is clean; but ye shall be among the Gentiles a curse and a dispersion until He shall again visit you, and in pity shall receive you through faith and water. and your dwelling shall not be clean, but you shall be accursed among the heathen, and despair shall vex you, till he visit you again and mercifully receive you through faith and water.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
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17:1  And whereas ye have heard concerning the seventy weeks, hear also concerning the priesthood.And forasmuch as ye have heard of the threescore and ten weeks, hear ye also of the priesthood,
17:2  For in each jubilee there shall be a priesthood. And in the first jubilee, the first who is anointed to the priesthood shall be great, and shall speak to God as to a father. And his priesthood shall be perfect with the Lord, and in the day of his gladness shall he arise for the salvation of the world.for in every jubilee shall be priesthood. In the first jubilee, the first anointed into the priesthood shall be great, and talk to God as to his father, and his priesthood shall be full of the fear of the Lord, and in the day of his gladness he shall rise up unto the salvation of the world.
17:3  In the second jubilee, he that is anointed shall be conceived in the sorrow of beloved ones; and his priesthood shall be honoured and shall be glorified by all.In the second jubilee, the anointed shall be conceived in the heaviness of the beloved sort, and his priesthood shall be honourable, and he shall be honourable, and he shall be glorified as amongst all men.
17:4  And the third priest shall be taken hold of by sorrow.The third priest shall be taken up in sorrow,
17:5  And the fourth shall be in pain, because unrighteousness shall gather itself against him exceedingly, and all Israel shall hate each one his neighbour. and the fourth shall be in grief, because the multitude of iniquities shall be laid upon him, and throughout all Israel every man shall hate his neighbour.
17:6  The fifth shall be taken hold of by darkness.The fifth shall be held fast in darkness,
17:7  Likewise also the sixth and the seventh.and likewise the sixth and the seventh.
17:8  And in the seventh shall be such pollution as I cannot express before men, for they shall know it who do these things.And in the seventh shall be such abomination both before God and man, as I am not able to express. Howbeit that the doers thereof shall not be known.
17:9  Therefore shall they be taken captive and become a prey, and their land and their substance shall be destroyed. For this cause shall they be in captivity and corruption, and their land and substance shall be destroyed,
17:10  And in the fifth week they shall return to their desolate country, and shall renew the house of the Lord.but in the fifth week they shall return into their desolate country, and renew the Lord's house.
17:11  And in the seventh week shall come priests, (who are) idolaters, adulterers, lovers of money, proud, lawless, lascivious, abusers of children and beasts. In the seventh week shall come idolatrous priests, covetous warriors, unrighteous scribes, and filthy abusers of men, children, and beasts.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
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18:1  And after their punishment shall have come from the Lord, the priesthood shall fail. After that the Lord hath sent vengeance upon them in the priesthood,
18:2  Then shall the Lord raise up a new priest. And to him all the words of the Lord shall be revealed; And he shall execute a righteous judgement upon the earth for a multitude of days. then will God raise up a new Priest, unto whom all the Lord's word shall be opened; and he shall execute true judgment upon earth many days;
18:3  And his star shall arise in heaven as of a king, Lighting up the light of knowledge as the sun the day, And he shall be magnified in the world. and his star shall arise in heaven. As a King shall he shed forth the light of knowledge in the open sunshine of the day, and he shall be magnified over all the world,
18:4  He shall shine forth as the sun on the earth, And shall remove all darkness from under heaven, And thefe shall be peace in all the earth. and be received and shine as the sun upon the earth, and drive away all darkness, and there shall be peace upon all the earth.
18:5  The heavens shall exult in his days, And the earth shall be glad, And the clouds shall rejoice ; And the knowledge of the Lord shall be poured forth upon the earth, as the water of the seas ; And the angels of the glory of the presence of the Lord shall be glad in him. In his days the heavens shall rejoice, the earth shall be glad, the clouds shall be merry, the knowledge of the Lord shall be poured out, upon the earth as the waters of the seas, and the angels of glory that are in the Lord's presence shall rejoice in him.
18:6  The heavens shall be opened, And from the temple of glory shall come upon him sanctification, With the Father's voice as from Abraham to Isaac. The heavens shall be opened, and out of the temple of glory shall sanctification come upon him with the Father's voice, as from Abraham the father of Isaac,
18:7  And the glory of the Most High shall be uttered over him, And the spirit of understanding and sanctification shall rest upon him in the water. and the glory of the Highest shall be spread out upon him, and the spirit of understanding and sanctification shall rest upon him,
18:8  For he shall give the majesty of the Lord to His sons in truth for evermore ; And there shall none succeed him for all generations for ever whereof he shall give abundantly and mightily to his children in truth for evermore, and there shall none succeed him from generation to generation, world without end.
18:9  And in his priesthood the Gentiles shall be multiplied in knowledge upon the earth, And enlightened through the grace of the Lord : In his priesthood shall sin come to an end, And the lawless shall cease to do evil. And the just shall rest in him. In his priesthood all sin shall come to an end, and the unrighteous shall cease from their naughtiness: but the righteous shall rest in him,
18:10  And he shall open the gates of paradise, And shall remove the threatening sword against Adam.and he shall open the gates of paradise, and stay the threatening sword against Adam;
18:11  And he shall give to the saints to eat from the tree of life, And the spirit of holiness shall be on them. and feed the lambs with the fruit of life, and the spirit of holiness shall be in them.
18:12  And Beliar shall be bound by him, And he shall give power to His children to tread upon the evil spirits. He shall bind up Belial, and give his own children power to tread down hurtful spirits;
18:13  And the Lord shall rejoice in His children, And be well pleased in His beloved ones for ever. and the Lord shall rejoice in his children, and accept them as his beloved for evermore.
18:14  Then shall Abraham and Isaac and Jacob exult, And I will be glad, And all the saints shall clothe themselves with joy. Then shall Abraham, Isaac and Jacob be glad, and then shall I and all saints rejoice.

The Testament of Levi ~ Chapter
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19:1  And now, my children, ye have heard all; choose, therefore, for yourselves either the light or the darkness, either the law of the Lord or the works of Beliar.Now, my children, ye have heard all: therefore chuse unto you either light or darkness, either the law of the Lord, or the works of Belial.
19:2  And his sons answered him, saying, Before the Lord we will walk according to His law. and we answered our father, saying, we williwaw before the Lord according to his law.'
19:3  And their father said unto them, The Lord is witness, and His angels are witnesses, and ye are witnesses, and I am witness, concerning the word of your mouth. And his sons said unto him : We are witnesses.And my father said, 'The Lord is witness, and his angels are witnesses, and I am a witness, and you yourselves are witness of the words of my mouth.' And when we had answered, We will be witnesses,
19:4  And thus Levi ceased commanding his sons; and he stretched out his feet on the bed, and was gathered to his fathers, after he had lived a hundred and thirty-seven years.Levi rested with this charge given unto his children; and stretched out his feet, and was put to his fathers, when he had lived a hundred and seven and thirty years;
19:5  And they laid him in a coffin, and afterwards they buried him in Hebron, with Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and they laid him in a coffin, and buried him afterward in Hebron, beside Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the words of Judah, what things he spake to his sons before he died.The copy of all the sayings of Judah, which he spake unto his children at the time of his death;
1:2  They gathered themselves together, therefore, and came to him, and he said to them:when they were come together before him, he said unto them:
1:3  Hearken, my children, to Judah your father. I was the fourth son born to my father Jacob; and Leah my mother named me Judah, saying, I give thanks to the Lord, because He hath given me a fourth son ralso."I was my father's fourth son, and my mother called me Judah, saying, 'I thank the Lord for that he hath given me a fourth son.'
1:4  I was swift in my youth, and obedient to my father in everything.I was swift of foot and painful in my youth, and obeyed my father in all things,
1:5  And I honoured my mother and my mother's sister.and blessed my mother and my mother's sisters.
1:6  And it came to pass, when I became a man, that my father blessed me, saying, Thou shalt be a king, prospering in all things. And when I came unto man's estate, my father Jacob prayed over me, saying, 'Thou shalt be a king and prosperous in all things.'

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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2:1  And the Lord showed me favour in all my works both in, the field and in the house."Behold, God gave me grace in all my works, both abroad and at home.
2:2  I know that I raced a hind, and caught it, and prepared the meat for my father, and he did eat.Upon a time I saw a hind, and ran after her, and caught her, and made good meat of her for my father.
2:3  And the roes I used to master in the chase, and overtake all that was in the plains. A wild mare I overtook, and caught it and tamed it.Also I out-ran the roes, and overtook all things that were in the fields, insomuch that I caught a wild mare, and tamed her.
2:4  I slew a lion and plucked a kid out of its mouth. I took a bear by its paw and hurled it down the cliff, and it was crushed. I plucked a kid out of the mouth of a bear, and taking him by the paw overthrew him, and rent asunder all wild beasts that turned upon me, as if I had been a dog,
2:5  I outran the wild boar, and seizing it as I ran, I tare it in sunder.I encountered with a wild boar, and overrunning him, tare him in pieces.
2:6  A leopard in Hebron leaped upon my dog, and I caught it by the tail, and hurled it on the rocks, and it was broken in twain.In Hebron a bastard lion leaped upon a dog; and I catching him by the tail flung him away, by and by, and he burst asunder.
2:7  I found a wild ox feeding in the fields, and seizing it by the horns, and whirling it round and stunning it, I cast it from me and slew it. In the borders of Gath, a wild bull was feeding in the fields, and I took him by the horns, and swinged him about; and finally killed him.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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3:1  And when the two kings of the Canaanites came, sheathed in armour, against our flocks, and much people with them, single-handed I rushed upon the king of Hazor, and smote him on the greaves and dragged him down, and so I slew him.There came two kings of the Canaanites armed upon our flock, and much people with them, and I alone running unto the flock, stepped to king Sur, and striking up his legs, overthrew him, and so slew him.
3:2  And the other, the king of Tappuah, as he sat upon his horse, I slew, and so I scattered all his people.Also I killed another king named Thaphes sitting on his horse, and so scattered all their people.
3:3  Achor, the king a man of giant stature I found, hurling javelins before and behind as he sat on horseback, and I took up a stone of sixty pounds weight, and hurled it and smote his horse, and killed it.I overtook king Achor a giant on horseback, shooting forward and backward, and throwing a stone of threescore pound weight upon his horse, I overthrew him and killed him;
3:4  And I fought with (this) other for two hours; and I clave his shield in twain, and I chopped off his feet, and killed him.and fighting two hours with Achor, at length I cleave his shield, and maimed his feet, and finally slew him.
3:5  And as I was stripping off his breastplate, behold nine men, his companions, began to fight with me.As I was pulling off his breast-plate, behold, eight of his friends assailed me,
3:6  And I wound my garment on my hand; and I slung stones at them, and killed four of them, and the rest fled.whereupon I filled my hands with stones, and slinging them at them with a sling, slew four of them, and put the other four to flight.
3:7  And Jacob my father slew Beelesath, king of all the kings, a giant in strength, twelve cubits high. Also our father Jacob slew the giant Beelisa king of all the kings, who was mighty and huge, of the stature of twelve cubits;
3:8  And fear fell upon them, and they ceased warring against reason whereof fear fell upon them, and they left their fighting against us.
3:9  Therefore my father was free from anxiety in the wars when I was with my brethren.For this cause my father was careful of me, when I was in battle with my brethren.
3:10  For he saw in a vision concerning me that an angel of might followed me everywhere, that I should not be overcome. He saw in a vision concerning me, that the angel of strength followed me every where, to the intent I should not be overcome.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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4:1  And in the south there came upon us a greater war than that in Shechem; and I joined in battle array with my brethren, and pursued a thousand men, and slew of them two hundred men and four kings.The second handful was a greater battle to us than that which we had at Sichem; insomuch that in fighting valiantly with my brethren, I chased a thousand men, and slew of them two hundred persons and four of their kings,
4:2  And I went up upon the wall, and I slew four mighty men.and following after them, scaled the walls of their city, and there slew two kings more,
4:3  And so we captured Hazor, and took all the spoil. and so we delivered Hebron, and led them all away as prisoners.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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5:1  On the next day we departed to Aretan, a city strong and walled and inaccessible, threatening us with death.Then the next day we went to a strong walled, and unapproachable city called Areca, which threatened to kill us.
5:2  But I and Gad approached on the east side of the city, and Reuben and Levi on the west.Therefore I and Gad went to the east side of the city, and Reuben and Levi unto the west and south side.
5:3  And they that were upon the wall, thinking that we were alone, were drawn down against us.They that stood upon the wall supposing there had been no more but Gad and I, did set fire upon us,
5:4  And so my brothers secretly climbed up the wall on both sides by stakes, and entered the city, while the men knew it not.while in the mean time my brothers that lay in stale, brake out opon the other two sides, and scaling the walls with ladders entered the city ere our enemies wist it,
5:5  And we took it with the edge of the sword. And as for those who had taken refuge in the tower, we set fire to the tower and took both it and them.and so we won it by the sword, and set fire upon the tower, and burut it up with such as were fled into it.
5:6  And as we were departing the men of Tappuah seized our spoil, and seeing (this) we fought with them.As we returned, the men of Thaffie lay in wait for our prey, and took it with our children. But we followed them to Thaffie
5:7  And we slew them all and recovered our spoil. and slew them and burned their city, spoiling all that was in it.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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6:1  And when I was at the waters of Kozeba, the men of Jobel came against us to battle.And while I was at the waters of Gureba, we fell upon the men of Jobel that came against us in battle,
6:2  And we fought with them and routed them; and their allies from Shiloh we slew, and we did not leave them power to come in against us.and slew and spoiled both them, and also their accomplices, that came to their aid from Selon, so as we gave them no respite to return again upon us.
6:3  And the men of Makir came upon us the fifth day, to seize our spoil; and we attacked them and overcame them in fierce battle: for there was a host of mighty men amongst them, and we slew them before they had gone up the ascent.The fifth day after there came men from Machir to fetch away our prisoners, whom we met in battle, notwithstanding that they were a mighty host, and slew them before they could get up to the place that they come from.
6:4  And when we came to their city their women rolled upon us stones from the brow of the hill on which the city stood.And when we came to their city, their women tumbled down stones upon us, from the top of the hill whereon their city stood;
6:5  And I and Simeon hid ourselves behind the town, and seized upon the heights and destroyed this city also. but I and Simeon coasting to the back side of the town, got unto the higher places, and destroyed the whole city.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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7:1  And the next day it was told us that the king of the city of Gaash with a mighty host was coming against us.The next day it was told us that the cities of two kings came against us with a huge host.
7:2  I, therefore, and Dan feigned ourselves to be Amorites, and as allies went into their city.I therefore and Dan, feigniag ourselves to be Amorrheans, and fellows with them, went into their city,
7:3  And in the depth of night our brethren came and we opened to them the gates; and we destroyed all the men and their substance, and we took for a prey all that, was theirs and their three walls we cast down.and taking the entrances in the dead time of the night, did set the gates wide open to our brethren that came after us; by means whereof we destroyed them and all that they had, and when we had sacked the city, we did cast down the three walls thereof.
7:4  And we drew near to Thamna, where was all the substance of the hostile kings. Then went we to Thamua, which was the refuge of all the kings for their wars.
7:5  Then being insulted by them, I was therefore wroth, and rushed against them to the summit; and they kept slinging against me stones and darts. Where being angry for a hurt that I took, I charged upon those that stood above me; but they threw down stones out of slings upon me, and shot arrows at me,
7:6  And had not Dan my brother aided me, they would have slain me.and had killed me but that my brother Dan rescued me.
7:7  We came upon them, therefore, with wrath, and they all fled; and passing by another way, they besought my father, and he made peace with them.Therefore we came running upon them in a rage, and put them all to flight; and they passing by another way, went and sued humbly unto my father, who made a covenant with them,
7:8  And we did to them no hurt, and they became tributary to us, and we restored to them their as we did them not any more harm, but received them into league with us, and delivered them all their prisoners.
7:9  And I built Thamna, and my father built Rabael.Then builded I Chamma and my father builded Rhambahel;
7:10  I was twenty years old when this war befell.twenty years old was I when this war was made,
7:11  And the Canaanites feared me and my brethren. and the Canaanites were afraid of me, and my brethren.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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8:1  And I had much cattle, and I had for chief herdsman Iram the Adullamite.I had much cattle, and my chief herdsman was Yean of Ocellan,
8:2  And when I went to him I saw Barsaba, king of Adullam; and he spake unto us, and he made us a feast; and when I was heated he gave me his daughter Bathshua to whose company I saw Bersa king of Odellam, who made us a feast, and with much entreature give me his daughter Bethsue to wife,
8:3  She bare me Er, and Onan, and Shelah; and two of them the Lord smote: for Shelah lived, and his children are ye. which brought me forth Er, Anan, and Silon; of which three, God slew two childless. But Silon lived, of whom some of you be the children.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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9:1  And eighteen years my father abode at peace with his brother Esau, and his sons with us, after that we came from Mesopotamia, from Laban.My father and we, made eighteen years' peace with his brother Esau and his children.
9:2  And when eighteen years were fulfilled, in the fortieth year of my life, Esau, the brother of my father, came upon us with a mighty and strong people.When the eighteen years were past after our coming out of Mesopotamia, in the fortieth year of my life, Esau our father's brother came upon us with a great strong host,
9:3  And Jacob smote Esau with an arrow, and he was taken up wounded on Mount Seir, and as he went he died at Anoniram.and was slain by the bow of Jacob, and conveyed away dead unto mount Seir.
9:4  And we pursued after the sons of Esau. Now they had a city with walls of iron and gates of brass; and we could not enter into it, and we encamped around, and besieged it.We also followed upon the children of Esau, but his city was very strong with high walls, and gates of iron and brass, so as we could not,enter into it, howbeit we did shut them up within it and besieged it.
9:5  And when they opened not to us in twenty days, I set up a ladder in the sight of all, and with my shield upon my head I went up, sustaining the assaults of stones, upwards of three talents weight; and I slew four of their mighty men.Now when they showed not themselves abroad in twenty days together, I put an helmet upon my head, and in the sight of them all set up a ladder, and scaling the walls, slew four of their noble men with a stone of the weight of three talents.
9:6  And Reuben and Gad slew six others.The next day Reuben and Gad went and slew threescore others.
9:7  Then they asked from us terms of peace; and having taken counsel with our father, we received them as tributaries.Then they offered peace, and we, by our father's advice, received them into tribute.
9:8  And they gave us five hundred cors of wheat, five hundred baths of oil, five hundred measures of wine, until the famine, when we went down into Egypt. And they gave us two hundred quarters of corn, five hundred bates of oil, and a thousand and five hundred measures of wine, until we went down into Egypt.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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10:1  And after these things my son Er took to wife Tamar, from Mesopotamia, a daughter of Aram.After this my son Er married Tamer, of Mesopotamia, the daughter of Aram.
10:2  Now Er was wicked, and he was in need concerning Tamar, because she was not of the land of Canaan. And on the third night an angel of the Lord smote him.Now Er was a very wicked imp, and doubted much of Tamer, because she was not of the land of Canaan. Therefore the Angel of the Lord slew him the third night after his marriage,
10:3  And he had not known her according to the evil craftiness of his mother, for he did not wish to have children by her.when he had not yet accompanied with her, by reason of his mother's subtlety, and so died in his naughtiness, for she was loth that he should have had any children by her.
10:4  In the days of the wedding-feast I gave Onan to her in marriage; and he also in wickedness knew her not, though he spent with her a year."When Anan was marriageable, I gave Tamer unto him, and he likewise of a spite, accompanied not with her, notwithstanding that he lived a year with her;
10:5  And when I threatened him he went in unto her, but he spilled the seed on the ground, according to the command of his mother, and he also died through wickedness.and when I threatened him, then he companied with her, but yet by his mother's commandment, he let his seed fall upon the ground; and so also he died in his wickedness.
10:6  And I wished to give Shelah also to her, but his mother did not permit it; for she wrought evil against Tamar, because she was not of the daughters of Canaan, as she also herself was. I minded to have given her unto Silon also, but my wife Bethsue would not suffer me, for she spited Tamar because she was not of the daughters of Canaan, as herself was.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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11:1  And I knew that the race of the Canaanites was wicked, but the impulse of youth blinded my mind.Now I know the offspring of Canaan was mischievous, but yet did youthful fancy blind my heart;
11:2  And when I saw her pouring out wine, owing to the intoxication of wine was I deceived, and took her although my father had not counselled (it).and as I beheld her pouring out wine, I was deceived with drunkenness, and fell in love with her.
11:3  And while I was away she went and took for Shelah a wife from Canaan."Upon a time while I was away, she married Silon to a woman of Canaan:
11:4  And when I knew what she had done, I cursed her in the anguish of my soul.which her deed when I understood, I cursed her in the bitterness of my soul,
11:5  And she also died through her wickedness together with her sons. and so she died in the wickedness of her sons.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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12:1  And after these things, while Tamar was a widow, she heard after two years that I was going up to shear my sheep, and adorned herself in bridal array, and sat in the city Enaim by the gate. At two years after these things, as I went to shear my sheep, Tamer decking herself like a bride, set her down at the gate of the city:
12:2  For it was a law of the Amorites, that she who was about to marry should sit in fornication seven days by the gate. for it was the custom of the Amorites, that their brides do set themselves forth at the gates of their cities, by the space of seven days together, to be abused by fornication.
12:3  Therefore being drunk with wine, I did not recognise her; and her beauty deceived me, through the fashion of her adorning.I therefore being drunken with the waters of Horek, knew her not, by reason of wine, insomuch that her beauty together with the attire in decking of herself deceived me,
12:4  And I turned aside to her, and said: Let me go in unto thee. And she said: What wilt thou give me? And I gave her my staff, and my girdle, and the diadem of my kingdom in pledge. And I went in unto her, and she conceived.and thereupon turning aside unto her, I said, 'Shall I come in unto thee?' and she answered, 'What wilt thou give me?" and I gave her my staff, and my girdle, and the crown of my kingdom. Upon my companying with her she conceived;
12:5  And not knowing what I had done, wished to slay her; but she privily sent my pledges, and put me to shame.afterward, I not knowing myself to have been the doer thereof, would have put her to death for it, but she having kept my pledges in store, shamed me with them;
12:6  And when I called her, I heard also the secret words which I spoke when lying with her in my drunkenness; and I could not slay her, because it was from the Lord.and when I had heard my own words of her in secret, which I had spoken to her when I lay with her in my drunkenness, I could not put her to death, because it was of the Lord's doings,
12:7  For I said, Lest haply she did it in subtlety, having received the pledge from another woman.but I touched her not any more to my dying day. For when I had done this abomination in Israel, lest she might work wiles with me,
12:8  But I came not again near her while I lived, because I had done this abomination in all Israel.
12:9  Moreover, they who were in the city said that there was no harlot in the gate, because she came from another place, and sat for a while in the gate.I said I would fetch my pledges again of her; but when I enquired for her, the townsmen said there was no bride in the city because she came from another place, and had sat there but a little while,
12:10  And I thought that no one knew that I had gone in to her. and she deemed that no man knew of my going in unto her.
12:11  And after this we came into Egypt to Joseph, because of the famine.Afterward we came into Egypt, to Joseph, because of the dearth.
12:12  And I was forty and six years old, and seventy and three years lived I in Egypt. Six and forty years old was I when we came hither, and threescore and thirteen years have I lived here.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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13:1  And now I command you, my children, hearken to Judah your father, and keep my sayings to perform all the ordinances of the Lord, and to obey the commands of God.And now, my sons, hear me your father, in all things that I charge you withal, and keep you all my sayings, in doing all manner of righteousness before the Lord, and in obeying the commandments of the Lord God,
13:2  And walk not after your lusts, nor in the imaginations of your thoughts in haughtiness of heart; and glory not in the deeds and strength of your youth, for this also is evil in the eyes of the Lord.and walk not after your own lusts, nor after conceits of your own minds, in the pride of your hearts, neither glory in the works of the strength of your youth, because it is sinful in the sight of the Lord.
13:3  Since I also gloried that in wars no comely woman's face ever enticed me, and reproved Reuben my brother concerning Bilhah, the wife of my father, the spirits of jealousy and of fornication arrayed themselves against me, until I lay with Bathshua the Canaanite, and Tamar, who was espoused to my sons.For inasmuch as I gloried in my battles, and upbraided my brother Reuben with Bilha my father's wife, because no face of any beautiful woman had yet deceived me, therefore the spirit of fondness and fornication fell upon me, so that I was overtaken both in Bethsue, the Canaanite, and in Tamar the wife of my own sons.
13:4  For I said to my father-in-law: I will take counsel with my father, and so will I take thy daughter. And he was unwilling, but he showed me a boundless store of gold in his daughter's behalf; for he was a king.And I said unto my father-in-law, I have made my father privy to the matter, and therefore I will take thy daughter to my wife. Hereupon he showed me an infinite mass of gold in his daughter's behalf, for he was a king,
13:5  And he adorned her with gold and pearls, and caused her to pour out wine for us at the feast with the beauty of women.and decking her with gold and pearl, willed her to pour out wine to us at the supper. The beauty of the woman,
13:6  And the wine turned aside my eyes, and pleasure blinded my heart.and the wine together, dazzled mine eyes, and voluptuousness did so darken mine understanding,
13:7  And I became enamoured of and I lay with her, and transgressed the commandment of the Lord and the commandment of my fathers, and I took her to wife.that I fell in love with her, and brake the commandment of God, and of my fathers, and took her to wife.
13:8  And the Lord rewarded me according to the imagination of my heart, inasmuch as I had no joy in her children. "According to the intent of my heart, the Lord paid me home for it; for I had no joy of the children that I had by her.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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14:1  And now, my children, I say unto you, be not drunk with wine; for wine turneth the mind away from the truth, and inspires the passion of lust, and leadeth the eyes into error.Now therefore, my children, be not drunken with wine; for wine turneth a man's understanding away from the truth, and kindleth in him the fire of lust, leading his eyes into error,
14:2  For the spirit of fornication hath wine as a minister to give pleasure to the mind; for these two also take away the mind of man.insomuch as wine is a servant of the spirit of lechery, to further the feeding of the mind with voluptuousness, and so these twain bereave a man of all power.
14:3  For if a man drink wine to drunkenness, it disturbeth the mind with filthy thoughts leading to fornication, and heateth the body to carnal union; and if the occasion of the lust be present, he worketh the sin, and is not ashamed.For if a man drink wine till he be drunken, he traineth his mind unto the filthy thoughts of lechery, and kindleth the body to carnal copulation. And if desired occasion serve, sin is wrought without shame.
14:4  Such is the inebriated man, my children; for he who is drunken reverenceth no man.Such a thing is wine, my sons, for a drunken man is ashamed of nothing.
14:5  For, lo, it made me also to err, so that I was not ashamed of the multitude in the city, in that before the eyes of all I turned aside unto Tamar, and I wrought a great sin, and I uncovered the covering of my sons' shame.Behold it made both me and Tamar do amiss, so as I blushed not at the multitude in the city, but went aside unto her in the sight of all men, and committing a great sin in discovering the unclean privities of my own sons:
14:6  After I had drunk wine I reverenced not the commandment of God, and I took a woman of Canaan to wife.through drinking wine I was not ashamed to break God's commandment, in taking a woman of Canaan to wife.
14:7  For much discretion needeth the man who drinketh wine, my children; and herein is discretion in drinking wine, a man may drink so long as he preserveth modesty.Wherefore, sons, he that drinketh wine had need of discretion, and the discretion that every man ought to use in drinking of wine is, that he be ashamed to over-drink himself.
14:8  But if he go beyond this limit the spirit of deceit attacketh his mind, and it maketh the drunkard to talk filthily, and to transgress and not to be ashamed, but even to glory in his shame, and account himself honourable. For if he pass that bound, he forgetteth his understanding and cleaveth to the spirit of error, which causeth the drunken man to talk filthily, and to do wickedly, and not to be ashamed, but to boast of his lewdness, thinking it to be good.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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15:1  He that committeth fornication is not aware when he suffers loss, and is not ashamed when put to dishonour.He that committeth whoredom is bereft of his liberty, and becometh a bond-slave of lechery,
15:2  For even though a man be a king and commit fornication, he is stripped of his kingship by becoming the slave of fornication, as I myself also suffered.and cannot get out of it again, after the same manner that I was made naked.
15:3  For I gave my staff, that is, the stay of my tribe; and my girdle, that is, my power; and my diadem, that is, the glory of my kingdom.For I gave over my staff; that is to say, the stay of my tribe; and my girdle, that is my power; and my crown, that is the glory of my kingdom:
15:4  And indeed I repented of these things; wine and flesh I eat not until my old age, nor did I behold any joy.howbeit, repenting these things, I forbare all wine and flesh unto mine old age, and was utterly unacquainted with all mirth.
15:5  And the angel of God showed me that for ever do women bear rule over king and beggar alike.And the Angel of God showed me, that women should from time to time over-master all men, as well kings as captives,
15:6  And from the king they take away his glory, and from the valiant man his might, and from the beggar even that little which is the stay of his poverty. and bereave great men of their glory. For the poverty of a poor man is a greater fence to him than is the strength of a mighty man.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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16:1  Observe, therefore, my children, the (right) limit in wine; for there are in it four evil spirits— of lust, of hot desire, of profligacy, of filthy lucre.Therefore, my children, keep measure in drinking, for there are in it four noisome spirits, that is to wit, of concupiscence, of heart-burning, of lechery, and filthy gain.
16:2  If ye drink wine in gladness, be ye modest with the fear of God. For if in (your) gladness the fear of God departeth, then drunkenness ariseth and shamelessness stealeth in.If ye drink wine merrily in the fear of the Lord with shamefacedness, ye shall live; but if ye drink without regard of shame and fear of God, then turneth it to drunkenness, and dishonesty stealeth in.
16:3  But if you would live soberly do not touch wine at all, lest ye sin in words of outrage, and in fightings and slanders, and transgressions of the commandments of God, and ye perish before your time.And if ye drink none at all, then shall ye not sin, neither in slanderous words, nor in quarrelling, nor in railing, nor in breach of God's commandments, neither shall ye perish before your time.
16:4  Moreover, wine revealeth the mysteries of God and men, even as I also revealed the commandments of God and the mysteries of Jacob my father to the Canaanitish woman Bathshua, which God bade me not to reveal.For wine discloseth the secrets of God and man unto strangers, like as I bewrayed the secrets of God and of my father Jacob to Bethsue the Canaanite, which God hath forbidden to be disclosed.
16:5  And wine is a cause both of war and confusion. Also wine is a cause of war and sedition.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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17:1  And now I command you, my children, not to love money, nor to gaze upon the beauty of women; because for the sake of money and beauty I was led astray to Bathshua the Canaanite. Moreover I charge you, my sons, that you love not money, nor look upon the beauty of women; for money and womanly beauty made me to over-shoot myself in Bethsue the Canaanite.
17:2  For I know that because of these two things shall my race fall into wickedness.And I am sure that these two things shall corrupt mine offspring,
17:3  For even wise men among my sons shall they mar, and shall cause the kingdom of Judah to be diminished, which the Lord gave me because of my obedience to my father.and mar the wise men of my lineage, and hurt the kingdom of Judah, which God hath given me for obeying my father;
17:4  For I never caused grief to Jacob, my father; for all things whatsoever he commanded I did.for I never repined at my father Jacob's commandments, but did whatsoever he willed me.
17:5  And Isaac, the father of my father, blessed me to be king in Israel, and Jacob further blessed me in like manner.And Abraham the father of my fathers blessed me to fight for Israel, and so did Isaac bless me likewise:
17:6  And I know that from me shall the kingdom be established. and I know that the kingdom shall stand by me,

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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18:1  And I know what evils ye will do in the last days. but I have read in the Books of Enoch, the righteous, that ye shall work wickedness in the latter days.
18:2  Beware, therefore, my children, of fornication and the love of money, and hearken to Judah your father. Therefore, my children, keep yourselves from lechery and covetousness, and give ear unto your father Judah:
18:3  For these things withdraw you from the law of God, And blind the inclination of the soul, And teach arrogance, And suffer not a man to have compassion upon his neighbour. for those things withdraw men from God's law, and blind the understanding of their minds, and teach them pride, neither suffer they any man to show mercy to his neighbour;
18:4  They rob his soul of all goodness, And oppress him with toils and troubles, And drive away sleep from him, And devour his flesh. they bereave his soul of all good things, and hold it down in pains and sorrows, also they disappoint him of his rest and sleep and consume his flesh.
18:5  And he hindereth the sacrifices of God; And he remembereth not the blessing of God, He hearkeneth not to a prophet when he speaketh, And resenteth the words of godliness. Finally, they hinder God's sacrifices, neglect his blessings, disobey the speaking of the prophets, and are offended at the words of godliness:
18:6  For he is a slave to two contrary passions, And cannot obey God, Because they have blinded his soul, And he walketh in the day as in the night. for these two passions are contrary to the commandments of God. He that serveth them cannot obey God, because they dazzle men's minds, and walk abroad as well a nights as of days.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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19:1  My children, the love of money leadeth to idolatry; because, when led astray through money, men name as gods those who are not gods, and it causeth him who hath it to fall into madness.My children, covetousness leadeth men to idolatry. For through doting upon money, he calleth them gods which are not, and compelleth the infected party to grow more vilely out of kind.
19:2  For the sake of money I lost my children, and had not my repentance, and my humiliation, and the prayers of my father been accepted, I should have died childless.For monies' sake I lost my children, and had not the penance of the first and the humbling of my soul, and had not the prayers of my father Jacob been, I had died as now without children.
19:3  But the God of my fathers had mercy on me, because I did it in ignorance.But the God of my fathers being merciful, and full of pity and compassion, knew that I sinned through ignorance.
19:4  And the prince of deceit blinded me, and I was ignorant as a man and as flesh, being corrupted through sins; and I learnt my own weakness while thinking myself invincible. For the prince of error had blinded me, and I over-shot myself as a fleshly man, and being corrupted with sin, knew not mine own infirmity, but thought myself to be invincible:

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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20:1  Know, therefore, my children, that two spirits wait upon man— the spirit of truth and the spirit of deceit.know ye therefore, my sons, that two spirits do wait upon a man; that is, to wit, the spirit of truth, and the spirit of error,
20:2  And in the midst is the spirit of the understanding of the mind, to which it belongeth to turn whithersoever it will.and in the midst between them is set the spirit of understanding of the mind, whose property is to incline which way it listeth:
20:3  And the works of truth and the works of deceit are written upon the hearts of men, and each one of them the Lord knoweth.the things that belong both to truth and untruth, are written in the breast of man, and God knoweth every whit of it,
20:4  And there is no time at which the works of men can be hid; for on the heart itself have they been written down before the Lord.and none of all men's works can be hidden at any time from him, because all the privities and secrets of men's hearts are written before the Lord,
20:5  And the spirit of truth testifieth all things, and accuseth all; and the sinner is burnt up by his own heart, and cannot raise his face to the judge. and the spirit of truth beareth witness of all things, and accuseth all, and he that sinneth hath a burning in his heart, and cannot lift up his face to his judge.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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21:1  And now, my children, I command you, love Levi, that ye may abide, and exalt not yourselves against him, lest ye be utterly destroyed.And now, my children, love ye Levi, that ye may abide, and exalt not yourselves above him, lest ye perish.
21:2  For to me the Lord gave the kingdom, and to him the priesthood, and He set the kingdom beneath the priesthood.The Lord hath given unto me the kingdom, and unto him the priesthood, and hath put the kingdom under the priesthood. Unto Levi is given the priesthood, and unto Judah the kingdom, and God hath put the kingdom under the priesthood.
21:3  To me He gave the things upon the earth; to him the things in the heavens.Unto me he hath given the things that are upon the earth, and unto him the things that are in heaven.
21:4  As the heaven is higher than the earth, so is the priesthood of God higher than the earthly kingdom, unless it falleth away through sin from the Lord and is dominated by the earthly kingdom.As far as the heaven surmounteth the earth, so far doth the priesthood surmount the kingdom that is upon the earth.
21:5  For the angel of the Lord said unto me: The Lord chose him rather than thee, to draw near to Him, and to eat of His table and to offer Him the first-fruits of the choice things of the sons of Israel; but thou shalt be king of Jacob. For the Lord hath chosen him above me to approach unto him, and to eat of his table, and to take the firstlings of the children of Israel,
21:6  And thou shalt be amongst them as the sea. For as, on the sea, just and unjust are tossed about, some taken into captivity while some are enriched, so also shall every race of men be in thee: some shall be impoverished, being taken captive, and others grow rich by plundering the possessions of others. and thou shalt be as a sea to him. For like as in the sea both the righteous and unrighteous are in danger, and the one sort are caught prisoners, and the other sort are enriched: even so shall all kind of men be hazarded in thee, some sinking in misery, and other some floating in prosperity.
21:7  For the kings shall be as sea-monsters. They shall swallow men like fishes: The sons and daughters of freemen shall they enslave; Houses, lands, flocks, money shall they plunder: For in thee shall reign great whales which shall swallow up men as fishes, and bring free men's sons and daughters in bondage. They shall take away men's houses, lands, cattle, and money by force,
21:8  And with the flesh of many shall they wrongfully feed the ravens and the cranes; And they shall advance in evil, in covetousness uplifted, and wrongfully they shall feed ravens, and other greedy fowls with many folks' flesh, and they shall prosper and flourish in naughtiness, and be exalted through covetousness,
21:9  And there shall be false prophets like tempests, And they shall persecute all righteous men. and there shall be false prophets like storms, which shall persecute all righteous men.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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22:1  And the Lord shall bring upon them divisions one against another. And there shall be continually wars in Israel; But the Lord shall set them together by the ears among themselves, and there shall be continual wars in Israel,
22:2  And among men of another race shall my kingdom be brought to an end, Until the salvation of Israel shall come, Until the appearing of the God of righteousness, That Jacob and all the Gentiles may rest in peace. and my kingdom shall be knit up in strangers, till the Saviour of Israel come, even till the coming of the God of righteousness, that Jocob and all nations may rest in peace,
22:3  And He shall guard the might of my kingdom for ever; For the Lord sware to me with an oath that He would not destroy the kingdom from my seed for ever. and he shall maintain my kingdom in peace, for ever. For the Lord hath sworn to me, that the kingdom of me, and of my seed, shall never fail world without end.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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23:1  Now I have much grief, my children, because of your lewdness and witchcrafts, and idolatries which ye shall practise ragainst the kingdom, following them that have familiar spirits, diviners, and demons of error.But I am very sorry my children for the filthiness, and treachery, and idolatry, which ye shall work against the kingdom, by following witches and conjurers, by vowing your daughters to deceitful devils,
23:2  Ye shall make your daughters singing girls and harlots, and ye shall mingle in the abominations of the making them enchanters, charmers and strumpets, and by intermeddling yourselves with the abominations of the heathen,
23:3  For which things' sake the Lord shall bring upon you famine and pestilence, death and the sword, beleaguering by enemies, and revilings of friends, the slaughter of children, the rape of wives, the plundering of possessions, the burning of the temple of God, the laying waste of the land, the enslavement of yourselves among the Gentiles.for the which things the Lord shall bring upon you famine, pestilence, death and sword, wrathful besiegement, and devouring dogs, reproach of friends and foes, loss and pain of eyes, slaughter of your children, ravishing of wives, spoil of your goods, the burning of your temple, the desolation of your country, and the captivity of yourselves among all nations
23:4  And they shall make some of you eunuchs for their wives. which shall geld some of you to make eunuchs for their wives;
23:5  Until the Lord visit you, when with perfect heart ye repent and walk in all His commandments, and He bring you up from captivity among the Gentiles. but if ye return to the Lord with hearty repentance and humility, and walk in all the commandments of God, he will visit you with mercy and lovingly deliver you from the bondage of your enemies.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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24:1  And after these things shall a star arise to you from Jacob in peace, And a man shall arise from my seed, like the sun of righteousness, Walking with the sons of men in meekness and righteousness; And no sin shall be found in him. After this shall rise among you a star out of Jacob, and a man shall spring out of my seed, which shall walk as the day-sun of righteousness among the children of men, in peace, and meekness, and righteousness, and no sin shall be found in him.
24:2  And the heavens shall be opened unto him, To pour out the spirit, (even) the blessing of the Holy Father; The heavens shall open upon him, to pour out the spirit of blessedness upon him from the Father,
24:3  And He shall pour out the spirit of grace upon you; And ye shall be unto Him sons in truth, And ye shall walk in His commandments first and last. and he shall shed out the spirit of grace upon you, and you shall be his children in truth, walking in his first and last commandments.
24:4  This Branch of God Most High, And this Fountain giving life unto all. This is the offspring of the most high God, and the well-spring of life to all flesh.
24:5  Then shall the sceptre of my kingdom shine forth; And from your root shall arise a stem; Then shall the sceptre of my kingdom shine bright, and out of your root shall spring the vessel of planting,
24:6  And from it shall grow a rod of righteousness to the Gentiles, To judge and to save all that call upon the Lord. in whom shall grow up the rod of righteousness unto the Gentiles, to judge and save all such as call upon him.

The Testament of Judah ~ Chapter
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25:1  And after these things shall Abraham and Isaac and Jacob arise unto life, and I and my brethren shall be chiefs of the tribes rof Israel: Levi first, I the second, Joseph third, Benjamin fourth, Simeon fifth, Issachar sixth, and so all in order.After this shall Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob rise up again to life, and I and the princes my brethren, shall be your sceptre in Israel: Levi first, I next, Joseph the third, Benjamin the fourth, Simeon the fifth, Issachar the sixth, and so all the rest.
25:2  And the Lord blessed Levi, and the Angel of the Presence, me; the powers of glory, Simeon; the heaven, Reuben; the earth, Issachar; the sea, Zebulun; the mountains, Joseph; the tabernacle, Benjamin; the luminaries, Dan; Eden, Naphtali; the sun, Gad; the moon, Asher. And the Lord hath blessed us. Levi shall be the messenger of my presence, Simeon the power of my glory, Reuben heaven, Issachar the earth, Zebulon the sea, Joseph the mountains, Benjamin the tabernacle, Dan the lights, Nephthali the dainties, Gad the day-sun, and Aser an olive tree.
25:3  And ye shall be the people of the Lord, and have one tongue; And there shall be there no spirit of deceit of Beliar, For he shall be cast into the fire for ever. And there shall be one people of the Lord, and one tongue, and there shall be no more the false spirit of Belial, because he shall be cast into endless fire.
25:4  And they who have died in grief shall arise in joy, And they who were poor for the Lord's sake shall be made rich, And they who are put to death for the Lord's sake shall awake to life. They that are buried in sorrow, shall rise in joy; and they that were poor, for the Lord's sake, shall be made rich. They that suffered penury, shall have plenty; and they that were weak, shall be made strong. They that died for the Lord's sake shall wake up unto life,
25:5  And the harts of Jacob shall run in joyfulness, And the eagles of Israel shall fly in gladness; And all the peoples shall glorify the Lord for ever. and run in Jacob; yea, they shall run skipping and leaping, and they shall fly as eagles for joy. But the ungodly shall be sorrowful, and the sinners shall mourn, and all people shall glorify the Lord for ever.
26:1  Observe, therefore, my children, all the law of the Lord, for there is hope for all them who hold fast unto His ways. Therefore, my children, keep all the law of the Lord, for there is hope for all such as walk aright.
26:2  And he said to them: Behold, I die before your eyes this day, a hundred and nineteen years old.A hundred and nineteen years old do I die in your sight.
26:3  Let no one bury me in costly apparel, nor tear open my bowels, for this shall they who are kings do; and carry me up to Hebron with you.Let none of you bury me in costly cloaths, nor rip my belly, for so will rulers do; but carry me back into Hebron with you."
26:4  And Judah, when he had said these things, fell asleep; and his sons did according to all whatsoever he commanded them, and they buried him in Hebron with his fathers. With these words Judah died; and his children doing in all things as he commanded them, buried him with his fathers in Hebron.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the words of Issachar. For he called his sons and said to them: Hearken, my children, to Issachar your father; Give ear to the words of him who is beloved of the Lord. The copy of Issachar's words. He calling his children about him, said unto them, "Ye children of Issachar, hear your father, and hearken to the words of the beloved of the Lord:
1:2  I was born the fifth son to Jacob, by way of hire for the mandrakes.I am Jacob's fifth son in the reward of mandrake;
1:3  For Reuben my brother brought in mandrakes from the field, and Rachel met him and took them. for Reuben brought mandrakes out of the field, and Rachel meeting him, took them of him;
1:4  And Reuben wept, and at his voice Leah my mother came forth.thereat Reuben wept, and at his noise my mother Leah came out.
1:5  Now these (mandrakes) were sweet-smelling apples which were produced in the land of Haran below a ravine of water.Now the mandrakes were sweet scented apples, which the land of Aram bringeth forth in high countries, by the water valleys.
1:6  And Rachel said: I will not give them to thee, but they shall be to me instead of children. For the Lord hath despised me, and I have not borne children to Jacob. And Rachel said 'I will not give thee these apples, because they shall help me to children.'
1:7  Now there were two apples; and Leah said to Rachel: Let it suffice thee that thou hast taken my husband: wilt thou take these also?Now there were two of these apples, and Leah said, 'doth it not suffice thee that thou hast gotten away the husband of my virginity, but that thou wilt have this also?'
1:8  And Rachel said to her: Thou shalt have Jacob this night for the mandrakes of thy son.She answered, 'Let Jacob lie with thee to night for thy son's mandrakes.'
1:9  And Leah said to her: Jacob is mine, for I am the wife of his youth.Leah said unto her 'Do not boast nor brag, for Jacob is mine, and I am the wife of his youth.'
1:10  But Rachel said: Boast not, and vaunt not thyself; for he espoused me before thee, and for my sake he served our father fourteen years. And Rachel answered, 'How so? was he not first hand-fasted unto me, and served he not our father fourteen years for me? what shall I do to thee?
1:11  And had not craft increased on the earth and the wickedness of men prospered, thou wouldest not now see the face of Jacob. for many are the wiles and policies of men, and guile goes forward upon earth. If it had been otherwise, thou shouldest not have seen Jacob in the face at this day,
1:12  For thou art not his wife, but in craft wert taken to him in my stead.for thou art not his wife, but were guilefully put to him in my stead;
1:13  And my father deceived me, and removed me on that night, and did not suffer Jacob to see me; for had I been there, this had not happened to father deceived me, and conveying me away that night, suffered me not to see him; for had I been there this had not come to pass.
1:14  Nevertheless, for the mandrakes I am hiring Jacob to thee for one night.Wherefore take the one mandrake, and in lieu of the other, I grant thee him for one night.'
1:15  And Jacob knew Leah, and she conceived and bare me, and on account of the hire I was called Issachar. And Jacob knew Leah, who conceiving, bare me, and called my name Issachar, because of the hire.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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2:1  Then appeared to Jacob an angel of the Lord, saying: Two children shall Rachel bear, inasmuch as she hath refused company with her husband, and hath chosen continency.Then an Angel of the Lord appeared unto Jacob, and said that Rachael should bear but two sons, because she had forsaken the company of her husband, and chosen continency;
2:2  And had not Leah my mother paid the two apples for the sake of his company, she would have borne eight sons; for this reason she bare six, and Rachel bare the two: for on account of the mandrakes the Lord visited her.and if my mother Leah had not given the two apples for his company, she should have born eight children, whereas by reason of that she bare but six, Rachael two, and because God visited her in the mandrakes:
2:3  For He knew that for the sake of children she wished to company with Jacob, and not for lust of pleasure.for he knew that she greatly desired to company with Jacob, for issue's sake and not for lust of pleasure;
2:4  For on the morrow also she again gave up Jacob. Because of the mandrakes, therefore, the Lord hearkened to Rachel.for she laid up the mandrake, and delivered it unto Jacob the next day, and therefore God heard Rachel in the mandrakes,
2:5  For though she desired them, she ate them not, but offered them in the house of the Lord, presenting them to the priest of the Most High who was at that time. because that although she had a mind to them, yet she ate them not, but offered them to the Priest of the Most High, which was in those days, and laid, them up in the Lord's house.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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3:1  When, therefore, I grew up, my children, I walked in uprightness of heart, and I became a husbandman for my father and my brethren, and I brought in fruits from the field according to their season.Therefore, my children, when I came unto man's state, I walked with an upright heart, and became bailiff of husbandry unto my fathers, and brought them the fruits of their lands in their due seasons,
3:2  And my father blessed me, for he saw that I walked in rectitude before him. and my father blessed me when he saw how I walked plainly and simply;
3:3  And I was not a busybody in my doings, nor envious and malicious against my neighbour.I was no busy body in my doings; I was not hurtful nor spiteful to my neighbour;
3:4  I never slandered any one, nor did I censure the life of any man, walking as I did in singleness of eye.I railed not upon any man, neither dispraised I the life of any, that walked in singleness of mind;
3:5  Therefore, when I was thirty-five years old, I took to myself a wife, for my labour wore away my strength, and I never thought upon pleasure with women; but owing to my toil, sleep overcame reason hereof, when I was thirty years old, I took a wife, because labour had consumed my strength. I never knew the pleasures of a woman through wantonness, but my labour made me to sleep soundly,
3:6  And my father always rejoiced in my rectitude, because I offered through the priest to the Lord all first-fruits; then to my father also.and my Father did always rejoice in my simplicity; for whatever pains I took, first of all I offered all the first-fruits, and the first ingendered cattle unto the Lord by the priest, and then gave my father the rest;
3:7  And the Lord increased ten thousandfold His benefits in my hands; and also Jacob, my father, knew that God aided my singleness.and the Lord doubled his benefits in my hands: yea, and Jacob himself perceived well that God wrought with my plain dealing.
3:8  For on all the poor and oppressed I bestowed the good things of the earth in the singleness of my heart. For unto every poor man, and to every man in adversity, gave I of the fruits of the earth with a single heart.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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4:1  And now, hearken to me, my children, And now, my children, hearken and walk in singleness of mind, for I know that the Lord is very well pleased with it.
4:2  The single-(minded) man coveteth not gold, He overreacheth not his neighbour, He longeth not after manifold dainties, He delighteth not in varied apparel. The singlehearted man coveteth not gold, undermineth not his neighbour, lusteth not after diversity of meats, desireth not shift of apparel,
4:3  He doth not desire to live a long life, But only waiteth for the will of God. nor heighteneth himself long time, but only hath an eye to God's will,
4:4  And the spirits of deceit have no power against him, For he looketh not on the beauty of women, Lest he should pollute his mind with corruption. and the spirits of error can do nothing against him. For he cannot skill to entertain a fair woman, lest he should defile his own mind.
4:5  There is no envy in his thoughts, Nor malicious person maketh his soul to pine away, Nor worry with insatiable desire in his mind. Wrath over-mastereth not his wit, envy melteth not his soul, neither doth his mind run covetously upon gain;
4:6  For he walketh in singleness rof soul, And beholdeth all things in uprightness of heart, Shunning eyes (made) evil through the error of the world, Lest he should see the perversion of any of the commandments of the Lord. for he leadeth an upright life, and beholdeth all things with a single eye, excluding all hurtfulness of worldly error, lest he should oversee any of the commandments of God.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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5:1  Keep, therefore, my children, the law of God, And get singleness, rAnd walk in guilelessness, Not playing the busybody with the business of your neighbour.Therefore, my children, keep God's Law, and hold fast plainness; walk on in innocency, and be not too inquisitive into God's secrets, or of your neighbour's doings;
5:2  But love the Lord and your neighbour, Have compassion on the poor and weak. but love God and your neighbour, pity the poor and weak,
5:3  Bow down your back unto husbandry, And toil in labours rin all manner of husbandry, offering gifts to the Lord with thanksgiving. bow down your back to husbandry, and labour in tilling of the earth, in all manner of husbandry, offering presents to the Lord with thanksgiving,
5:4  For with the first-fruits of the earth will the Lord bless you, even as He blessed all the saints from Abel even until now.who blessed the earth with increase, and a new spring of fruits, as he blessed all holy men from Abel, to this day:
5:5  For no other portion is given to you than of the fatness of the earth, whose fruits are raised by toil.for there is none other portion given thee, than of the fatness of the earth, whose fruits come by pains taking:
5:6  For our father Jacob blessed me with blessings of the earth and of first-fruits.for our father Jacob blessed me with the benefits of the earth, and the firstlings of fruits;
5:7  And Levi and Judah were glorified by the Lord even among the sons of Jacob; for the Lord gave them an inheritance, and to Levi He gave the priesthood, and to Judah the kingdom.Levi and Judah are glorified of the Lord among the children of Jacob; for God hath planted himself in them, giving to the one the priesthood, and to the other the kingdom:
5:8  And do ye therefore obey them, and walk in the singleness of your father; for unto Gad hath it been given to destroy the troops that are coming upon Israel. therefore obey ye them, and walk plainly as our father Jacob did, for unto Gad it is given to destroy the temptations of Israel.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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6:1  Know ye, therefore, my children, that in the last times Your sons will forsake singleness, And will cleave unto insatiable desire; And leaving guilelessness, will draw near to malice;And forsaking the commandments of the Lord, They will cleave unto Beliar; My children, I know that in the last days your children shall forsake plainness, and cleave to covetousness, let go innocency and follow lewdness, leave God's commandments, and stick unto Belial,
6:2  And leaving husbandry, They will follow after their own wicked devices, And they shall be dispersed among the Gentiles, And shall serve their enemies. give over husbandry, and gad after wicked devices, and therefore shall they be scattered amongst the heathen, and become bondslaves to their enemies:
6:3  And do ye therefore give these commands to your children, that, if they sin, they may the more quickly return to the Lord;wherefore warn your children of it, that if they sin, they may return quickly to the Lord,
6:4  For He is merciful, and will deliver them, even to bring them back into their land. for he is merciful, and will deliver them, and bring them home again into their own land.

The Testament of Issachar ~ Chapter
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7:1  Behold, therefore, as ye see, I am a hundred and twenty-six years old and am not conscious of committing any sin."I am now an hundred and two-and-twenty years old and I know not any deadly sin upon me,
7:2  Except my wife I have not known any woman. I never committed fornication by the uplifting of my eyes. I have not known any woman but my wife, neither have I committed whoredom in the lust of my eyes.
7:3  I drank not wine, to be led astray thereby; I coveted not any desirable thing that was my neighbour's. I have not drunk wine unto drunkenness, neither have I coveted any pleasant things of my neighbours.
7:4  Guile arose not in my heart; A lie passed not through my lips. There hath been no guile in my heart, neither hath there any lying gone out of my lips.
7:5  If any man were in distress I joined my sighs with his, And I shared my bread with the poor. I wrought godliness, all my days I kept truth. I have been sorry with every man that was in heaviness, and given my bread to the poor. I have not eaten my meat alone, nor removed the bounds and buttles of lands. I have been pitiful in the days of my life, and dealt truly in all cases.
7:6  I loved the Lord; Likewise also every man with all my heart. I have loved the Lord with all my strength, and all men as my own children.
7:7  So do ye also these things, my children, And every spirit of Beliar shall flee from you, And no deed of wicked men shall rule over you; And every wild beast shall ye subdue, Since ye have with you the God of heaven and earth (And) walk with men in singleness of heart. My sons, if you also do the like, all the spirits of Belial will fly from you, and nothing that mischievous men can do against you, shall have power over you. You shall bring all wild beasts into subjection to you, because ye have the Lord of heaven with you, if ye walk with him in singleness of heart."
7:8  And having said these things, he commanded his sons that they should carry him up to Hebron, and bury him there in the cave with his fathers.And he willed them to carry his body into Hebron, and to bury him there in the cave with his fathers.
7:9  And he stretched out his feet and died, the fifth son of Jacob, at a good old age; with every limb sound, and with strength unabated, he slept the eternal sleep. Thus he stretched out his feet and died in a good age, having all his limbs strong and sound, and slept the sleep of all the world.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the words of Zebulun, which he enjoined on his sons before he died in the hundred and fourteenth year of his life, two years after the death of Joseph.The charge that Zabulon gave to his children in the hundred and fourteenth year of his life, two and thirty years after the decease of Joseph,
1:2  And he said to them : Hearken to me, ye sons of Zebulun, attend to the words of your father. and he said unto them, "Hear ye me, ye sons of Zabulon, a good gift to my father and mother;
1:3  I, Zebulun, was born a good gift to my parents. For when I was born my father was increased very exceedingly, both in flocks and herds, when with the straked rods he had his portion.for when I was begotten, my father was greatly increased in sheep and cattle, by reason of the good luck that he had through the straked rods,
1:4  I am not conscious that I have sinned all my days, save in thought.I wist not, my children, I wist not, that I sinned in those days;
1:5  Nor yet do I remember that I have done any iniquity, except the sin of ignorance which I committed against Joseph ; for I covenanted with my brethren not to tell my father what had been done.for I considered not that I dealt wickedly through ignorance in Joseph's case; and moreover, concealed it with my brothers, from our father,
1:6  But I wept in secret many days on account of Joseph, for I feared my brethren, because they had all agreed, that if any one should declare the secret, he should be slain.howbeit that I wept much for it in secret; For I was sore afraid of my brothers, because they had all conspired together to kill him with the sword that should bewray that secret,
1:7  But when they wished to kill him, I adjured them much with tears not to be guilty of this sin. Nevertheless when they would have killed him, I besought them most earnestly with tears, that they would not do such wickedness.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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2:1  For Simeon and Gad came against Joseph to kill him, and he said unto them with tears:For Simeon and Gad came upon Joseph to have killed him, and Joseph falling upon his knees, said unto them,
2:2  Pity me, my brethren, have mercy upon the bowels of Jacob our father: lay not upon me your hands to shed innocent blood, for I have not sinned against you.'Have pity upon me, my brethren, have pity upon the bowels of our father Jacob: lay not your hands upon me to shed innocent blood; for I have not sinned against you.
2:3  And if indeed I have sinned, with chastening chastise me, my brethren, but lay not upon me your hand, for the sake of Jacob our father.If I have done amiss, nurture me with chastisement, but lay not your hands upon me, for our father Jacob's sake.'
2:4  And as he spoke these words, wailing as he did so, I was unable to bear his lamentatioms, and began to weep, and my liver was poured out, and all the substance of my bowels was loosened.Upon his saying of these words, I being moved with compassion, came and wept, and my heart melted within me, and all the substance of my bowels were loosened upon my soul,
2:5  And I wept with Joseph, and my heart sounded, and the joints of my body trembled, and I was not able to stand.and Joseph wept, and I with him, and my heart trembled, and the joints of my body quaked, and I was not able to stand.
2:6  And when Joseph saw me weeping with him, and them coming against him to slay him, he fled behind me, beseeching them.And when he saw me weeping with him, and them coming towards him to kill him, he fled behind me, and besought them to take pity of him.
2:7  But meanwhile Reuben rose and said: Come, my brethren, let us not slay him, but let us cast him into one of these dry pits, which our fathers digged and found no water.Then Reuben stepping in, said: 'My brethren, let us not kill him, but let us cast him into the dry pit, that our fathers digged and found no water in it.'
2:8  For for this cause the Lord forbade that water should rise up in them, in order that Joseph should be preserved.God suffered not any water to spring up in it, because it should be a safeguard for Joseph.
2:9  And they did so, until they sold him to the Ishmaelites. And so they did till they sold him to the Ishmaelites,

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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3:1  For in his price I had no share, my children. thus gave I not consent to the sin against Joseph;
3:2  But Simeon and Gad and six other of our brethren took the price of Joseph, and bought sandals for themselves, and their wives, and their children, saying: but Simeon, Gad, and the other of my brothers taking money for Joseph, bought shoes with it for themselves, their wives, and their children, saying,
3:3  We will not eat of it, for it is the price of our brother's blood, but we will assuredly tread it under foot, because he said that he would be king over us, and so let us see what will become of his dreams. 'Let us not eat it because it is the price of our brother's blood, but let us tread and trample it under our feet, because he said he should reign over us, and we shall see what his dreams will come unto.'
3:4  Therefore it is written in the writing of the law of Moses, that whosoever will not raise up seed to his brother, his sandal should be unloosed, and they should spit into his face. Therefore, in the sceptre of Enoch's law it is written of him that would not raise up seed to his brother, 'I have loosed Joseph's shoe,'
3:5  And the brethren of Joseph wished not that their brother should live, and the Lord loosed from them the sandal which they wore against joseph their brother.
3:6  For when they came into Egypt they were unloosed by the servants of Joseph outside the gate, and so they made obeisance to Joseph after the fashion of King Pharaoh.for when we came out of Egypt, the young man unbuckled Joseph's shoes at the gate, and so we worshipped Joseph, as if it had been Pharoah;
3:7  And not only did they make obeisance to him, but were spit upon also, falling down before him forthwith, and so they were put to shame before the Egyptians.and not only worshipped him, but also kneeled down before him with blushing, and so were we put to shame before the Egyptians;
3:8  For after this the Egyptians heard all the evils that they had done to Joseph. for afterward the Egyptians heard of all the ill that we had offered and done to Joseph.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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4:1  And after he was sold my brothers sat down to eat and drink."After the laying of him in the pit, my brothers set meat upon the table to eat;
4:2  But I, through pity for Joseph, did not eat, but watched the pit, since Judah feared lest Simeon, Dan, and Gad should rush off and slay him.but I, mourning for Joseph, did taste no meat by the space of two days and two nights together; neither would Judah eat with them, but had an eye unto the pit, because he feared lest Simeon and Gad should step thither and kill him:
4:3  But when they saw that I did not eat, they set me to watch him, till he was sold to the Ishmaelites.when they saw I ate nothing, they set me to keep him till he was sold. He was in the pit three days and three nights without repast, yet he was sold.
4:5  And when Reuben came and heard that while he was away (Joseph) had been sold, he rent his garments, (and) mourning, said: How shall I look on the face of my father Jacob?Reuben hearing that he was sold in his absence, rent his garments, and wept, saying, 'How shall I look my father Jacob in the face?'
4:6  And he took the money and ran after the merchants, but as he failed to find them he returned grieving. But the merchants had left the broad road and marched through the Troglodytes by a short cut.and therewithal taking money, he ran after the merchantmen, but he could not find them for they had left the king's highway, and were gone away apace by by-lanes,
4:7  But Reuben was grieved, and ate no food that day. Dan therefore came to him and said:and Reuben eat no meat that day. Dan therefore coming unto him, said,
4:8  Weep not, neither grieve; for we have found what we can say to our father Jacob.'Weep not, neither be sad for the body; for I wot what we may say unto our father Jacob:
4:9  Let us slay a kid of the goats, and dip in it the coat of Joseph; and let us send it to Jacob, saying : Know, is this the coat of thy son? And they did so.we will kill a kid, and stain Joseph's coat with the blood of it, and say unto him, See if this be thy son's coat, or no!'
4:10  For they stripped off from Joseph his coat when they were selling him, and put upon him the garment of a slave. for when they intended to sell Joseph, they stripped him out of our father's coat, and put upon him an old coat of a bond-servant.
4:11  Now Simeon took the coat, and would not give it up, for he wished to rend it with his sword, as he was angry that Joseph lived and that he had not slain him.Simeon had gotten his coat, and would not deliver it us, but was minded to have cut it in pieces with his sword: and he was angry that he was yet alive, and that he had not slain him.
4:12  Then we all rose up and said unto him: If thou givest not up the coat, we will say to our father that thou alone didst this evil thing in Israel.Then all my brethren rising up together, said unto him, 'Why shouldest not thou give it us, seeing that thou only art the worker of this mischief in Israel?'
4:13  And so he gave it unto them, and they did even as Dan had said. Hereupon he gave it them, and they did as Dan had counselled.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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5:1  And now, my children, I bid you to keep the commands of the Lord, and to show mercy to your neighbours, and to have compassion towards all, not towards men only, but also towards beasts.And now, my children, I warn you, keep the Lord's commandments, be merciful to your neighbour, and have inward compassion towards all, not only men, but also beasts.
5:2  For, for this thing's sake the Lord blessed me, and when all my brethren were sick, I escaped without sickness, for the Lord knoweth the purposes of each.For in that respect the Lord blessed me, insomuch that when all my brothers were sick, I escaped without sickness. For God knoweth every man's intent.
5:3  Have, therefore, compassion in your hearts, my children, because even as a man doeth to his neighbour, even so also will the Lord do to him.Therefore, my children, have compassion in your bowels, because that as any man dealeth with his neighbour, so will God deal with him.
5:4  For the sons of my brethren were sickening and were dying on account of Joseph, because they showed not mercy in their hearts; but my sons were preserved without sickness, as ye know.For the children of my brothers fell sick also, and died for Joseph's sake, because their fathers pitied him not, but my children were preserved without sickness, as you know.
5:5  And when I was in the land of Canaan, by the sea-coast, I made a catch of fish for Jacob my father; and when many were choked in the sea, I continued unhurt. And while I was upon the sea-coast of Canaan, I fell to fishing for my father Jacob; and whereas many others were drowned in the sea, I abode unhurt.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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6:1  I was the first to make a boat to sail upon the sea, for the Lord gave me understanding and wisdom therein.I was the first that made a fisherboat to float upon the sea, for God gave me understanding and wisdom therein,
6:2  And I let down a rudder behind it, and I stretched a sail upon another upright piece of wood in the that I did set up a mast in the boat, and fastened a sail in the midst of the wood,
6:3  And I sailed therein along the shores, catching fish for the house of my father until we came to Egypt. and coasting along the shore in it, I fished for my father's household, till we came into Egypt;
6:4  And through compassion I shared my catch with every stranger.and for pity sake I gave of my fishing to every stranger that I met with,
6:5  And if a man were a stranger, or sick, or aged, I boiled the fish, and dressed them well, and offered them to all men, as every man had need, grieving with and having compassion upon them.if there were any foreigner born, or any sick body, or any aged person, I boiled my fish and dressed it well according to every man's need, and carried it to them, comforting them, and having compassion with them.
6:6  Wherefore also the Lord satisfied me with abundance of fish when catching fish; for he that shareth with his neighbour receiveth manifold more from the Lord. And therefore God made me to catch much fish in the sea. For he that giveth his neighbour, receiveth the things multiplied of the Lord.
6:7  For five years I caught fish, and gave thereof to every man whom I saw, and sufficed for all the house of my father.Five years did I fish, giving to every man that I saw, and serving all my father's house sufficiently:
6:8  And in the summer I caught fish, and in the winter I kept sheep with my brethren. in harvest time I fished, and in winter time I fed sheep with my brothers.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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7:1  Now I will declare unto you what I did. I saw a man in distress through nakedness in wintertime, and had compassion upon him, and stole away a garment secretly from my father's house, and gave it to him who was in distress. Now will I tell you what I did, I saw a miserable man in the deep of winter, and having compassion upon him, I stole a garment privily out of my house, and gave it the naked man;
7:2  Do ye, therefore, my children, from that which God bestoweth upon you, show compassion and mercy without hesitation to all men, and give to every man with a good heart. you therefore, my children, take pity indifferently of all men, and show mercy with the things which the Lord giveth you, and deal them abroad to all men with a good heart,
7:3  And if ye have not the wherewithal to give to him that needeth, have compassion for him in bowels of mercy.and if ye have not wherewith to succour the needy out of hand, yet have compassion on him with inward mercy.
7:4  I know that my hand found not the wherewithal to give to him that needed, and I walked with him weeping for seven furlongs, and my bowels yearned towards him in compassion. I know that my hand forestowed not to give to him that wanted, and to spend the time with him, insomuch that I have walked above seven furlongs with such a one weeping, and my heart yearned upon him for compassion.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
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8:1  Have, therefore, yourselves also, my children, compassion towards every man with mercy, that the Lord also may have compassion and mercy upon you.You therefore, my children, have earnest and inward mercy towards all that are in misery, that God having pity upon you, may be merciful to you likewise.
8:2  Because also in the last days God will send His compassion on the earth, and wheresoever He findeth bowels of mercy He dwelleth in him.For in the last days God will send his mercy upon the earth, and wheresoever he findeth inward and hearty mercy, there will he dwell;
8:3  For in the degree in which a man hath compassion upon his neighbours, in the same degree hath the Lord also upon him. for look how much mercy man showeth to his neighbour, so much will God show to him again.
8:4  And when we went down into Egypt, Joseph bore no malice against us.Now when we came down into Egypt, Joseph minded not our evil dealing with him, but when he saw me, it made his heart yearn:
8:5  To whom taking heed, do ye also, my children, approve yourselves without malice, and love one another; and do not set down in account, each one of you, evil against his brother.whom look ye upon, my children; learn to forget the harm that is done to you; love ye one another, and do not one of you think upon another's ill dealing,
8:6  For this breaketh unity and divideth all kindred, and troubleth the soul, and weareth away the countenance. for that breaketh unity, and displeaseth all kindred, and troubleth the mind; for he that is mindful of harm past, hath not the bowels of mercy.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
9        {Top}
9:1  Observe, therefore, the waters, and know when they flow together, they sweep along stones, trees, earth, and other things.Mark the water, and see how it washeth away the sand when the stones and timber are removed asunder;
9:2  But if they are divided into many streams, the earth swalloweth them up, and they become of no account.and if a brook be drawn into many streams, the earth sucketh it up, and it cometh to nothing:
9:3  So shall ye also be if ye be divided.and so shall you, if you be divided among yourselves;
9:4  Be not ye, therefore, divided into two heads, for everything which the Lord made hath but one head, and two shoulders, two hands, two feet, but all the remaining members. therefore divide not yourselves into two heads, for all things that God hath created have but one head apiece; he hath given a man two shoulders, two hands, and two feet; but yet do all the members obey one head.
9:5  For I have learnt in the writing of my fathers, that Ye shall be divided in Israel, And ye shall follow two kings, And shall work every abomination. I know by the writings of my fathers that in the last days ye shall depart from the Lord, and be divided in Israel, following two kings, working all abominations and worshipping all manner of idols,
9:6  And your enemies shall lead you captive, And ye shall be evil entreated among the Gentiles, With many infirmities and tribulations. and your enemies shall take you prisoners, and you shall sit among the heathen in all misery, tribulation, and sorrow of mind;
9:7  And after these things ye shall remember the Lord and repent, And He shall have mercy upon you, for He is merciful and compassionate. And He setteth not down in account evil against the sons of men, Because they are flesh, and are deceived through their own wicked deeds. and afterward you shall remember the Lord, and repent, and he shall turn you again, for he is merciful and full of compassion, and thinketh not upon the lewdness of the children of men, because they be flesh and the spirit of error beguiles them in all their doings.
9:8  And after these things shall there arise unto you the Lord Himself, the light of righteousness, And ye shall return unto your own land. And ye shall see Him in Jerusalem, for His name's sake.After this shall God himself raise up unto you the light of righteousness; and wholesomeness and mercy are in his punishments. He shall redeem all men from the bondage of Belial and all the spirits of error shall be trodden down, and he shall turn all nations to the following of him, and ye shall see God in the shape of man; for God hath chosen Jerusalem, and God is his name.
9:9  And again through the wickedness of your works shall ye provoke Him to anger, And ye shall be cast away by Him unto the time of consummation. Nevertheless by the wickedness of your words you shall provoke him to wrath, and ye shall be cast off till the time of full finishing.

The Testament of Zebulun ~ Chapter
10        {Top}
10:1  And now, my children, grieve not that I am dying, nor be cast down in that I am coming to my end.And now, my children, be not sad for my death, neither be ye out of heart because I leave you,
10:2  For I shall rise again in the midst of you, as a ruler in the midst of his sons; and I shall rejoice in the midst of my tribe, as many as shall keep the law of the Lord, and the commandments of Zebulun their father.for I shall rise up again among you, as a captain in the midst of my tribe, among as many as have kept the law of the Lord, and the commandments of their father Zabulon;
10:3  But upon the ungodly shall the Lord bring eternal fire, and destroy them throughout all generations.but as for the wicked, God will bring everlasting fire upon them, and destroy them for ever.
10:4  But I am now hastening away to my rest, as did also my fathers.I return to my rest as my fathers have done;
10:5  But do ye fear the Lord rour God with all your strength all the days of your fear you the Lord your God with all your strength all the days of your life."
10:6  And when he had said these things he fell asleep, at a good old age. And his sons laid him in a wooden coffin.As he had spoken these words he fell asleep, to his singular benefit. And his sons laid him in a coffin,
10:7  And afterwards they carried him up and buried him in Hebron, with his fathers. and carried him back again into Hebron, and buried him there with his fathers.

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the words of Dan, which he spake to his sons in his last days, in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life.The copy of Dan, his words which he spake unto them in his last days; in the hundred five and twentieth year of his life,
1:2  For he called together his family, and said: Hearken to my words, ye sons of Dan; and give heed to the words of your father.he called his Tribe unto him and said: "Ye children of Dan, hear my sayings and give heed to the words of your father's mouth.
1:3  I have proved in my heart, and in my whole life, that truth with just dealing is good and well-pleasing to God, and that lying and anger are evil, because they teach man all wickedness.I liked in my heart and showed in my whole life the thing that is good, for truth joined with right dealing pleaseth God well. I have hated hurtful things, as lying and anger, because they teach a man all manner of naughtiness.
1:4  I confess, therefore, this day to you, my children, that in my heart I resolved on the death of Joseph my brother, the true and good man.I confess unto you, my children, this day, that I was glad in my heart at the death of Joseph, that true and good man;
1:5  And I rejoiced that he was sold, because his father loved him more than us.and rejoiced at the selling of him, because our father loved him more than us.
1:6  For the spirit of jealousy and vain-glory said to me: Thou thyself also art his son.For the spirit of spitefulness and pride said unto me, 'Thou art his son too, as well as he.'
1:7  And one of the spirits of Beliar stirred me up, saying: Take this sword, and with it slay Joseph; so shall thy father love thee when he is dead.And one of the spirits of Belial wrought with me, saying, 'Take this sword and slay Joseph with it, and when he is dead, thy father shall love thee.'
1:8  Now this was the spirit of anger that persuaded me to crush Joseph as a leopard crusheth a kid.This was that spirit of spitefulness which counselled me to devour Joseph, as the leopard devoured a kid.
1:9  But the God of my fathers did not suffer him to fall into my hands, so that I should find him alone and slay him, and cause a second tribe to be destroyed in Israel. But the God of our father Jacob did not put him into my hands, nor suffer me to find him alone that I might dispatch two sceptres in Israel, by committing that wickedness.

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
2        {Top}
2:1  And now, my children, behold I am dying, and I tell you of a truth, that unless ye keep yourselves from the spirit of lying and of anger, and love truth and long-suffering, ye shall perish.And now, my children, I tell you of a truth, that unless you keep yourselves from the spirit of lying and wrath, and love truth, and long sufferance, ye shall perish.
2:2  For anger is blindness, and doth not suffer one to see the face of any man with truth.Wrath is blind, my children; and no wrathful man looketh truth in the face,
2:3  For though it be a father or a mother, he behaveth towards them as enemies; though it be a brother, he knoweth him not; though it be a prophet of the Lord, he disobeyeth him; though a righteous man, he regardeth him not; though a friend, he doth not acknowledge him.because that although they were his father and mother, yet doth he hold them all his enemies. Though he be his brother, yet he knoweth him not. Though he be the Lord's prophet, yet obeyeth he him not. Though he be a righteous man, yet he regardeth him not. And though he be his friend, yet he considereth it not.
2:4  For the spirit of anger encompasseth him with the net of deceit, and blindeth his eyes, and through lying darkeneth his mind, and giveth him its own peculiar vision.For the spirit of wrath besetteth him with the snares of error; blinding his natural eyes, and dimming the eyes of his mind by falsehood, and giving to him a sight of his own making.
2:5  And wherewith encompasseth it his eyes? With hatred of heart, so as to be envious of his brother. And wherein bleareth he his eyes? in hatred of heart; for he giveth him a self-willed heart against his brother to spite him, and envy him.

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
3        {Top}
3:1  For anger is an evil thing, my children, for it troubleth even the soul itself. My sons, wrath is mischievous; for it becometh a soul to the soul,
3:2  And the body of the angry man it maketh its own, and over his soul it getteth the mastery, and it bestoweth upon the body power that it may work all iniquity.and subdueth the body to itself, by overmastering the soul, and giveth power to the body to work all wickedness;
3:3  And when the body doeth all these things, the soul justifieth what is done, since it seeth not aright.and when the soul hath wrought, it justifieth the thing done, because it seeth not.
3:4  Therefore he who is wrathful, if he be a mighty man, hath a threefold power in his anger: one by the help of his servants; and a second by his wealth, whereby he persuadeth and overcometh wrongfully; and thirdly, having his own natural power he worketh thereby the evil. Therefore he that is wrathful, if he be a man of might, had treble power in his anger. One, through the help and furtherance of his servants; another, of his riches, where through he persuadeth and overcometh his unrighteousness: and a third, of the nature of his own body, which of itself worketh evil.
3:5  And though the wrathful man be weak, yet hath he a power twofold of that which is by nature; for wrath ever aideth such in lawlessness.And though he that is angry be a poor man, yet hath he his natural power doubled.
3:6  This spirit goeth always with lying at the right hand of Satan, that with cruelty and lying his works may be wrought. For the said spirit doth always further his wickedness, by causing his deeds to be matched with lying.

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
4        {Top}
4:1  Understand ye, therefore, the power of wrath, that it is vain."Wherefore consider the power of wrath how vain it is.
4:2  For it first of all giveth provocation by word; then by deeds it strengtheneth him who is angry, and with sharp losses disturbeth his mind, and so stirreth up with great wrath his soul.For he is in bitter speech, and walketh at Satan's right hand, that his deeds may be wrought in untrustiness and lying.
4:3  Therefore, when any one speaketh against you, be not ye moved to anger, and if any man praiseth you as holy men, be not uplifted: be not moved either to delight or to disgust.For Satan doth first of all sting him by speech, and when he hath once pricked him forward, he strengthened him by deeds, and troubleth his understanding with bitter nips and losses, and so provoketh his mind to excessive wrath.
4:4  For first it pleaseth the hearing, and so maketh the mind keen to perceive the grounds for provocation; and then being enraged, he thinketh that he is justly angry. Therefore when any man speaketh against you, be not moved to anger: and if he praise you as good men, be not puffed up, nor changed into voluptuousness and fierceness of countenance; for when a man heareth a thing that disliketh him, first it tickleth him, and stingeth his mind, so that he thinks he hath just cause to be angry.
4:5  If ye fall into any loss or ruin, my children, be not afflicted; for this very spirit maketh (a man) desire that which is perishable, in order that he may be enraged through the affliction.Now therefore, my children, if ye fall into any loss and hinderance, be not out of patience; for the spirit of impatience maketh men to lust for the thing that is forgone, and to be angry for the want of it:
4:6  And if ye suffer loss voluntarily, or involuntarily, be not vexed; for from vexation ariseth wrath rwith lying.bear your losses willingly, and be not out of quiet for it; for unquietness engendereth anger and untruth;
4:7  Moreover, a twofold mischief is wrath with lying; and they assist one another in order to disturb the heart; and when the soul is continually disturbed, the Lord departeth from it, and Beliar ruleth over it. and it is evil to have a double face. Anger and untruth talk one to another, to trouble the understanding; and when the mind is cumbered with disdain, the Lord departeth from it, and Belial getteth the dominion of it.

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
5        {Top}
5:1  Observe, therefore, my children, the commandments of the Lord, And keep His law; Depart from wrath, And hate lying, That the Lord may dwell among you, And Beliar may flee from you.Therefore, my children, keep the Lord's commandments and laws, eschew untruth and hate it, that the Lord may dwell in you, and Belial fly from you.
5:2  Speak truth each one with his neighbour, So shall ye not fall into wrath and confusion; But ye shall be in peace, having the God of peace, So shall no war prevail over you. Speak every one of you the truth to his neighbour, that ye fall not willingly into incumberance, and so shall ye be in quiet, and ye shall have the God of peace: war shall not prevail against you.
5:3  Love the Lord through all your life, And one another with a true heart. Love the Lord all your life long, and love ye one another with soothfast heart:
5:4  I know that in the last days ye shall depart from the Lord, And ye shall provoke Levi unto anger, And fight against Judah; But ye shall not prevail against them, For an angel of the Lord shall guide them both; For by them shall Israel stand. for I am sure that in the latter days ye shall depart from the Lord
5:5  And whensoever ye depart from the Lord, ye shall walk in all evil and work the abominations of the Gentiles, going a-whoring after women of the lawless ones, while with all wickedness the spirits of wickedness work in you. and walk in naughtiness, working the abominations of the Gentiles, and haunting wicked women in all lewdness, by the working of deceitful spirits in you;
5:6  For I have read in the book of Enoch, the righteous, that your prince is Satan, and that all the spirits of wickedness and pride will conspire to attend constantly on the sons of Levi, to cause them to sin before the Lord. for I have read in Enoch, that Satan is your prince, and that all the spirits of fornication and pride shall ply themselves in laying snares for the children of Dan, to make them sin before the Lord.
5:7  And my sons will draw near to Levi, And sin with them in all things; And the sons of Judah will be covetous, Plundering other men's goods like lions. But, my children, stick ye unto Levi and look upon them in all things. The children of Judah shall snatch away other men's goods like lions through covetousness.
5:8  Therefore shall ye be led away with them into captivity, And there shall ye receive all the plagues of Egypt. And all the evils of the Gentiles. For this cause shall ye be led away with them into captivity, and there receive all the plagues of Egypt, and all the malice of the heathen:
5:9  And so when ye return to the Lord ye shall obtain mercy, And He shall bring you into His sanctuary, And He shall give you peace.whereupon ye shall return to the Lord and obtain mercy, and he shall bring you into his holy place, and proclaim peace to you:
5:10  And there shall arise unto you from the tribe of Judah and of Levi the salvation of the Lord; And he shall make war against Beliar, And execute an everlasting vengeance on our enemies: the Lord's saving health shall spring up unto you out of the tribes of Judah and Levi; he shall make war against Belial, and give our young men the victory in revengement;
5:11  And the captivity shall he take from Beliar the souls of the saints, And turn disobedient hearts unto the Lord, And give to them that call upon him eternal peace. he shall deliver the imprisoned souls of the saints from Belial and turn your unbelieving heart to the Lord, and give everlasting peace to such as call upon him;
5:12  And the saints shall rest in Eden, And in the New Jerusalem will the righteous rejoice, And it shall be unto the glory of God for ever. the saints shall rest in him, and the righteous shall rejoice in the New Jerusalem, which shall glorify God for ever:
5:13  And no longer shall Jerusalem endure desolation, Nor Israel be led captive; For the Lord shall be in the midst of it living amongst men, And the Holy One of Israel shall reign over it in humility and in poverty; and he who believeth on Him shall reign amongst men in truth. Jerusalem shall no more be wasted, nor Israel led into captivity, because the Lord shall be conversant among men in the midst of it, and the Holy One of Israel shall reign over you in lowliness and poverty, and he that believeth in him shall certainly reign in heaven.

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
6        {Top}
6:1  And now, fear the Lord, my children, and beware of Satan and his spirits.Now, my children, fear the Lord, and beware of Satan and his spirits
6:2  Draw near unto God and to the angel that intercedeth for you, for he is a mediator between God and man, and for the peace of Israel he shall stand up against the kingdom of the enemy.and draw near to God, and to the Angel that excuseth you, for he is the Mediator between God and man, to set peace in Israel; he shall stand against the kingdom of the enemy,
6:3  Therefore is the enemy eager to destroy all that call upon the Lord.and therefore will the enemy labour to overthrow all that call upon the Lord,
6:4  For he knoweth that on the day on which Israel shall repent, the kingdom of the enemy shall be brought to an end.for he knoweth that whensoever Israel decayeth, then shall his enemies' kingdom come to an end;
6:5  For the very angel of peace shall strengthen Israel, that it fall not into the extremity of evil.but the said Angel shall strengthen Israel, that he come not to an evil end:
6:6  And it shall be in the time of the lawlessness of Israel, that the Lord will (not) depart from them, but will transform them into a nation that doeth His will, for none of the angels will be equal unto that time shall Israel depart from iniquity, and the Lord shall visit such as do his will in all places of Israel,
6:7  And His name shall be in every place of Israel, and among the Gentiles. and among the heathen his name shall be, the Saviour.
6:8  Keep, therefore, yourselves, my children, from every evil work, And cast away wrath and all lying, And love truth and long-suffering. Therefore, my children, keep yourselves from all noisome dealing, and put from you wrath, and all untruth; love truth and mildness,
6:9  And the things which ye have heard from your father, do ye also impart to your children that the Saviour of the Gentiles may receive you; for he is true and long-suffering, meek and lowly, and teacheth by his works the law of God.and look what you have heard of your father, deliver it over to your children, that the Father of Nations may receive you; for he was soothfast, long suffering, meek, lowly, and a teacher of God's law, by his own works.
6:10  Depart, therefore, from all unrighteousness, and cleave unto the righteousness of God, and your race will be saved for ever. Therefore depart from all unrighteosuness, that ye may stick to the righteousness of the Lord's law,
6:11  And bury me near my fathers. and bury ye me by my fathers."

The Testament of Dan ~ Chapter
7        {Top}
7:1  And when he had said these things he kissed them, and fell asleep at a good old age.In saying these things he kissed them, and slept the sleep of the world.
7:2  And his sons buried him. And after that they carried up rhis bones, and placed them near Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.And his sons buried him, laying his bones by Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.
7:3  Nevertheless, Dan prophesied unto them that they should forget their God, and should be alienated from the land of their inheritance and from the race of Israel, and from the family of their seed. And like as Dan had prophesied to them, that they should one day neglect God's law, and estrange themselves from the offspring and native country of Israel, so came it to pass.

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the testament of Naphtali, which he ordained at the time of his death in the hundred and thirtieth year of his life.The copy of Nepthalim's Testament, concerning the things which he discoursed at the end of his time, in the hundred and two and thirtieth year of his life.
1:2  When his sons were gathered together in the seventh month, on the first day of the month, while still in good health, he made them a feast of food and wine.At the coming of his children together, in the seventh month, the fourth day of the month, he being yet in good health, commanded a sumptuous feast, and great cheer to be prepared.
1:3  And after he was awake in the morning, he said to them, I am dying; and they believed him not.When he awoke in the morning from sleep, because he was even at death's door,
1:4  And as he glorified the Lord, he grew strong and said that after yesterday's feast he should die.he praised the Lord that had strengthened him, and began to speak to his children in this wise:
1:5  And he began then to say: Hear, my children, ye sons of Naphtali, hear the words of your father."My children, give ear to Nepthalim, hearken to your father's words:
1:6  I was born from Bilhah; and because Rachel dealt craftily, and gave Bilhah in place of herself to Jacob, and she conceived and bare me upon Rachel's knees, therefore she called my name Naphtali.I was born of Bilha, and because Rachael dealt craftily in putting Bilha to Jacob in her own stead, and Bilha was delivered of me in Rachael's lap; therefore was I called Nepthalim.
1:7  For Rachel loved me very much because I was born upon her lap; and when I was still young she was wont to kiss me, and say: May I have a brother of thine from mine own womb, like unto thee.And Rachael loved me, because I was born on her lap, and she kissed me when I was a little one, saying, 'God let me see a brother of thine out of mine own womb after thee.'
1:8  Whence also Joseph was like unto me in all things, according to the prayers of Rachel.By reason whereof, Joseph was like to me in all things, according to Rachael's request.
1:9  Now my mother was Bilhah, daughter of Rotheus the brother of Deborah, Rebecca's nurse, who was born on one and the self-same day with Rachel.Now my mother Bilha was the daughter of Rotheus, the brother of Deborah, Rebekah's nurse, and was born the self-same day that Rachael was born:
1:10  And Rotheus was of the family of Abraham, a Chaldean, God-fearing, free-born, and noble. for Rotheus was a Chaldean of Abraham's kindred, a worshipper of God, free born, and a nobleman.
1:11  And he was taken captive and was bought by Laban; and he gave him Euna his handmaid to wife, and she bore a daughter, and called her name Zilpah, after the name of the village in which he had been taken captive.Howbeit, for as much as he was taken prisoner, Laban bought him, and married him to a bond-woman of his, called Eve, who brought him forth a son, whom he named Zeliphas, after the name of the castle wherein he was taken.
1:12  And next she bore Bilhah, saying: My daughter hasteneth after what is new, for immediately that she was born she seized the breast and hastened to suck it. Afterward she bare Bilha, calling her, her new hasty daughter, because she was fond of the dug as soon as she was born.

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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2:1  And I was swift on my feet like the deer, and my father Jacob appointed me for all messages, and as a deer did he give me his blessing.And because I was as swift of foot as a stag, my father Jacob appointed me to run of all messages and errands, and blessed me by the name of stag.
2:2  For as the potter knoweth the vessel, how much it is to contain, and bringeth clay accordingly, so also doth the Lord make the body after the likeness of the spirit, and according to the capacity of the body doth He implant the spirit.For as the potter knoweth what his vessel shall contain, and tempereth his quantity of clay thereafter, so the Lord maketh a man's body proportionable to the spirit that he will put into it, and fitteth the spirit to the ability of the body,
2:3  And the one doth not fall short of the other by a third part of a hair; for by weight, and measure, and rule was all the creation as there is no inequality or odds betwixt them; for all the Lord's creatures are made by weight, measure and rule.
2:4  And as the potter knoweth the use of each vessel, what it is meet for, so also doth the Lord know the body, how far it will persist in goodness, and when it beginneth in evil.And as the potter knoweth the use of every of them, to what things they be meetest; so the Lord knoweth the body, how far forth it is fit for goodness, and when it beginneth in evil.
2:5  For there is no inclination or thought which the Lord knoweth not, for He created every man after His own image. For there is not any creature reasonable, nor unreasonable, which the Lord knoweth not; for he hath created all men after his own image,
2:6  For as a man's strength, so also is his work; as his eye, so also is his sleep; as his soul, so also is his word either in the law of the Lord or in the law of Beliar. and as man's strength is, so is his work; as is his will, so is his work; as is his forecast, so is his doing; as is his heart, so is his mouth; as is his eye so is his sleep; and as is his mind, so is his talk; either of the law of the Lord, or of the law of Belial.
2:7  And as there is a division between light and darkness, between seeing and hearing, so also is there a division between man and man, and between woman and woman; and it is not to be said that the one is like the other either in face or in mind.And look what diversity is between light and darkness, or between sight and hearing; the same diversity is there in man and woman. Neither is it to be said, that there is any bitterness in any thing, either of the face or of other like things.
2:8  For God made all things good in their order, the five senses in the head, and He joined on the neck to the head, adding to it the hair also for comeliness and glory, then the heart for understanding, the belly for excrement, and the stomach for grinding, the windpipe for taking in (the breath), the liver for wrath, the gall for bitterness, the spleen for laughter, the reins for prudence, the muscles of the loins for power, the lungs for drawing in, the loins for strength, and so forth. For God hath made all things good in their order or degree: he hath set the five wits in the head, and knit the head to the neck, and covered it with hair for his glory. Moreover, he hath assigned the heart to wisdom; the belly to the avoidance of the stomach; the breast to health; the liver to anger; the gall to bitterness; the spleen to laughter; the kidnies to craftiness; the loins to strength; the ribs to comeliness; the seed to lustiness, and so forth.
2:9  So then, my children, let all your works be done in order with good intent in the fear of God, and do nothing disorderly in scorn or out of its due season.So, my children, do all things in order, and in the fear of God, neither do ye any thing disorderly in scorn, or out of due season.
2:10  For if thou bid the eye to hear, it cannot; so neither while ye are in darkness can ye do the works of light. For thou canst not command the eye to hear, neither canst thou do the works of light in darkness.

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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3:1  Be ye, therefore, not eager to corrupt your doings through covetousness or with vain words to, beguile your souls; because if ye keep silence in purity of heart, ye shall understand how to hold fast the will of God, and to cast away the will of Beliar.Therefore haste you not to marr your doings through covetousness, or to beguile your own souls with fond talk. For by holding your peace with a clean heart, ye shall be able to keep the will of God, and to cast away the will of the devil:
3:2  Sun and moon and stars change not their order; so do ye also change not the law of God in the disorderliness of your doings.the sun, moon and stars, break not their order, neither break you God's law in the order of your doings.
3:3  The Gentiles went astray, and forsook the Lord, and changed their order, and obeyed stocks and stones, spirits of deceit.The Gentiles by going astray, and by forsaking the Lord, have changed their order, and followed stocks and stones, and spirits of error.
3:4  But ye shall not be so, my children, recognising in the firmament, in the earth, and in the sea, and in all created things, the Lord Who made all things, that ye become not as Sodom, which changed the order of nature.But do you not so, my children, know ye that your only one God is the Lord in the skies, on the earth, in the sea, and of all creatures, for he is the Maker of them; and be not like Sodom, which altereth the order of her nature;
3:5  In like manner the Watchers also change the order of their nature, whom the Lord cursed at the flood, on whose account He made the earth without inhabitant and fruitless. likewise the watchers altered the order of their nature; and they whom God cursed in the flood, making the earth desolate and fruitless for their sakes:

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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4:1  These things I say unto you, my children, for I have read in the writing of Enoch that ye yourselves also shall depart from the Lord, walking according to all the lawlessness of the Gentiles, and ye shall do according to all the wickedness of children, I say these things because I have read in the holy writings of Enoch, that you also shall depart from the Lord, and walk in all the wickedness of Sodom;
4:2  And the Lord shall bring captivity upon you, and there shall ye serve your enemies, and ye shall be bowed down with every affliction and tribulation, until the Lord have consumed you all.and the Lord shall bring thraldom upon you, so as you shall serve your enemies, and be pinched with all manner of tribulation and pain, till God consume you every one:
4:3  And after ye have become minished and made few, ye shall return and acknowledge the Lord your God; and He shall bring you back into your own land, according to His abundant mercy.and when ye be made few and small, ye shall turn again, and know the Lord your God, and he shall bring you again into your own land, according to his manifold mercy.
4:4  And it shall be, that after that they come into the land of their fathers, they shall again forget the Lord and become ungodly.And it shall come to pass, that when they shall be come into the country of their fathers, they shall forget the Lord again, and deal wickedly,
4:5  And the Lord shall scatter them upon the face of all the earth, until the compassion of the Lord shall come, a man working righteousness and working mercy unto all them that are afar off, and to them that are near. so as the Lord shall scatter them all over the face of the whole earth, till in the mercy of the Lord, come a Man that poureth out mercy and righteousness upon all men, both far and near.

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
5        {Top}
5:1  For in the fortieth year of my life, I saw a vision on the Mount of Olives, on the east of Jerusalem, that the sun and the moon were standing still.For in the fortieth year of my life, upon mount Olivet, toward the east side of Jerusalem, I saw the sun and moon stand still,
5:2  And behold Isaac, the father of my father, said to us: Run and lay hold of them, each one according to his strength; and to him that seizeth them will the sun and moon belong.and behold Isaac my father's father said to us, 'Come hither apace, and every one of you take hold according to his strength, for the sun and moon may be caught.'
5:3  And we all of us ran together, and Levi laid hold of the sun, and Judah outstripped the others and seized the moon, and they were both of them lifted up with them.And we came running all together, and Levi caught hold of the sun, and Judah jumping up, caught hold of the moon, and were both of them lifted up with them.
5:4  And when Levi became as a sun, lo, a certain young man gave to him twelve branches of palm; and Judah was bright as the moon, and under their feet were twelve rays. And when as Levi became as the sun, a certain young man delivered him twelve boughs of palm tree; and Judah shined as the moon, and twelve beams or rays were under his feet,
5:5  And the two, Levi and Judah, ran, and laid hold of them. and Levi and Judah running together, beheld one another.
5:6  And lo, a bull upon the earth, with two great horns, and an eagle's wings upon his back; and we wished to seize him, but could not.And behold there was a bull upon earth that had great horns, and eagle's wings upon his back, and we would have caught him, but we could not;
5:7  But Joseph came, and seized him, and ascended up with him on high.for Joseph stepping before us, caught him, and mounted aloft upon him.
5:8  And I saw, for I was there, and behold a holy writing appeared to us, saying: Assyrians, Medes, Persians, Chaldeans, Syrians, shall possess in captivity the twelve tribes of Israel. And behold, there appeared unto us an holy writing, saying 'The Assyrians, Medes, Elamites, Gilathites, Chaldees, and Syrians, shall hold the sceptre of Israel in thraldom:'

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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6:1  And again, after seven days, I saw our father Jacob standing by the sea of Jamnia, and we were with him.and again, a seven months after, I saw our father Jacob standing in the Sea of Jamma, and us, his sons, with him;
6:2  And, behold, there came a ship sailing by, without sailors or pilot; and there was written upon the ship, The ship of Jacob.and behold there came a ship sailing by, full of dried fish, without mariner, or pilot: upon the ship was written, 'Jacob,'
6:3  And our father saith to us: Come let us embark on our ship.and our father said to us, 'Let us go to our ship:'
6:4  And when we had gone on board, there arose a vehement storm, and a mighty tempest of wind; and our father, who was holding the helm, departed from us.when we were within it, there arose a sore tempest, and a mighty gale of wind; and our father, who held the stern, flew away from us;
6:5  And we, being tost with the tempest, were borne along over the sea; and the ship was filled with water, (and was) pounded by mighty waves, until it was broken up.and then we, being tossed with a storm, were carried into the sea, and our ship was filled with water, and weather beaten, and torn on all sides;
6:6  And Joseph fled away upon a little boat, and we all were divided upon nine planks, and Levi and Judah were together.then Joseph fled out of the boat, and we all were divided upon twelve boards, and Levi and Judah was among us;
6:7  And we were all scattered unto the ends of the were we scattered on all coasts,
6:8  Then Levi, girt about with sackcloth, prayed for us all unto the Lord.and Levi, being clad in sackcloth, prayed unto the Lord for us all.
6:9  And when the storm ceased, the ship reached the land, as it were in peace.As soon as the tempest was allayed, the ship came quickly to land,
6:10  And, lo, our father came, and we all rejoiced with one accord. and behold our father Jacob came, and we rejoiced all together with one mind.

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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7:1  These two dreams I told to my father; and he said to me: These things must be fulfilled in their season, after that Israel hath endured many things. I told my father these two dreams, and he said to me, 'These things must be fulfilled in their time, and Israel must endure many things.'
7:2  Then my father saith unto me: I believe God that Joseph liveth, for I see always that the Lord numbereth him with you.Then said he further to me, 'I believe that Joseph is alive; for I see that the Lord doth always number him with us.
7:3  And he said, weeping: Ah me, my son, Joseph, thou livest, though I behold thee not, and thou seest not Jacob that begat thee.And he said, 'Thou livest, my son Joseph, but yet I see thee not, neither seest thou Jacob that begat thee;'
7:4  He caused me also, therefore, to weep by these words, and I burned in my heart to declare that Joseph had been sold, but I feared my brethren. truly he made us to weep, at these words of his, and my bowels glowed within me, to bewray unto him that Joseph was sold, but I was afraid of my brothers.

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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8:1  And lo! my children, I have shown unto you the last times, how everything shall come to pass in Israel. Behold, my sons, I have showed you the last times, and all things that shall be done in Israel:
8:2  Do ye also, therefore, charge your children that they be united to Levi and to Judah; For through them shall salvation arise unto Israel, And in them shall Jacob be blessed. you, therefore, command your children to be helpful unto Levi and Judah; for by Judah shall health and welfare spring up unto Israel, and in him shall Jacob be blessed;
8:3  For through their tribes shall God appear dwelling among men on earth, To save the race of Israel, And to gather together the righteous from amongst the Gentiles. for by his sceptre shall God appear, and dwell among men upon earth, to save the flock of Israel, and to gather the righteous from among the heathen.
8:4  If ye work that which is good, my children, Both men and angels shall bless you; And God shall be glorified among the Gentiles through you, And the devil shall flee from you, And the wild beasts shall fear you, And the Lord shall love you, And the angels shall cleave to you. My children, if you do well, both men and angels shall praise and bless you, and God shall be glorified by you among the Gentiles, the devil shall flee from you, the beasts shall stand in awe of you, and the angels shall receive you;
8:5  As a man who has trained a child well is kept in kindly remembrance; So also for a good work there is a good remembrance before God. for like as if a man bring up his children well, the child giveth and endeavoureth always to be mindful and thankful; so of good works, there is a good remembrance with God:
8:6  But him who doeth not that which is good, Both angels and men shall curse, And God shall be dishonoured among the Gentiles through him, And the devil shall make him as his own peculiar instrument, And every wild beast shall master him, And the Lord shall hate him. but as for him that doth not good, him shall men and angels curse, and God shall be dishonoured, through him, among the Gentiles, and the devil shall possess him as a peculiar vessel and instrument, and all beasts shall overmaster him, and the Lord shall hate him:
8:7  For the commandments of the law are twofold, And through prudence must they be fulfilled. for the commandments of the law are of two sorts, and are fulfilled in work;
8:8  For there is a season for a man to embrace his wife, And a season to abstain therefrom for his prayer. for there is a time for a man to company with his wife and a time to forbear her, that he may give himself to prayer.
8:9  So, then, there are two commandments; and, unless they be done in due order, they bring very great sin upon men. So also is it with the other commandments.There are two commandments which breed sin, except they be done in their due order, and so it is in the rest of the commandments.
8:10  Be ye therefore wise in God, my children, and prudent, understanding the order of His commandments, and the laws of every word, that the Lord may love you. Therefore be ye wise and skilful in the Lord, knowing the order of his commandments, and the laws of all things that God may love you."

The Testament of Naphtali ~ Chapter
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9:1  And when he had charged them with many such words, he exhorted them that they should remove his bones to Hebron, and that they should bury him with his fathers.Having commanded them many other such things, he prayed them to convey his bones to Hebron, and to bury him by his fathers.
9:2  And when he had eaten and drunken with a merry heart, he covered his face and died.And so eating and drinking with a merry heart, he covered his face and died.
9:3  And his sons did according to all that Naphtali their father had commanded them. And Nepthalim's children did all things according as their father had commanded them.

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the testament of Gad, what things he spake unto his sons, in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life, saying unto them:The copy of Gad's Testament, and of the things that he spake to his children, in the hundred and seventh year of his life, saying,
1:2  Hearken, my children, I was the ninth son born to Jacob, and I was valiant in keeping the flocks."I was Jacob's seventh son, and skilful and strong in keeping of sheep,
1:3  Accordingly I guarded at night the flock; and whenever the lion came, or the wolf, or any wild beast against the fold, I pursued it, and rovertaking (it) I seized its foot with my hand and hurled it about a stone's throw, and so killed it.I kept the flocks by night, and when there came any lion, leopard, wolf, bear, or other wild beast upon our cattle, I ran to it, and killed it.
1:4  Now Joseph my brother was feeding the flock with us for upwards of thirty days, and being young, he fell sick by reason of the heat.Joseph also did feed sheep, with us about thirty days, who being tender, fell sick by reason of overmuch heat,
1:5  And he returned to Hebron to our father, who made him lie down near him, because he loved him greatly.and went home to Hebron to his father, whom he lodged by himself, because he loved him.
1:6  And Joseph told our father that the sons of Zilpah and Bilhah were slaying the best of the flock and eating them against the judgement of Reuben and Judah.And Joseph told our father that the sons of Bilha wasted his goods at Zilpha, and made havoc of them without the knowledge of Judah and Reuben.
1:7  For he saw that I had delivered a lamb out of the mouth of the bear, and put the bear to death; but had slain the lamb, being grieved concerning it that it could not live, and that we had eaten it.For he knew that I had rescued a lamb out of a bear's mouth, and killed the bear, and that because the lamb could not live, which thing grieved me, we killed it also, and eat it.
1:8  And regarding this matter I was wroth with Joseph until the day that he was sold.He told our father of it, and our brothers were greatly discontented with his doing, even to the day that he was sold into Egypt,
1:9  And the spirit of hatred was in me, and I wished not either to hear of Joseph with the ears, or to see him with the eyes, because he rebuked us to our faces saying that we were eating of the flock without Judah. For whatsoever things he told our father, he believed him. and the spirit of hatred was in me, insomuch as I could not find in my heart to hear Joseph speak, or to see him, becuse he had rebuked us openly, for eating the lamb without Judah. To be short, he made our father believe whatsoever he told him.

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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2:1  I confess now my sin, my children, that oftentimes I wished to kill him, because I hated him from my heart.But now I acknowledge my sin, my children, that I was often in mind to have killed him; for I hated him from my heart, and I was utterly without compassion towards him,
2:2  Moreover, I hated him yet more for his dreams; and I wished to lick him out of the land of the living, even as an ox licketh up the grass of the field. and the cause of this my great hatred towards him, was his dreams; therefore I would have devoured him, as an ox eateth up grass from the earth.
2:3  And Judah sold him secretly to the Ishmaelites. And for that cause, I and Judah sold him to the Ishmaelites for thirty gilderns, of the which we kept away ten privily, and showed the other twenty to our brethren.
2:4  And thus through covetousness we were bent on slaying him. And so covetousness persuaded me to wish his death.
2:5  Thus the God of our fathers delivered him from our hands, that we should not work great lawlessness in Israel.But the God of our fathers delivered him out of my hands, to the intent I should not do such wickedness in Israel.

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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3:1  And now, my children, hearken to the words of truth to work righteousness, and all the law of the Most High, and go not astray through the spirit of hatred, for it is evil in all the doings of men. And now, my children, give ear to the words of truth, that ye may live righteously, and keep the law of the Highest, and not go astray through the spirit of hatred; for that is evil in all men's doings.
3:2  Whatsoever a man doeth the hater abominateth him: and though a man worketh the law of the Lord, he praiseth him not; though a man feareth the Lord, and taketh pleasure in that which is righteous, he loveth him not.Whatsoever another man doth, that doth the hater mislike and abhor. If one keep the law of the Lord, he praiseth it not: if one fear the Lord, and deal righteously, him he loveth not,
3:3  He dispraiseth the truth, he envieth him that prospereth, he welcometh evil-speaking, he loveth arrogance, for hatred blindeth his soul; as I also then looked on Joseph. but dispraised the truth; he envieth him that ordereth his ways aright. He embraceth backbiting, he loveth scornfulness, and because that hatred hath blinded his mind, he doth to his neighbours, as we did to Joseph:

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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4:1  Beware, therefore, my children, of hatred; for it worketh lawlessness even against the Lord Himself. therefore, my children, keep yourselves from hatred, because it committeth wickedness even against the Lord;
4:2  For it will not hear rthe words of His commandments concerning the loving of one's neighbour, and it sinneth against God.for it will not hear the words of God's commandment, concerning the loving of a man's neighbour, but sinneth spitefully against God.
4:3  For if a brother stumble, it delighteth immediately to proclaim it to all men, and is urgent that he should be judged for it, and be punished and be put to death.If a brother offend, by and by it blazeth him abroad, and is hasty to have him condemned and killed, or punished for his offence.
4:4  And if it be a servant it stirs him up against his master, and with every affliction it deviseth against him, if possibly he can be put to death.And if the offender be a servant or bondman, it accuseth him to his master, and deviseth all means that may be to persecute him, and to put him to death if it be possible;
4:5  For hatred worketh with envy also against them that prosper: so long as it heareth of or seeth their success, it always languisheth. for hatred worketh with spitefulness, and is alway sorry to hear or see men go forward, or prosper in well doing.
4:6  For as love would quicken even the dead, and would call back them that are condemned to die, so hatred would slay the living, and those that had sinned venially it would not suffer to live.For like as love beareth good will even to the dead, and wisheth them alive, and would if it were possible, stay them from death which are condemned to die, so hatred seeketh to slay the living, and deemeth them unworthy of life, which have offended never so lightly.
4:7  For the spirit of hatred worketh together with Satan, through hastiness of spirit, in all things unto men's death; but the spirit of love worketh together with the law of God in long-suffering unto the salvation of men. For the spirit of hatred doth through cankered frowardness of heart, work jointly with Satan in all things, even to the death and destruction of men. But the spirit of love doth through long sufferance, work with God's law to the welfare of men.

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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5:1  Hatred, therefore, is evil, for it constantly mateth with lying, speaking against the truth; and it maketh small things to be great, and causeth the light to be darkness, and calleth the sweet bitter, and teacheth slander, and kindleth wrath, and stirreth up war, and violence, and all covetousness; it filleth the heart with evils and devilish poison.Hatred is evil, because it abideth with lying, speaking continually against the truth, making a great ado of small matters, overshadowing the light with darkness, counting sweet to be sour, teaching slanderousness, war, wrong, and abundance of all mischief; and finally, filling the heart with devilish poison.
5:2  These things, therefore, I say to you from experience, my children, that ye may drive forth hatred, which is of the devil, and cleave to the love of God.My children, I speak these things upon experience, to the intent you should eschew hatred, and stick to godly love.
5:3  Righteousness casteth out hatred, humility destroyeth envy. For he that is just and humble is ashamed to do what is unjust, being reproved not of another, but of his own heart, because the Lord looketh on his inclination.Righteousness driveth out hatred, and lowliness killeth it; for a righteous and a lowly person is ashamed to do wrong, not for fear of rebuke, but for conscience sake, because God seeth his intent:
5:4  He speaketh not against a holy man, because the fear of God overcometh hatred.He backbiteth no man, because the fear of the Highest overcometh hatred:
5:5  For fearing lest he should offend the Lord, he will not do wrong to any man, even in thought.for the fear of the Lord offendeth not, neither will do any man wrong, no not even in thought.
5:6  These things I learnt at last, after I had repented concerning Joseph.At length I came to the knowledge of these things, when I had repented me of my dealings towards Joseph.
5:7  For true repentance after a godly sort destroyeth ignorance, and driveth away the darkness, and enlighteneth the eyes, and giveth knowledge to the soul, and leadeth the mind to salvation.For the true repentance, that is, according to God's will, mortified a man to obedience; chaseth away darkness, enlighteneth the eyes, giveth knowledge to the mind, and leadeth the soul to salvation.
5:8  And those things which it hath not learnt from man, it knoweth through repentance.And whatsoever men know not of themselves, that doth repentance teach them.
5:9  For God brought upon me a disease of the liver; and had not the prayers of Jacob my father succoured me, it had hardly failed but my spirit had departed.For it brought upon me the pain of the heart; and if my father Jacob's prayers had not been, surely I had died out of hand;
5:10  For by what things a man transgresseth, by the same also is he punished,for look wherein a man sinneth, by the same he is punished.
5:11  Since, therefore, my liver was set mercilessly against Joseph, in my liver too I suffered mercilessly, and was judged for eleven months, for so long a time as I had been angry against Joseph. Forasmuch therefore as my heart was merciless toward Joseph I suffered God's rigourous justice in my heart, by the space of eleven months, that the time of my punishment might fall out even with the time that I urged the selling of Joseph.

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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6:1  And now, my children, I exhort you, love ye each one his brother, and put away hatred from your hearts, love one another in deed, and in word, and in the inclination of the soul. Now therefore, my children, each of you love his brothers, and put away hatred from your hearts, loving one another in deed, word, and thought of mind.
6:2  For in the presence of my father I spake peaceably to Joseph; and when I had gone out, the spirit of hatred darkened my mind, and stirred up my soul to slay him.For before my father's face I spake mildly of Joseph, but behind his back, the spirit of hatred darkened my understanding, and tempted my mind to kill him.
6:3  Love ye one another from the heart; and if a man sin against thee, speak peaceably to him, and in thy soul hold not guile; and if he repent and confess, forgive him.Wherefore love ye one another heartily; and if any of you offend other, tell him of it gently, driving out the poison of hatred, and fostering no deceit in heart. And if the offender confess it, and be sorry, forgive it him;
6:4  But if he deny it, do not get into a passion with him, lest catching the poison from thee he take to swearing and so thou sin doubly. and if he deny it, strive not with him, lest he fall to swearing, and so sin double.
6:5  Let not another man hear thy secrets when engaged in legal strife, lest he come to hate thee and become thy enemy, and commit a great sin against thee; for ofttimes he addresseth thee guilefully or busieth himself about thee with wicked intent. Let no stranger hear you uttering one another's secrets in variance, lest he turn to be your ill-willer, and work some great mischief against you: for he will talk guilefully with thee, and undermine thee to do thee a shrewd turn, taking his poison at thine own hand.
6:6  And though he deny it and yet have a sense of shame when reproved, give over reproving him. For he who denieth may repent so as not to wrong thee again; yea, he may also honour thee, and fear and be at peace with thee.Therefore if he deny it, and be ashamed of it, and hold his peace when he is rebuked, draw him not out, for in denying, he repenteth him, so as he will no more offend thee, but honour thee, and fear thee, and be in quiet;
6:7  But if he be shameless and persisteth in his wrongdoing, even so forgive him from the heart, and leave to God the avenging. but if he be unshamefaced, and abide by his naughtiness, then refer the revengement of it to God with all thy heart.

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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7:1  If a man prosper more than you, do not be vexed, but pray also for him, that he may have perfect prosperity. For so it is expedient for you.If another man prosper more than thou, be not grieved at it, but pray for him that he may have perfect prosperity; for peradventure, it may be to your own benefit:
7:2  And if he be further exalted, be not envious rof him, remembering that all flesh shall die; and offer praise to God, who giveth things good and profitable to all men.and if he be exalted more and more, envy him not, but remember that all flesh shall die, and praise God for it, who giveth good and profitable things to all men.
7:3  Seek out the judgements of the Lord, and thy mind will rest and be at peace.Seek the Lord's judgments, and so thy mind shall let him alone and be in quiet.
7:4  And though a man become rich by evil means, even as Esau, the brother of my father, be not jealous; but wait for the end of the Lord.Now if a man be enriched by evil means, as Esau, my father's brother was, envy him not; for in so doing ye controul the Lord,
7:5  For if He take away (from a man) wealth gotten by evil means He forgiveth him if he repent, but the unrepentant is reserved for eternal punishment.who either taketh away his benefits from the wicked, or leaveth them still to the repentant, or else reserveth them in the unrepentant, to their endless punishment:
7:6  For the poor man, if free from envy he pleaseth the Lord in all things, is blessed beyond all men, because he hath not the travail of vain men.for the poor man having sufficient of all things, giveth thanks unto the Lord, and is enriched of all men, because men wish him no harm.
7:7  Put away, therefore, jealousy from your souls, and love one another with uprightness of heart. Therefore, my children, away with hatred out of your hearts, and love one another with a right meaning mind:

The Testament of Gad ~ Chapter
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8:1  Do ye also, therefore, tell these things to your children, that they honour Judah and Levi, for from them shall the Lord raise up salvation to Israel. also, will you your children to honour Levi and Judah; for out of them shall the Lord make the Saviour of Israel to come:
8:2  For I know that at the last your children shall depart from Him, and shall walk in all wickedness, and affliction, and corruption before the Lord. I know that in the end your children shall depart from them, and walk in all manner of mischief, naughtiness, and corruption, before the Lord."
8:3  And when he had rested for a little while, he said again : My children, obey your father, and bury me near to my fathers.And after a little pausing, he said again, "My sons, hear me your father: bury me by my fathers."
8:4  And he drew up his feet, and fell asleep in peace.And so plucking up his feet, he slept in peace;
8:5  And after five years they carried him up to Hebron, and laid him with his fathers. and after five years, they carried him thence, and laid him with his fathers in Hebron.

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the testament of Asher, what things he spake to his sons in the hundred and twenty-fifth year of his life.The copy of Aser, his testament, and of the things that he spake to his children in the hundred-and-tenth year of his life,
1:2  For while he was still in health, he said to them: Hearken, ye children of Asher, to your father, and I will declare to you all that is upright in the sight of God. being still in health, he said unto them: "Ye children of Aser, hearken unto your father, and I will show you all things that are right before the Lord.
1:3  Two ways hath God given to the sons of men, and two inclinations, and two kinds of action, and two modes (of action), and two issues.The Lord hath given two ways unto the sons of men, two minds, two doings, two places, and two ends;
1:4  Therefore all things are by twos, one over against the other.and therefore all ways may be one, yea, though they be contraries,
1:5  For there are two ways of good and evil, and with these are the two inclinations in our breasts discriminating are the ways of good and evil. Also there are two minds in our breasts, which do move us either to honesty or dishonesty,
1:6  Therefore if the soul take pleasure in the good (inclination), all its actions are in righteousness; and if it sin it straightway repenteth.therefore if a man be led to goodness, all his doings are occupied about righteousness, and if that he do any thing amiss, by and by he repenteth him,
1:7  For, having its thoughts set upon righteousness, and casting away wickedness, it straightway overthroweth the evil, and uprooteth the sin. for in as much as his mind is bent unto righteousness, he putteth away naughtiness, and out of hand amendeth his misdeeds, and correcteth the corruptions of his mind;
1:8  But if it incline to the evil inclination, all its actions are in wickedness, and it driveth away the good, and cleaveth to the evil, and is ruled by Beliar; even though it work what is good, he perverteth it to evil.but if his mind incline unto evil, all his doings tend unto naughtiness, in so much that he thrusteth away the good, and taketh unto him the bad, because he is under the dominion of Belial, and if he do any good thing, he turneth the same unto evil,
1:9  For whenever it beginneth to do good, he forceth the issue of the action into evil for him, seeing that the treasure of the inclination is filled with an evil spirit. for if he begin to do any good, he bringeth the end of his doing to an evil work, because the treasure of his heart is infested with the venom of a devilish and mischievous spirit,

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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2:1  A person, then, may with words help the good for the sake of the evil, yet the issue of the action leadeth to mischief.and therefore the evil overmastereth the good in his mind, and bringeth the end of the thing to naughtiness.
2:2  There is a man who showeth no compassion upon him who serveth his turn in evil; and this thing hath two aspects, but the whole is evil.Some man showeth compassion upon him that serveth his turn in naughtiness, that man hath two faces, and that deed of his is stark lewdness.
2:3  And there is a man that loveth him that worketh evil, because he would prefer even to die in evil for his sake; and concerning this it is clear that it hath two aspects, but the whole is an evil work. Another man loveth ungraciousness, and he is lewd likewise; and although he could find in his heart to die for the compassion of his evil, yet it is manifest that he is double-faced, and his doing is altogether stark naught.
2:4  Though, indeed, he have love, yet is he wicked who concealeth what is evil for the sake of the good name, but the end of the action tendeth unto evil. For his love being but lewdness, doth as it were cloak his evil with a good name; whereas the drift of his doings tendeth unto a wicked end.
2:5  Another stealeth, doeth unjustly, plundereth, defraudeth, and withal pitieth the poor: this too hath a twofold aspect, but the whole is evil. Another he also doth open wrong, pilleth, and polleth, is covetous, and pitieth not the poor. He also hath a double face, and all this is stark naught,
2:6  He who defraudeth his neighbour provoketh God, and sweareth falsely against the Most High, and yet pitieth the poor: the Lord Who commandeth the law he setteth at nought and provoketh, and yet he refresheth the poor. for in being niggardly towards his neighbour, he provoketh God's wrath, and denieth the Highest, in not pitying the poor. He despiseth and spiteth the Lord which is the commander of the law, he suffereth not the poor to rest,
2:7  He defileth the soul, and maketh gay the body; he killeth many, and pitieth a few: this, too, hath a twofold aspect, but the whole is evil. he denieth his own soul to make his body gay, he killeth many and pitieth few; this is the part of a double-faced person.
2:8  Another committeth adultery and fornication, and abstaineth from meats, and when he fasteth he doeth evil, and by the power of his wealth overwhelmeth many; and notwithstanding his excessive wickedness he doeth then commandments: this, too, hath a twofold aspect, but the whole is evil.Another committeth whoredom and fornication, or vexeth many men pitiously with his power and riches, and yet abstaineth from meats, his fast is naught for he doth the commandments with an evil conscience, and that is a double-faced dealing, which is altogether naught.
2:9  Such men are hares; for they are half clean, but in very deed are unclean. Such manner of folks are right swine and hares; for they seem to be half clean; but in very deed they be utterly unclean.
2:10  For God in the tables of the commandments hath thus declared.

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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3:1  But do not ye, my children, wear two faces like unto them, of goodness and of wickedness; but cleave unto goodness only, for God hath His habitation therein, and men desire it.You therefore, my children, become not like them, neither bear ye in one hood two faces, the one of goodness, and the other of naughtiness, but stick all only unto goodness: for in goodness doth God rest, and men like well of it:
3:2  But from wickedness flee away, destroying the (evil) inclination by your good works; for they that are double-faced serve not God, but their own lusts, so that they may please Beliar and men like unto themselves. shun naughtiness and kill the devil in your good works; for they that are double-faced serve not God, but their own lusts, because they seek to please Belial, and such as are like themselves.

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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4:1  For good men, even they that are of single face, though they be thought by them that are double-faced to sin, are just before God.Now, though plain dealing men, and such as pretend but one face are taken for offenders at the hands of such as bear two faces, yet are they righteous before God.
4:2  For many in killing the wicked do two works, of good and evil; but the whole is good, because he hath uprooted and destroyed that which is evil.For many in killing wicked persons, do two works at once: namely good by evil: but indeed the whole work is good, because that he which hath rooted out the evil hath destroyed it.
4:3  One man hateth the merciful and unjust man, and the man who committeth adultery and fasteth: this, too, has a twofold aspect, but the whole work is good, because he followeth the Lord's example, in that he accepteth not the seeming good as the genuine good.Some man hating his neighbour, unmercifully blameth him for his advoutry, or theft, such a one is double-faced, but yet is the whole work good, because he followeth the Lord's example, not respecting what seemeth good when it is evil indeed.
4:4  Another desireth not to see a good day with them that riot, lest he defile his body and pollute his soul: this, too, is double-faced, but the whole is good.Another will not make merry with rioters lest he should be stained by them, and defile his own soul; this man also is double-faced, but yet is all his doings good,
4:5  For such men are like to stags and to hinds, because in the manner of wild animals they seem to be unclean, but they are altogether clean; because they walk in zeal for the Lord and abstain from what God also hateth and forbiddeth by His commandments, warding off the evil from the good. and he is like a roe or a stag, which in a common wild herd seem to be unclean, and yet are altogether clean, because he walketh in the zeal of the Lord, shunning and hating those whom God willeth to be shunned in his commandments; and so killeth the evil with well doing.

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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5:1  Ye see, my children, how that there are two in all things, one against the other, and the one is hidden by the other: in wealth (is hidden) covetousness, in conviviality drunkenness, in laughter grief, in wedlock profligacy.See therefore, my sons, how there are two in all things, one against the other, and the one hidden under the other.
5:2  Death succeedeth to life, dishonour to glory, night to day, and darkness to light; and all things are under the day, just things under life, unjust things under death; wherefore also eternal life awaiteth death.Death succeedeth to life, shame to glory, night to day, and darkness unto light. All righteous things are under life and light; therefore doth eternal life overmaster death.
5:3  Nor may it be said that truth is a lie, nor right wrong; for all truth is under the light, even as all things are under God.It is not to be said that truth is untruth, righteousness unrighteousness, or right wrong, because that as all things are under God, so all truth is under light.
5:4  All these things, therefore, I proved in my life, and I wandered not from the truth of the Lord, and I searched out the commandments of the Most High, walking according to all my strength with singleness of face unto that which is good. I have practised all these things in my life, and not strayed from the truth of the Lord, but sought out the commandments of the Highest, to the uttermost of my power, and walketh with one face in goodness.

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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6:1  Take heed, therefore, ye also, my children, to the commandments of the Lord, following the truth with singleness of face.Take heed therefore, my children, to the Lord's commandments, and follow the truth with one single face.
6:2  For they that are double-faced are guilty of a twofold sin; for they both do the evil thing and they have pleasure in them that do it, following the example of the spirits of deceit, and striving against mankind.For they that are doubled-faced, shall be double punished. The spirit of error hateth the man that fighteth against it.
6:3  Do ye, therefore, my children, keep the law of the Lord, and give not heed unto evil as unto good; but look unto the thing that is really good, and keep it in all commandments of the Lord, having your conversation therein, and resting therein.Keep the law of the Lord, and regard not evil that seemeth good, but have an eye to the thing that is good indeed, and keep the same, returning to the Lord in all his commandments and resting upon him,
6:4  For the latter ends of men do show their righteousness (or unrighteousness), when they meet the angels of the Lord and of Satan.for the ends whereat men do aim, do show their righteousness, and know the angels of the Lord from the angels of Satan.
6:5  For when the soul departeth troubled, it is tormented by the evil spirit which also it served in lusts and evil works.For if you cleave to wicked spirits, your souls shall be tormented of the wicked spirit whom ye serve in wicked lusts and works.
6:6  But if he is peaceful with joy he meeteth the angel of peace, and he leadeth him into eternal life. But if ye quietly and cheerfully acquaint yourselves with the Angel of peace, he shall comfort you in your life time.

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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7:1  Become not, my children, as Sodom, which knew not the angels of the Lord, and perished for ever.My children, become not like the Sodomites, which knew not the Angel and perished for ever.
7:2  For I know that ye shall sin, and be delivered into the hands of your enemies; and your land shall be made desolate, and your holy places destroyed, and ye shall be scattered unto the four corners of the earth. And ye shall be set at nought in the Dispersion as useless water,For I am sure that you shall sin, and be delivered into the hands of your enemies, your land shall be laid waste, and yourselves shall be scattered into the four corners of the earth, and be despised as unprofitable water in your dispersing abroad:
7:3  Until the Most High shall visit the earth, coming Himself as man, with men eating and drinking, and breaking the head of the dragon in the water. He shall save Israel and all the Gentiles God speaking in the person of man. until the Highest do visit the earth, eating and drinking as a man, with men, and breaking the serpent's head in pieces without noise. He shall save Israel and all the heathen by water, being God hidden in man.
7:4  Therefore do ye also, my children, tell these things to your children, that they disobey Him not.Therefore tell your children these things, that they neglect not God's law written in the tables of heaven.
7:5  For I have known that ye shall assuredly be disobedient, and assuredly act ungodly, not giving heed to the law of God, but to the commandments of men, being corrupted through wickedness.For the time will come that they shall give no credit to the law of the Lord, and you falling into naughtiness, shall deal wickedly against God, giving no heed to his law, but unto men's commandments.
7:6  And therefore shall ye be scattered as Gad and Dan my brethren, and ye shall know not your own lands, tribe, and tongue.For this cause shall ye be scattered abroad, as my brothers Gad and Dan, which were not acquanted with their own country, tribe, and tongue.
7:7  But the Lord will gather you together in faith through His tender mercy, and for the sake of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. Nevertheless the Lord shall gather you together again in faith, for the hope of his mercy, for Abraham. Isaac, and Jacob's sake"

The Testament of Asher ~ Chapter
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8:1  And when he had said these things unto them, he commanded saying: Bury me in Hebron. And he fell asleep and died at a good old age.When he had so said, he commanded them to bury him in Hebron. And he died, sleeping a good sleep:
8:2  And his sons did as he had commanded them, and they carried him up to Hebron, and buried him with his fathers. and afterward his sons doing as he had willed them, carried him back, and buried him with his fathers.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the testament of Joseph. When he was about to die he called his sons and his brethren together, and said to them:
1:2  My brethren and my children, Hearken to Joseph the beloved of Israel; Give ear, my sons, unto your father. "My sons and my brethren, hear ye Joseph the well-beloved of Israel. My children, hear your father:
1:3  I have seen in my life envy and death, Yet I went not astray, but persevered in the truth of the Lord. I have known, in my life, envy and death,
1:4  These my brethren hated me, but the Lord loved me: They wished to slay me, but the God of my fathers guarded me: They let me down into a pit, and the Most High brought me up again. with the which my brethren would have destroyed me; for they hated me, and God loved me: they would have killed me, and the God of my fathers kept me: they put me into a pit, and the Most High brought me out again:
1:5  I was sold into slavery, and the Lord of all made me free: I was taken into captivity, and His strong hand succoured me. I was beset with hunger, and the Lord Himself nourished me. I was sold as a bondman, and the Lord made me free, and his strong hand helped me: I was kept in hunger, and the Lord himself nourished me:
1:6  I was alone, and God comforted me: I was sick, and the Lord visited me: I was in prison, and my God showed favour unto me; In bonds, and He released me; I was left alone and the Lord visited me: I was in prison, and the Saviour made me glad: I was fastened in chains, and the Lord unbound me;
1:7  Slandered, and He pleaded my cause; Bitterly spoken against by the Egyptians, and He delivered me; Envied by my fellow-slaves, and He exalted me. he pleaded my cause in the accusations of the Egyptians; and not only delivered me from envy and deceit, but also exalted me,

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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2:1  And this chief captain of Pharaoh entrusted to me his house. insomuch that Potiphar, chief steward of Pharaoh's house did lend me lodging,
2:2  And I struggled against a shameless woman, urging me to transgress with her; but the God of Israel my father delivered me from the burning flame. where I was in jeopardy of my life, by reason of a shameless woman, which enticed me to do naughtiness with her, through the flame of voluptuousness burning about her breast.
2:3  I was cast into prison, I was beaten, I was mocked; but the Lord granted me to find mercy in the sight of the keeper of the prison.I was cast in prison for her. I was beaten and mocked for her, yet the Lord caused the keeper of the prison to be moved with mercy towards me.
2:4  For the Lord doth not forsake them that fear Him. Neither in darkness, nor in bonds, nor in tribulations, nor in necessities.He forsaketh not them that fear him, neither in darkness, neither in bonds, neither in tribulations or necessities.
2:5  For God is not put to shame as a man, Nor as the son of man is He afraid, Nor as one that is earth-born is He weak or affrighted. God is not ashamed as men, neither dreadeth he as men, neither speaketh or shrinketh he for fear, as earthly men.
2:6  But in all these things doth He give protection, And in divers ways doth He comfort, (Though) for a little space He departeth to try the inclination of the soul. He is present in all places, and in their most grievous sorrows he comforteth his. He goeth away for a season to try the thoughts of their mind.
2:7  In ten temptations He showed me approved, And in all of them I endured; For endurance is a mighty charm, And patience giveth many good things. He found me trusty in ten temptations, and in every one I was constant, and preserved for sufferance is a great medicine and causeth much goodness.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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3:1  How often did the Egyptian woman threaten me with death! How often did she give me over to punishment, and then call me back and threaten me, and when I was unwilling to company with her, she said to me:How often did the Egyptian threaten my death? How often was I punished, and yet the woman called me again? How often did she threaten me to die, because I would not have to do with her? She said unto me,
3:2  Thou shalt be lord of me, and all that is in mine house, if thou wilt give thyself unto me, and thou shalt be as our master.'thou shalt have governance of me, and all that be mine, if thou wilt give thyself unto me, and obey my desire, and thou shalt be lord over us.'
3:3  But I remembered the words of my father, and going into my chamber, I wept and prayed unto the Lord.But I remembered the words of my father Jacob, and entering into my chamber, made my prayer to the Lord,
3:4  And I fasted in those seven years, and I appeared to the Egyptians as one living delicately, for they that fast for God's sake receive beauty of face.and fasted seven days, yet I appeared unto the Egyptian in the self-same estate of body, as if I had lived in pleasures and delights. For they that fast for God, receive beauty of face.
3:5  And if my lord were away from home, I drank no wine; nor for three days did I take my food, but I gave it to the poor and sick.When I had wine given unto me, I drank none, and fasting three days, I took my meat daily, and gave it to the sick and needy;
3:6  And I sought the Lord early, and I wept for the Egyptian woman of Memphis, for very unceasingly did she trouble me, for also at night she came to me under pretence of visiting me.and early I awaked unto the Lord, and wept for Memphitica the Egyptian, because she was evermore troubling of me. She came unto me in the night, as though she would have visited me.
3:7  And because she had no male child she pretended to regard me as a son.And first, truly, because she had never a son, until which time she feigned to take me as her son.
3:8  And for a time she embraced me as a son, and I knew it not; but later, she sought to draw me into fornication.And I prayed to God to send her a son, until which time she embraced me, as though I had been her son, and I perceived not the cause. And for a conclusion, she drew me to have done fornication with her:
3:9  And when I perceived it I sorrowed unto death; and when she had gone out, I came to myself, and I lamented for her many days, because I recognised her guile and her deceit.and I remembering myself, was sorrowful to the death. And when she was gone out, I came to myself and sorrowed many days: for I perceived her deceit and error.
3:10  And I declared unto her the words of the Most High, if haply she would turn from her evil lust. And I spake unto her the words of the most high God, if peradventure she might be turned away from her pernicious concupiscence.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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4:1  Often, therefore, did she flatter me with words as a holy man, and guilefully in her talk praise my chastity before her husband, while desiring to ensnare me when we were alone. Many times as to a holy man she spake flattering words to me, not without deceit, lauding my chastity before her husband, which would utterly have destroyed me:
4:2  For she lauded me openly as chaste, and in secret she said unto me: Fear not my husband; for he is persuaded concerning thy chastity: for even should one tell him concerning us, he would not believe.both manifestly and secretly she said unto me: fear not my husband; for he is persuaded of thy chastity. For if so be that any man showed him of thee and me, he would not believe it.
4:3  Owing to all these things I lay upon the ground, and besought God that the Lord would deliver me from her deceit.For because of this thing, I covered me with sackcloth, and laid me flat upon the earth and prayed unto Almighty God that he would deliver me from this woman of Egypt.
4:4  And when she prevailed nothing thereby, she came again to me under the plea of instruction, that she might learn the word of God.When she could do nothing this way, she came unto me again armed with other reasons: that is to say, that she would fain learn the word of God of me,
4:5  And she said unto me: If thou willest that I should leave my idols, lie with me, and I will persuade my husband to depart from his idols, and we will walk in the law of thy Lord.and began to speak after this manner: 'If thou wilt have me to forsake mine idols, follow my desire and I will persuade my husband the Egyptian to go from his idolatry, and we shall walk in the law of thy God.'
4:6  And I said unto her: The Lord willeth not that those that reverence Him should be in uncleanness, nor doth He take pleasure in them that commit adultery, but in those that approach Him with a pure heart and undefiled lips. I made answer to these things: God will have none to worship him with uncleanness, neither hath he any pleasure in adulterers:
4:7  But she held her peace, longing to accomplish her evil desire.and she held her peace, desiring to fulfil her concupiscence.
4:8  And I gave myself yet more to fasting and prayer, that the Lord might deliver me from her. And I fasted and prayed, that God might deliver me from her:

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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5:1  And again, at another time she said unto me: If thou wilt not commit adultery, I will kill my husband by poison, and take thee to be my husband.again at another time, she said unto me: 'If thou wilt not do adultery with me, I will kill my prince, and so by the law, I shall take thee to my husband.'
5:2  I therefore, when I heard this, rent my garments, and said unto her: Woman, reverence God, and do not this evil deed, lest thou be destroyed; for know indeed that I will declare this thy device unto all men.When I heard that, I rent my garment, and said: woman, I pray thee, be ashamed of these things before God, and fear God, and do thou not such an abominable thing: neither despair utterly, that thou drown not thyself in thine own evil: for if thou go about, I shall utter and declare the thoughts of thine iniquity.
5:3  She therefore, being afraid, besought that I would not declare this device.She fearing these things, prayed me that I would not bewray her naughtiness,
5:4  And she departed, soothing me with gifts, and sending to me every delight of the sons of men. and so departed. Yea again, she went about to beguile me with gifts, sending unto me all things that men have need of,

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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6:1  And afterwards she sent me food mingled with enchantments.and she sent me meat stewed about with enchantment.
6:2  And when the eunuch who brought it came, I looked up and beheld a terrible man giving me with the dish a sword, and I perceived that (her) scheme was to beguile me.And as the eunuch brought it in, I beheld and saw a terrible fellow giving me a sword with the dish, and I perceived that she went about to deceive me;
6:3  And when he had gone out I wept, nor did I taste that nor any other of her food.and when he was gone I wept, and touched not that meat, nor any other of her sending, for a good while after.
6:4  So then after one day she came to me and observed the food, and said unto me: Why is it that thou hast not eaten of the food?A day after that she came to me, and said: 'What is the matter that thou hast not eaten of the meat?'
6:5  And I said unto her: It is because thou hast filled it with deadly enchantments; and how saidst thou: I come not near to idols, but to the Lord ralone?And I said unto her, because thou hast poisoned it. Therefore thou shalt know that I will not come unto idols, but only unto God.
6:6  Now therefore know that the God of my father hath revealed unto me by His angel thy wickedness, and I have kept it to convict thee, if haply thou mayest see and repent. Now understand therefore that the God of my father, by his Angel hath showed thy mischief unto me, and I have kept the meat to thy shame, if perchance thou mightest repent,
6:7  But that thou mayest learn that the wickedness of the ungodly hath no power over them that worship God with chastity, behold I will take of it and eat before thee. And having so said, I prayed thus: The God of my fathers and the angel of Abraham, be with me; and ate.or learn that the malice of wicked doers prevaileth not against them that worship the Lord in chastity. And I took and did eat before her, saying: the God of my fathers, and the Angel of Abraham shall be with me;
6:8  And when she saw this she fell upon her face at my feet, weeping; and I raised her up and admonished her. and then she fell down at my feet, and wept. Then lifting her up, I exhort her many ways,
6:9  And she promised to do this iniquity no more. and she promised unto me that she would never do such iniquity after that day.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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7:1  But her heart was still set upon evil, and she looked around how to ensnare me, and sighing deeply she became downcast, though she was not sick.Yet because her heart was mourning, and did burn towards me in adultery, with sighs coming from the depth of her stomach, she cast down her countenance.
7:2  And when her husband saw her, he said unto her: Why is thy countenance fallen? And she said runto him: I have a pain at my heart, and the groanings of my spirit oppress me; and so he comforted her who was not sick.The Egyptian her husband perceiving her, said, 'Wherefore holdest thou down thy face?' she answered, 'I am even sorrowful at the heart,' and he comforted her that was not sick:
7:3  Then accordingly seizing an opportunity she rushed unto me while her husband was yet without, and said unto me: I will hang myself, or cast myself over a cliff, if thou wilt not lie with me.yet again she entered in to me, her husband being without, and said: 'I am strangled or choaked; either I will break my neck, or else drown myself, without thou wilt obey me.'
7:4  And when I saw the spirit of Beliar was troubling her, I prayed unto the Lord, and said unto her:And perceiving that the spirit of Belial troubled and vexed her, I prayed unto the Lord my God, and said thus:
7:5  Why, rwretched woman, art thou troubled and disturbed, blinded through sins? Remember that if thou kill thyself, Asteho, the concubine of thy husband, thy rival, will beat thy children, and thou wilt destroy thy memorial from off the earth.wherefore art thou vexed and troubled, all blind in sin? remember thyself; for if thou do kill thyself, the concubine of thy husband called Secon, envying thee, shall beat thy children, and destroy the memory of thee from off the earth;
7:6  And she said unto me: Lo, then thou lovest me; let this suffice me: only strive for my life and my children, and I expect that I shall enjoy my desire also.and she said unto me: 'Have done, have done; I perceive that yet thou hast some care for me; I have even enough that thou defendest my life and my childrens'. I have good hope in time to come that I shall obtain my wished desire.'
7:7  But she knew not that because of my lord I spake thus, and not because of her.And she perceived not, that for the love of my Lord God I said so, and not for her sake.
7:8  For if a man hath fallen before the passion of a wicked desire and become enslaved by it, even as she, whatever good thing he may hear with regard to that passion, he receiveth it with a view to his wicked desire. Whatsoever he be that followeth the concupiscence of his most filthy and pernicious desire, is made servant unto the same, as this woman was; and if he hear any good thing in the passion wherein he is overcome, he draweth the same to his pernicious or filthy desire.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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8:1  I declare, therefore, unto you, my children, that it was about the sixth hour when she departed from me; and I knelt before the Lord all the day, and all the night; and about dawn I rose up, weeping the while and praying for a release from her.I say unto you, my sons, that it was about six of the clock when she went from me, and I fell upon my knees, praying to God all that day, with the night following, and about the break of the day I rose weeping, that I might once be delivered from this Egyptian woman.
8:2  At last, then, she laid hold of my garments, forcibly dragging me to have connection with her.Finally, she caught me fast by the garment, drawing me to have gone to bed with her.
8:3  When, therefore, I saw that in her madness she was holding fast to my garment, I left it behind, and fled away naked.Then perceiving that she waxed mad, and that violently, and with strength she held my clothes, I let my clothes slip from me, and fled away.
8:4  And holding fast to the garment she falsely accused me, and when her husband came he cast me into prison in his house; and on the morrow he scourged me and sent me into Pharaoh's prison."Then she complained to her husband of me, which put me in prison in the king's house. The day following after I was sore beaten and cast in prison.
8:5  And when I was in bonds, the Egyptian woman was oppressed with grief, and she came and heard how I gave thanks unto the Lord and sang praises in the abode of darkness, and with glad voice rejoiced, glorifying my God that I was delivered from the lustful desire of the Egyptian woman. And when I lay bound in fetters, this Egyptian woman waxed sick for sorrow, and hearkened how I lauded God, being in a house of darkness. For I rejoicing, with a glad voice, glorified my God, only that by such occasion I was delivered from the Egyptian woman.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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9:1  And often hath she sent unto me saying: Consent to fulfil my desire, and I will release thee from thy bonds, and I will free thee from the darkness.Yet she left not to stand hearkening, and said, 'Have done and take the offer which I put unto thee, and fulfil my desire, and I will deliver thee from thy bond, and bring thee out from the darkness;'
9:2  And not even in thought did I incline unto her. For God loveth him who in a den of darkness combineth fasting with chastity, rather than the man who in kings' chambers combineth luxury with licence.but all that could persuade me nothing, insomuch that in thought I was not inclined to any desire of her; for God loveth him better which fasteth in chastity, being in a prison of darkness, than him which taketh his pleasure with voluptuousness in a chamber of honour and riches.
9:3  And if a man liveth in chastity, and desireth also glory, and the Most High knoweth that it is expedient for him, He bestoweth this also upon him, even as upon me.For if a man live in chastity, and desire glory, if God perceive it to be expedient for him, he giveth it unto him as he hath done unto me.
9:4  How often, though she were sick, did she come down to me at unlooked-for times, and listened to my voice as I prayed! And when I heard her groanings I held my peace.Many times, as though she had been sick, she descended unto me unlooked for, and heard the voice of my praying, and stood the more still. But when I heard her sigh, I held my peace;
9:5  For when I was in her house she was wont to bare her arms, and breasts, and legs, that I might lie with her; for she was very beautiful, splendidly adorned in order to beguile me. And the Lord guarded me from her devices. for in her house she stripped herself naked, breasts, legs and arms, whereby she might have kindled me into the love of her. For she was very fair, and gloriously adorned to have deceived me, but God kept me from her works.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
10        {Top}
10:1  Ye see, therefore, my children, how great things patience worketh, and prayer with fasting.Therefore, my sons, behold what sufferance with prayer and fasting doth.
10:2  So ye too, if ye follow after chastity and purity with patience and prayer with fasting in humility of heart, the Lord will dwell among you, because He loveth chastity.And therefore, if you love soberness and chastity in sufferance and humilty of the heart, the Lord shall dwell in you; for he loveth sobriety:
10:3  And wheresoever the Most High dwelleth, even though envy, or slavery, or slander befalleth (a man), the Lord who dwelleth in him, for the sake of his chastity not only delivereth him from evil, but also exalteth him even as me. and when the Most High doth dwell in a man, although he chance to fall into envy or into bondage, or slander, the Lord which dwelleth in him, will for his chastity not only deliver him, but also exalt him, and glorify him, as he hath done me;
10:4  For in every way the man is lifted up, whether in deed, or in word, or in thought.for he is always with him, in word, in deed, and thought.
10:5  My brethren knew how my father loved me, and yet I did not exalt myself in my mind1: although I was a child, I had the fear of God in my heart; for I knew that all things would pass away."My children, ye know well how my father did love me, and yet I was never the prouder thereof, in my heart, for though I was a child, I had ever the fear of God in my mind.
10:6  And I did not raise myself (against them) with evil intent, but I honoured my brethren; and out of respect for them, even when I was being sold, I refrained from telling the Ishmaelites that I was the son of Jacob, a great man and a mighty. When I grew unto age I moderated myself and honoured my brethren whom I feared. I held my peace when I was sold, because I would not have the Ishmaelites to know my stock and kindred, how I was the son of Jacob, a man of great strength and power;

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
11        {Top}
11:1  Do ye also, therefore, my children, have the fear of God in all your works before your eyes, and honour your brethren. For every one who doeth the law of the Lord shall be loved by Him.therefore have you in your deeds the fear of God and honour your brethren; for all men that observe the law of God are loved of him.
11:2  And when I came to the Indocolpita with the Ishmaelites, they asked me, saying: Art thou a slave? And I said that I was a home-born slave, that I might not put my brethren to shame.Then I came with the Ishmaelites to a certain place called Indoclep, and they demanded of me what I was; and I said, because I would not reprove my brethren, that I was one of their household slaves.
11:3  And the eldest of them said unto me: Thou art not a slave, for even thy appearance doth make it manifest. But I said that I was their slave. 4. Now when we came into Egypt they strove concerning me, which of them should buy me and take me.Then said the chief of them, thou art no slave; for thy countenance doth show thee what thou art. And he threatened me unto the death, yet for all that, I said again, I was their slave.
11:4  Therefore it seemed good to all that I should remain in Egypt with the merchant of their trade, until they should return bringing merchandise. But when we came into Egypt, they began to strive who should have me for money that was paid, and they agreed that I should abide in Egypt with a merchant of their faculty, until such time as they had made their merchandize and returned again;
11:5  And the Lord gave me favour in the eyes of the merchant, and he entrusted unto me his house. and God gave me grace in the sight of the merchant, that he gave me the charge of his house,
11:6  And God blessed him by my means, and increased him in gold and silver and in household servants.and the Lord blessed him by my hand; for the Lord gave him plenty of gold and silver,
11:7  And I was with him three months and five days. and I was with him three months and five days:

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
12        {Top}
12:1  And about that time the Memphian woman, the wife of Pentephris, came down in a chariot, rwith great pomp, because she had heard from her eunuchs concerning this time passed by Memphitica the wife of Potiphar in great glory, and she cast her eyes upon me, for the eunuchs had showed her of me,
12:2  And she told her husband that the merchant had become rich by means of a young Hebrew, and they say that he had assuredly been stolen out of the land of Canaan.and she showed her husband of the merchant which was made rich by the hand of a young man being an Hebrew, and she said, 'they had stolen him out of the land of Canaan,
12:3  Now, therefore, render justice unto him, and take away the youth to thy house; so shall the God of the Hebrews bless thee, for grace from heaven is upon him. therefore do now judgment upon him, and take the young man to be your steward, and the God of the Hebrews shall bless you: for grace from heaven is in him.'

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
13        {Top}
13:1  And Pentephris was persuaded by her words, and commanded the merchant to be brought, and said unto him: What is this that I hear concerning thee, that thou stealest persons out of the land of Canaan, and sellest them for slaves?Potiphar her husband, persuaded with these words, caused the merchant to be sent for, and said unto him, 'What do I hear of thee that stealest souls out of the land of the Hebrews in selling of children?'
13:2  But the merchant fell at his feet, and besought him, saying: I beseech thee, my lord, I know not what thou sayest.the merchant fell down upon his knees, and prayed him, saying. 'I beseech thee, Lord, show me, for I know not what thou sayest?
13:3  And Pentephris said unto him: Whence, then, is the Hebrew slave? And he said: The Ishmaelites entrusted him to me until they should return.He answered again, 'Where gatest thou this Hebrew child?' And he said, 'The Ishmaelites left him with me until they came this way again.'
13:4  But he believed him not, but commanded him to be stripped and beaten. And when he persisted in this statement, Pentephris said: Let the youth be brought.When he had said so, Potiphar said, 'Bring the young man hither;'
13:5  And when I was brought in, I did obeisance to Pentephris (for he was third in rank of the officers of Pharaoh).and I being brought in, did reverence to the prince of the eunuchs, for he was the third man in dignity with Pharoah, and prince of all the eunuchs, and he had wife, children and concubines.
13:6  And he took me apart from him, and said unto me: Art thou a slave or free? And I said: A slave.And when he had taken me apart, he said ' Art thou bond, or art thou free?' I answered, bond.
13:7  And he said: Whose? And I said: The Ishmaelites'.And he said unto me, 'Whose bond-man art thou?' I answered him, the Ishmaelites.
13:8  And he said: How didst thou become their slave? And I said: They bought me out of the land of Canaan.And he said again unto me, 'How came it to pass that thou wast made their bond-man?' and I said, for they bought me in the land of Canaan;
13:9  And he said unto me: Truly thou liest; and straightway he commanded me to be stripped and beaten. yet he did not believe me, saying, 'Truly thou liest,' and commanded me to be beaten.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
14        {Top}
14:1  Now the Memphian woman was looking through a window at me while I was being beaten, for her house was near, and she sent unto him, saying: Thy judgement is unjust; for thou dost punish a free man who hath been stolen, as though he were a transgressor.Memphitica his wife spied me beaten at a window, and sent unto her husband, saying, 'Thy judgment is unjust; for thou dost punish wrongfully the young man that is stolen.'
14:2  And when I made no change in my statement, though I was beaten, he ordered me to be imprisoned, until, he said, the owners of the boy should come.But because I changed not my word, yet again was I beaten, and commanded to be kept at his commandment, till such time as my masters came,
14:3  And the woman said unto her husband: Wherefore dost thou detain the captive and well-born lad in bonds, who ought rather to be set at liberty, and be waited upon?and his wife said unto him: 'Wherefore do ye keep in captivity the noble child: it were more alms to let him go, and to beat you.'
14:4  For she wished to see me out of a desire of sin, but I was ignorant concerning all these things.She would fain have spied me in desire of sin, and I knew nothing of this.
14:5  And he said to her: It is not the custom of the Egyptians to take away that which belongeth to others before proof is given.He said again to Memphitica, 'It is not honest among the Egyptians to take away another man's goods before he show him of it.'
14:6  This, therefore, he said concerning the merchant; but as for the lad, he must be imprisoned. He said that of the merchant, and of me, when I should be imprisoned.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
15        {Top}
15:1  Now after four and twenty days came the Ishmaelites; for they had heard that Jacob my father was mourning much concerning me. And they came and said unto me:After that twenty-four days the Ishmaelites came, and they hearing that Jacob my father was heavy for me, said unto me,
15:2  How is it that thou saidst that thou wast a slave? and lo, we have learnt that thou art the son of a mighty man in the land of Canaan, and thy father still mourneth for thee in sackcloth and ashes.'Wherefore is it that thou saidst thou was a bondman, and now we know that thou art the son of a great man in the land of Canaan, and thy father sorroweth for thee in sackcloth?'
15:3  When I heard this my bowels were dissolved and my heart melted, and I desired greatly to weep, but I restrained myself, that I should not put my brethren to shame. And I said unto them, I know not, I am a slave.Then I would fain have wept, yet I restrained myself for shaming of my brethren, and said, I know it not; for I am a bond-man.
15:4  Then, therefore, they took counsel to sell me, that I should not be found in their hands.Then they took council amongst themselves, whether, or to whom they might sell me, lest I should be found in their hands,
15:5  For they feared my father, lest he should come and execute upon them a grievous vengeance. For they had heard that he was mighty with God and with men.for they feared Jacob lest he should be revenged on them: for they had heard that he was mighty, both to God and man.
15:6  Then said the merchant unto them: Release me from the judgement of Pentephris.Then said the merchant to them, 'Redeem him now from the judgment of Potiphar;'
15:7  And they came and requested me, saying: Say that thou wast bought by us with money, and he will set us free. they hearing this, went and asked for me, saying, that they had bought me for money, and he delivered me.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
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16:1  Now the Memphian woman said to her husband: Buy the youth; for I hear, said she, that they are selling him.Memphitica spoke unto her husband to buy me; for she said, 'I hear say they would sell him.'
16:2  And straightway she sent a eunuch to the Ishmaelites, and asked them to sell me.and they sent an eunuch to the Ishmaelites, and desired to buy me,
16:3  But since the eunuch would not agree to buy me (at their price) he returned, having made trial of them, and he made known to his mistress that they asked a large price for their slave.and when he could not bargain with them, he returned and showed his lady that they asked a great price for the child:
16:4  And she sent another eunuch, saying: Even though they demand two minae, give them, do not spare the gold; only buy the boy, and bring him to me.she sent again another eunuch, saying; 'although they ask two basences of gold, see that thou spare not for money, but buy the child and bring him to me.'
16:5  The eunuch therefore went and gave them eighty pieces of gold, and he received me; but to the Egyptian woman he said: I have given a hundred. He paid eighty golden crowns for me, and said to his lady that he paid one hundred,
16:6  And though I knew (this) I held my peace, lest the eunuch should be put to shame. and I perceiving this, held my peace lest the eunuch should have been searched.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
17        {Top}
17:1  Ye see, therefore, my children, what great things I endured that I should not put my brethren to shame.Behold, my sons, what I have sustained,
17:2  Do ye also, therefore, love one another, and with long-suffering hide ye one another's faults. love one of you another, and with continuance; cast out from among you deceitful minds;
17:3  For God delighteth in the unity of brethren, and in the purpose of a heart that taketh pleasure in love. for God delighteth in the concord of brethren, and hath pleasure also in the love and choice of a proved heart.
17:4  And when my brethren came into Egypt they learnt that I had returned their money unto them, and upbraided them not, and comforted them. For when my brothers came out of Egypt and knew me, I gave unto them their money, and never gave reproach unto them, but comforted them,
17:5  And after the death of Jacob my father I loved them more abundantly, and all things whatsoever he commanded I did very abundantly for them. and after the death of Jacob I loved them more abundantly, and all that ever he commanded me I did very gladly, and they marvelled
17:6  And I suffered them not to be afflicted even in the smallest matter; and all that was in my hand I gave unto them.because I suffered not them to be troubled for a small cause; for all that was in my power I gave them.
17:7  And their children were my children, and my children as their servants; and their life was my life, and all their suffering was my suffering, and all their sickness was my infirmity. My land was their land, and their counsel my counsel.Their children were reputed to me as mine own, and mine own children as their servants. Their life was my life, and their sorrow was my sorrow, and all their infirmity or disease was mine; my land was their land, my council was the council of them,
17:8  And I exalted not myself among them in arrogance because of my worldly glory, but I was among them as one of the least. and I never exalted myself above them in pride for mine own worldly glory, but was amongst them as one of the least.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
18        {Top}
18:1  If ye also, therefore, walk in the commandments of the Lord, my children, He will exalt you there, and will bless you with good things for ever and ever.Therefore, my sons, if ye walk in the commandments of the Lord, the Lord shall exalt you, and bless you in riches perpetual.
18:2  And if any one seeketh to do evil unto you, do well unto him, and pray for him, and ye shall be redeemed of the Lord from all evil. And if any man will do evil to you, with meekness look that ye pray for him, and God shall deliver you from all evil.
18:3  For, behold, ye see that out of my humility and long-suffering I took unto wife the daughter of the priest of Heliopolis. And a hundred talents of gold were given me with her, and the Lord made them to serve me.For behold and see, that for my long sufferance the daughter of my lord was given me to wife, and there was given to me with her an hundred talents of gold; for God made them to serve me,
18:4  And He gave me also beauty as a flower beyond the beautiful ones of Israel; and He preserved me unto old age in strength and in beauty, because I was like in all things to Jacob. and gave me beauty, that I should be as a flower above them that were fair in Israel, and he kept me unto mine age both in strength and beauty, because I was like to Jacob in all things.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
19        {Top}
19:1  Hear ye, therefore, the vision which I saw.And what dreams I have seen, my children, now hear.
19:2  I saw twelve harts feeding. And nine of them were dispersed. Now the three were preserved, but on the following day they also were dispersed,There were twelve harts feeding, and nine were divided abroad in the earth;
19:3  And I saw that the three harts became three lambs, and they cried tp the Lord, and He brought them forth into a flourishing and well-watered place, yea He brought them out of darkness into light.
19:4  And there they cried unto the Lord until there gathered together to them the nine harts, and they became as twelve sheep, and after a little time they increased and became many flocks.
19:5  And after these things I saw and behold, twelve bulls were sucking one cow, which produced a sea of milk, and there drank thereof the twelve flocks and innumerable herds.
19:6  And the horns of the fourth bull went up unto heaven and became as a wall for the flocks, and in the midst of the two horns there grew another horn.
19:7  And I saw a bull calf which surrounded them twelve times, and it became a help to the bulls wholly.
19:8  And I saw in the midst of the horns a virgin wearing a many-coloured garment, and from her went forth a lamb; and on his right (was as it were a lion; and) all the beasts and all the reptiles rushed (against him), and the lamb overcame them and destroyed them. also I saw how that of Judah was a virgin born, having a white silken robe, and of her came forth an immaculate Lamb: and on the left hand of the said Lamb, was as it were a lion: and all beasts made against him, and the Lamb overcame them, and trod them under his feet,
19:9  And the bulls rejoiced because of him, and the cow and the harts exulted together with them. and in him joyed the angels, the men, and all the earth.
19:10  And these things must come to pass in their season. These things shall come to pass in their time, that is to say, in the latter days.
19:11  And do ye, my children, honour Levi and Judah, for from them shall arise the salvation of Israel.Therefore, my sons, keep the commandment of the Lord, and honour Judah and Levi. For of them to you shall spring the Lamb of God, which, by his grace, shall preserve all Gentiles and Israel. The kingdom of him is a kingdom eternal, which shall never pass.
19:12  For my kingdom which is among you shall come to an end as a watcher's hammock, which will not appear after the summer. For my kingdom shall be ended in you, as the keeping of an orchard; for after the harvest it shall appear no more.

The Testament of Joseph ~ Chapter
20        {Top}
20:1  For I know that after my death the Egyptians will afflict you, but God will avenge you, and will bring you into that which He promised to your fathers.I know right well, that after my death the Egyptians shall trouble you, but God shall revenge you, and bring you to the promised land, which he sware to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.
20:2  But ye shall carry up my bones with you; for when my bones are being taken up thither, the Lord shall be with you in light, and Beliar shall be in darkness with the Egyptians.But carry my bones with you: for in so doing, the Lord shall be in the light with you against the Egyptians, and Belial shall be in darkness with the Egyptians;
20:3  And carry ye up Asenath your mother to the Hippodrome, and near Rachel your mother bury her.also carry with you your mother Zilpha, and nigh unto the valley, near unto Rachael, bury her."
20:4  And when he had said these things he stretched out his feet, and died at a good old age.When he had said these words, he stretched forth his feet, and slept the sleep of all the world. Then they embalmed him with spices, putting him in a chest in Egypt, after he had lived a hundred and ten years, who saw Ephraim's children unto the third generation: for unto Machir the son of Manasses were children born on Joseph's knees.
20:5  And all Israel mourned for him, and all Egypt, with a great mourning.After this, all they of Israel bewailed him, and all the Egyptians with a great mourning. For he had compassion of Egypt, as of his own proper members, and assisted them both with his labour and council, and did them good at all times and seasons.
20:6  And when the children of Israel went out of Egypt, they took with them the bones of Joseph, and they buried him in Hebron with his fathers, and the years of his life were one hundred and ten years.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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1:1  The copy of the words of Benjamin, which he commanded his sons to observe, after he had lived a hundred and twenty-five years.The copy of Benjamin's words which he uttered to his children, being of the age of one hundred and twenty years;
1:2  And he kissed them, and said: As Isaac was born to Abraham in his old age, so also was I to Jacob.he kissed them, and said: "As Isaac was born in the hundredth year of Abraham, so was I in the hundredth year of Jacob;
1:3  And since Rachel my mother died in giving me birth, I had no milk; therefore I was suckled by Bilhah her handmaid.and because Rachael died at my birth, I sucked her bond-woman Bilha.
1:4  For Rachel remained barren for twelve years after she had borne Joseph; and she prayed the Lord with fasting twelve days, and she conceived and bare me.For afterthat Rachael had born Joseph, she was barren twelve years. And when she had prayed to the Lord in those twelve years, she conceived and bare me;
1:5  For my father loved Rachel dearly, and prayed that he might see two sons born from her.for my father loved Rachael exceedingly, and wished to see two sons by her;
1:6  Therefore was I called Benjamin, that is, a son of days. and therefore I was called Benjamin, that is to say, the son of my days, or the son of my sorrow, because my mother died in the birth of me.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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2:1  And when I went into Egypt, to Joseph, and my brother recognised me, he said unto me: What did they tell my father when they sold me?When I came first into Egypt, and that my brother Joseph knew me, he said to me, 'What said they to my father, when they had sold me?'
2:2  And I said unto him, They dabbled thy coat with blood and sent it, and said: Know whether this be thy son's coat?I answered, they stained thy coat with blood, and bringing it to him said, 'See if this be thy son's coat or no:'
2:3  And he said unto me: Even so, brother, when they had stripped me of my coat they gave me to the Ishmaelites, and they gave me a loin cloth, and scourged me, and bade me run.and my brother also said unto me; 'Truly when the Ishmaelites took me, one of them stripping me out of my coat, gave me a thin shirt to put on, and lashing me with a whip, bade me run.
2:4  And as for one of them that had beaten me with a rod, a lion met him and slew him.And as he went aside to hide my garment, a lion met him, and slew him,
2:5  And so his associates were affrighted. and his partners being afraid, sold me to their fellows:'

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
3        {Top}
3:1  Do ye also, therefore, my children, love the Lord God of heaven and earth, and keep His commandments, following the example of the good and holy man therefore, my children, love the God of heaven, and obey his commandments, following that good and holy man Joseph,
3:2  And let your mind be unto good, even as ye know me; for he that hath his mind right, seeth all things rightly.and let your mind be set upon goodness, as you know that mine hath been. He that hath a good mind looketh rightly.
3:3  Fear ye the Lord, and love your neighbour; and even though the spirits of Beliar claim you to afflict you with every evil, yet shall they not have dominion over you, even as they had not over Joseph my brother.Above all things fear God and love your neighbours, and then although the spirit of Belial tempt you to all naughtiness to trouble you, yet shall it not get the uppermost hand of you no more than it did of my brother Joseph.
3:4  How many men wished to slay him, and God shielded him! For he that feareth God and loveth his neighbour cannot be smitten by the spirit of Beliar, being shielded by the fear of God. How many folk would have killed him, and yet still God defended him? For he that feareth God, and loveth his neighbour, cannot be wounded of the airy spirit Belial, and he that is shielded with the fear of the Lord,
3:5  Nor can he be ruled over by the device of men or beasts, for he is helped by the Lord through the love which he hath towards his safe from harm both of man and beast, and cannot be overcome, because he is helped by the love of God which he hath towards his neighbour,
3:6  For Joseph also besought our father that he would pray for his brethren, that the Lord would not impute to them as sin whatever evil they had done unto him. for Joseph besought our father Jacob to pray for my brethren to the Lord, that he would not lay unto their charges, the mischief that they had devised against him.
3:7  And thus Jacob cried out: My good child, thou hast prevailed over the bowels of thy father Jacob. And he embraced him, and kissed him for two hours, saying:Whereat Jacob cried out, 'O, son Joseph, thou hast overcome my heart.' And therewithal embracing him, he kissed him two hours together, and said,
3:8  In thee shall be fulfilled the prophecy of heaven concerning the Lamb of God, and Saviour of the world, that a blameless one shall be delivered up for lawless men, and a sinless shall die for ungodly men in the blood of the covenant, for the salvation of the Gentiles and of Israel, and shall destroy Beliar and. his servants. 'In thee shall the prophesy of heaven be resembled to the full concerning the Lamb of God, and Saviour of the world, that the unspotted shall be delivered from the wicked doers, and he that is without sin, shall die for sinners in the blood of his testament, to the salvation both of the Gentiles and of Israel, and he shall dash Belial and all his servants.'

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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4:1  See ye, therefore, my children, the end of the good man? Be followers of his compassion, therefore, with a good mind, that ye also may wear crowns of glory.My children, look upon the end of that good man, and follow his mercifulness with a good mind, that you also may have a crown of glory upon your heads.
4:2  For the good man hath not a dark eye; for he showeth mercy to all men, even though they be sinners.A good man hath not a dark eye, for he is merciful and pitiful to all men; yea, though they be sinners,
4:3  And though they devise with evil intent concerning him, by doing good he overcometh evil, being shielded by God; and he loveth the righteous as his own soul.and have devised mischief against him; and he that doth good, overcometh evil, by the defence of goodness, and loveth the righteous as his own soul.
4:4  If any one is glorified, he envieth him not; if any one is enriched, he is not jealous; if any one is valiant, he praiseth him; the virtuous man he laudeth; on the poor man he hath mercy; on the weak he hath compassion; unto God he singeth praises. If another man be honoured he envieth it not: if a man be enriched, it grieveth him not: If a man be strong, or valiant, he praiseth him, and believing him also to be chaste: he defendeth him that hath the fear of God. He worketh together with him that loveth God; and if a man forsake the Almighty, he warneth him to return again.
4:5  And him that hath the grace of a good spirit he loveth as his own soul. Whosoever hath the grace of the good Spirit, him doth he love as his own life. He pitieth the poor, succoureth the weak, and praiseth and honoureth God.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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5:1  If, therefore, ye also have a good mind, then will both wicked men be at peace with you, and the profligate will reverence you and turn unto good; and the covetous will not only cease from their inordinate desire, but even give the objects of their covetousness to them that are afflicted.My children, if ye have a good mind evil men shall stand in awe of you, and unthrifts shall for very shame be converted to goodness. So that covetous men shall not only depart from their niggardliness, but also give of their abundance to the needy.
5:2  If ye do well, even the unclean spirits will flee from you; and the beasts will dread you.If ye be good doers, both unclean spirits shall flee from you, and shrewd beasts shall shun for fear of you.
5:3  For where there is reverence for good works and light in the mind, even darkness fleeth away from him. For where the regard of good works is in the mind, there darkness flyeth away:
5:4  For if any one doeth violence to a holy man, he repenteth; for the holy man is merciful to his reviler, and holdeth his peace.for if he do wrong to any holy man, he is sorry for it: and if a holy man receive wrong, he pitieth the doer, and putteth it up with silence.
5:5  And if any one betrayeth a righteous man, the righteous man prayeth: though for a little he be humbled, yet not long after he appeareth far more glorious, as was Joseph my brother. And if any man betray a righteous soul, and the righteous pray for his betrayer, the betrayer is not a little disgraced; and the righteous becometh much more notable afterward, as did my brother Joseph.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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6:1  The inclination of the good man is not in the power of the deceit of the spirit of Beliar, for the angel of peace guideth his soul. The guileful spirit of Belial hath no power over a good man's mind; for the Angel of peace guideth his soul.
6:2  And he gazeth not passionately upon corruptible things, nor gathereth together riches through a desire of pleasure.He looketh not affectionately upon corruptable things, nor raketh together riches in the desire of voluptuousness.
6:3  He delighteth not in pleasure, he grieveth not his neighbour, he sateth not himself with luxuries, he erreth not in the uplifting of the eyes, for the Lord is his portion.He is not delighted with pleasures. He grieveth not his neighbour. He stuffeth not himself with meat, neither wandereth he in the pride of his eyes; for the Lord is his portion.
6:4  The good inclination receiveth not glory nor dishonour from men, and it knoweth not any guile, or lie, or fighting, or reviling; for the Lord dwelleth in him and lighteth up his soul, and he rejoiceth towards all men alway.He taketh no glory for giving good counsel. He passeth not how men dishonour him, neither can he skill in any fraud or guile, untruth, strife, or slanderousness; for the Lord dwelleth in him, and enlighteneth his mind, and he rejoiceth before all men in a good time.
6:5  The good mind hath not two tongues, of blessing and of cursing, of contumely and of honour, of sorrow and of joy, of quietness and of confusion, of hypocrisy and of truth, of poverty and of wealth; but it hath one disposition, uncorrupt and pure, concerning all men.A good mind hath not two tongues, one to bless with, and another to curse with; one to slander with, and another to honour with; one of sorrow, and another of joy; one of quietness, and another of trouble; one of dissimulation, and another of truth; one of poverty, and another of riches; but it hath one only disposition pure and uncorrupt towards all.
6:6  It hath no double sight, nor double hearing; for in everything which he doeth, or speaketh, or seeth, he knoweth that the Lord looketh on his soul.It hath no double sight or double hearing; for in all things that he doeth, speaketh, or seeth, he knoweth that the Lord beholdeth his heart,
6:7  And he cleanseth his mind that he be not condemned by men as well as by God. And in like manner the works of Beliar are twofold, and there is no singleness in them. and therefore he cleanseth his mind, that he may not be found faulty before God and man. But all the works of Belial are double, and utterly void of simplicity,

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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7:1  Therefore, my children, I tell you, flee the malice of Beliar; for he giveth a sword to them that obey him.wherefore, my children, shun the naughtiness of Belial, for at the first he delighteth those that obey him,
7:2  And the sword is the mother of seven evils. First the mind conceiveth through Beliar, and first there is bloodshed; secondly, ruin; thirdly, tribulation ; fourthly, exile ; fifthly, dearth; sixthly, panic; seventhly, destruction.but in the end he is a sword, and the father of seven mischiefs. For when the mind hath once conceived by Belial it bringeth forth, first, envy, secondly, desperateness, thirdly, sorrow, fourthly, bondage, fifthly, neediness, sixthly, troublesomeness, seventhly, desolation:
7:3  Therefore was Cain also delivered over to seven vengeances by God, for in every hundred years the Lord brought one plague upon him.and for that cause was Cain tormented with seven punishments by God; for in seven years together God brought every year a new plague upon Cain.
7:4  And when he was two hundred years old he began to suffer, and in the nine-hundredth year he was destroyed. For on account of Abel, his brother, with all the evils was he judged, but Lamech with seventy times seven.Two hundred years he suffered, and in the nine hundredth year the earth was made desolate with the flood for his righteous brother Abel's sake. In seven hundred years is Cain judged, and Lamech in seventy times seven;
7:5  Because forever those who are like unto Cain in envy and hatred of brethren, shall be punished with the same judgement. for they that are like Cain in spitefulness and hatred towards their brethren, shall be punished with the same punishment for ever, as he was.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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8:1  And do ye, my children, flee evil-doing, envy, and hatred of brethren, and cleave to goodness and love.You therefore, my children, eschew malice, envy and hatred towards your brethren, and cleave to goodness, and lovingness.
8:2  He that hath a pure mind in love, looketh not after a woman with a view to fornication; for he hath no defilement in his heart, because the Spirit of God resteth upon him.He that hath a mind clean in love, looketh not upon a woman in way of letchery. For he hath no defiling in his heart, because the spirit of the Lord resteth in him.
8:3  For as the sun is not defiled by shining on dung and mire, but rather drieth up both and driveth away the evil smell; so also the pure mind, though encompassed by the defilements of earth, rather cleanseth (them), and is not itself defiled. For as the sun is not defiled by shining upon a puddle or a dunghill, but doth rather dry up, and drive away the stink: even so, a pure mind striveth against the uncleanness of the earth, and overcometh it, but is not denied itself.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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9:1  And I believe that there will be also evil-doings among you, from the words of Enoch the righteous: that ye shall commit fornication with the fornication of Sodom, and shall perish, all save a few, and shall renew wanton deeds with women; and the kingdom of the Lord shall not be among you, for straightway He shall take it away.And I perceived by the sayings of the righteous Enoch, that there shall be evil deeds among you: for you shall defile yourselves with the fornication of Sodom, and perish all, save a few, and multiply inordinate lusts in woman, and the reign of the Lord shall not be among you, for he shall take it away suddenly.
9:2  Nevertheless the temple of God shall be in your portion, and the last (temple) shall be more glorious than the first. And the twelve tribes shall be gathered together there, and all the Gentiles, until the Most High shall send forth His salvation in the visitation of an only-begotten prophet.Nevertheless the Lord's temple shall be made in our portion, and it shall be glorious among you. For the Lord himself shall take the kingdom upon him, and the twelve tribes shall be gathered together there, and all nations shall resort thither, until the Most High send his salvation in the visitation of his only begotten.
9:3  And He shall enter into the first temple, and there shall the Lord be treated with outrage, and He shall be lifted up upon a tree.And he shall enter into the first temple, and there the Lord shall suffer wrong, and be despised, and be lifted up unto a piece of timber.
9:4  And the veil of the temple shall be rent, and the Spirit of God shall pass on to the Gentiles as fire poured forth.And the veil of the temple shall be rent asunder, and the spirit of the Lord shall come down upon the Gentiles, poured out as fire;
9:5  And He shall ascend from Hades and shall pass from earth into heaven. And I know how lowly He shall be upon earth, and how glorious in heaven. and rising up from the grave he shall ascend from earth to heaven, he shall remember how base he hath been upon earth, and how glorious he is in heaven.

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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10:1  Now when Joseph was in Egypt, I longed to see his figure and the form of his countenance; and through the prayers of Jacob my father I saw him, while awake in the day-time, even his entire figure exactly,as he was. When Joseph was in Egypt, I longed to see his person, and the form of his countenance, and through the prayers of my father Jacob, I saw him awake in the day of his full and perfect shape.
10:2  And when he had said these things, he said unto them: Know ye, therefore, my children, that I am dying.Now therefore, my children, know you that I shall die.
10:3  Do ye, therefore, truth each one to his neighbour, and keep the law of the Lord and His commandments.Wherefore deal every of you truly and rightfully with his neighbour, work ye justly and faithfully, and keep ye the law and commandment of the Lord:
10:4  For these things do I leave you instead of inheritance. Do ye also, therefore, give them to your children for an everlasting possession; for so did both Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob.for that do I teach you instead of all inheritance: and give you the same to your children for an everlasting possession. For so did Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob,
10:5  For all these things they gave us for an inheritance, saying: Keep the commandments of God, until the Lord shall reveal His salvation to all Gentiles.they gave us all these things for an inheritance, saying, 'Keep the Lord's commandments till he reveal his saving health unto all nations.'
10:6  And then shall ye see Enoch, Noah, and Shem, and Abraham, and Isaac, and Jacob, rising on the right hand in gladness.Then shall ye see Enoch, Noah, Sem, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, sitting at his right hand with joyfulness.
10:7  Then shall we also rise, each one over our tribe, worshipping the King of heaven, Who appeared upon earth in the form of a man in humility. And as many as believe on Him on the earth shall rejoice with Him.Then shall we rise also every of us to his own sceptre, worshipping the King of heaven, which appeared on earth in the base shape of man. As many as believe in him, shall rejoice with him at that time.
10:8  Then also all men shall rise, some unto glory and some unto shame. And the Lord shall judge Israel first, for their unrighteousness; for when He appeared as God in the flesh to deliver them they believed Him not.And all these shall rise again to glory, and the residue unto shame. And the Lord shall first of all judge Israel for the unrighteousness committed against him, because they believed not in God that came in the flesh to deliver.
10:9  And then shall He judge all the Gentiles, as many as believed Him not when He appeared upon earth.Then shall he judge all nations, as many as believed not in him when he appeared upon earth,
10:10  And He shall convict Israel through the chosen ones of the Gentiles, even as he reproved Esau through the Madianites, who deceived their brethren, so that they fell into fornication, and idolatry; and they were alienated from God, becoming therefore children in the portion of them that fear the Lord. and he shall reprove Israel among the chosen of the Gentiles, as he reproved Esau in the Midianites, that seduced his brethren by fornication and idolatry, who were estranged from God, and fell away from the inheritance of the children, because they feared not God.
10:11  If ye therefore, my children, walk in holiness according to the commandments of the Lord, ye shall again dwell securety with me, and all Israel shall be gathered unto the Lord. But if you walk in holiness before the Lord, ye shall dwell in hope again in me, and all Israel shall be gathered to the Lord,

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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11:1  And I shall no longer be called a ravening wolf on account of your ravages, but a worker of the Lord distributing food to them that work what is good. and I shall no more be called a ravening wolf, for your robberies' sakes, but I shall be called the Lord's workman, which giveth food unto such as do good.
11:2  And there shall arise in the latter days one beloved of the Lord, of the tribe of Judah and Levi, a doer of His good pleasure in his mouth, with new knowledge enlightening the Gentiles.And in my seed shall be raised up the beloved of the Lord, whose voice shall be heard upon the earth, and he shall give new knowledge, and enlighten all nations with light of understanding, and shall come up to save Israel. He shall take from them as a wolf, and give to the synagogue of the Gentiles,
11:3  Until the consummation of the age shall he be in the synagogues of the Gentiles, and among their rulers, as a strain of music in the mouth of all.and continue in the synagogue of the Gentiles, to the world's end. He shall be among their princes as musical melody in the mouths of all men,
11:4  And he shall be inscribed in the holy books, both his work and his word, and he shall be a chosen one of God for ever.and his doings and sayings shall be written in holy books. He shall be the Lord's darling for evermore.
11:5  And through them he shall go to and fro as Jacob my father, saying: He shall fill up that which lacketh of thy tribe. And as concerning him, my father Jacob taught me, saying: 'he shall amend the defaults of thy tribe.'"

The Testament of Benjamin ~ Chapter
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12:1  And when he had said these things he stretched out his feet,And when he had ended these sayings, he commanded his children to carry his bones out of Egypt, and to bury them in Hebron by his fathers. So Benjamin died an hundred five and twenty years old, in a good age, and they put him in a coffin, and in the four-score and eleventh year before the departure of the Israelites out of Egypt, they and their brethren conveyed their father's bones privily again into the Land of Canaan, and buried him in Hebron, at the feet of his fathers, and returned again out of the land of Canaan, and dwelt in Egypt, till the day of their departure thence altogether.
12:2  And died in a beautiful and good sleep.
12:3  And his sons did as he had enjoined them, and they took up his body and buried it in Hebron with his fathers.
12:4  And the number (of the days) of his life were a hundred and twenty-five years.